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FanFiction - Supernatural - 3 short comment-fics

Sometimes it happens that I write in a different Fandom than my favorite ones ;)

I guess I've never shared this with all of you, so here we go.

Re-post of some comment-fics written for this community.

prompt: 'episode titles' = Supernatural, young Winchesters, The Summer, the Beach, Youth and Ghosts (Sailor Moon)
a drabble about Dean and Sam

Sam watched the stone flipping over the dark water and smiled.

"Do you remember," he asked.
"The hot summer, we spend at the lake? One of the best memories I have."

Dean kept quiet. Of course, he did remember. But unlike Sam, he was not thinking about the sun, the ice cream and the fun they had had. It had been late in the night, little Sam was long fallen asleep when his dad roused him.

The ghosts had been strong in this night and for the first time, he had realized what kind of life was waiting for him.


prompt: 'what-if? scenarios' = Supernatural, Benny/ Dean Winchester, what if Benny never had to die to save Sam
a short AU ficlet about Dean and Benny

"It's okay, Dean. I understand, you can't leave as long as Sam is in the hospital."

"No, it's not. I can't thank you enough. You did risk your life to save him."

Benny kept quiet, looking at the guy he loved. With all his heart. Loved him, in a way he had never loved before. Though he knew, Dean would never love him back, there was only room for one in his heart: Sam, his little brother.

Without him, Dean would be lost. So it hadn't been a question: he had to save Sam to save Dean.

Finally, he smirked.
"I guess, I should go now. But next time when we meet you will spring for a beer," he said.

When there would be a 'next time'. The way which was lying ahead of him was a dangerous one and he would have to go him alone again.


prompt: '1-sentence-story' = Supernatural, the Winchesters, silence

Dean hit the pedal to the metal, a desperate try to distract himself from the silence in the Impala; he needed to forget at least for a while, that Sam was gone and that he would probably not come back this time.

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