July 4th, 2009

F-Zeke-call me zeke

Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Pictures (5/ 32 )

Good morning Lj! Good morning F-List. I hope you all will have a wonderful weekend. I just hope, mine will not be as hot and sticky like it was the last days. Pfft - don't like it hot! ;(

But, whatever, it is like it is. Coming back to the fun in my life - coming back to "Pictures". This story was meant as a little series first, but it's growing up and up ... just wonder, where it is going to ... sometimes I can surprise myself  ;)


Title: Pictures (5/ 32 )
Fandom: Casey / Zeke (no pairing)
Rating:  PG 13
Disclaimer: of course, not mine

Please make sure that you read the previous parts first: one / two / three / four

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