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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Life is changing (6/?)

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Title: Life is changing (6/?)
Fandom: The Faculty
Character: Casey, Zeke
Words: 1617
Rating: R
Disclaimer: as ever, I don't own The Faculty, neither the boys or any other person from the movie

all chapters here

Two weeks later.

Feeling bored, Zeke was sitting on the couch in the living room, watching some birds in the snow covered trees in front of the large window front. They were lucky and could fly wherever they wanted. He felt like locked in.

Since two weeks he was at home again, he had learned to handle the crutches well. Even the stairs to his room on the first floor were not a big problem anymore. Yesterday he had been at the hospital for a checkup and the doctor had been pleased with the healing process, he hoped to change the cast into a suspensory bandage at least in three weeks.

In the meantime the GTO was back on its place in the driveway; for a moment he had felt almost happy, despite the much too high bill for the repair, but he hadn't been willing to wait until he would be able to do it on his own. The disillusionment came quickly, though, when he realized that it would probably still take ages until the foot would be completely cured and he could make one of his trips of several hours again. It always helped him to get a clear head when he was stressed. And, man, he was stressed.

Not even on New Years Eve, someone had called him, to invite him to a party. He had been the king of every party, always generous with bringing booze and his homemade drug, he called Scat. Actually, just a mixture of ingredients one could buy at every drug store, but the effect was good and the guys were crazy about it. The girls were more crazy about him.

Flirting, dancing, sometimes later in the night the invitation to a short trip. Zeke knew some places no one else knew about. The old cabin in the woods, or the small lake. During winter it was frozen, the moonlight reflected on the ice, very romantic. Not that Zeke was into that stuff but the girls were all 'Aah' and Ooh', not much more was needed to get what he wanted. He never made empty promises but he gave them a good time; a fair deal.

Zeke huffed slightly; no, he didn't fool himself. All of them were only interested in him as long as he could give them what they wanted. Scat, booze, fun ... But his Scat was used up; he couldn't go to Akron or Columbus to buy the ingredients to produce more. And spending a night with a guy who could barely move without crutches ... no, that was not very sexy. So it actually was not a big surprise that no one had called him.

No one, apart from Mrs. Connor. Like the mother hen she was, she had called twice to ask if he could need some help. And once she had even sent Mr. Connor with a large bowl of Barbecue Stew. First he had thought about it to throw into the garbage can; this was so annoying. Why didn't she understand that he just wanted to be left alone? But then he had noticed the hearty aroma coming from the bowl and suddenly realized how hungry he was. Mother hen or not: she was a brilliant cook.

The thought about Mrs. Connor finally led him to Casey. He had tried hard not to think much about him. It was strange, he had Casey's presence at school always taken for granted, in a way he even respected him, but this didn't mean that they had much in common, Casey had a normal life and he had, for sure, a different one. Nevertheless, what had happened between them around Christmas, all the accusation and anger Casey had hurled at him, had left Zeke more confused than he was willing to admit.

He wasn't sure if he was ready to meet him at school on Monday. Maybe it would be better to stay at home, he couldn't even take the GTO and make some money during lunch break with selling some lame porn flicks, condoms, faked ID's and other stuff; especially the sophomores and juniors were crazy about it. Plus: the thought to hobble through the halls at school with his crutches was not very tempting. But on the other side he couldn't bear any longer it to stay at home alone; no TV show, no music, no book could distract him from the emptiness of the house.


It was Monday morning when Casey stopped the blue Honda of his mom in a parking lot at school. Usually, he took his bike or the school bus. Today, though, he had a large canvas with him; a photo collage with different flowers he had worked on for several weeks. Mr. Brown, the teacher of art course, had asked him to bring it with him as an example for what he planned to do with the class during the next weeks. So his mom had allowed him to take the car today.

He was grateful for it. Especially at the first day after holidays, it was always nerve-wracking to take the bus. Not only that everyone was laughing and chatting and bragging at the same time. The jocks from the team were in top form as if they had spent the last two weeks with thinking about new bullying and they usually already started on the bus with their teasing and verbal spitefulness.

Casey risked a quick glance around; Zeke's GTO wasn't standing at his usual place, not a big surprise, though. Even he must be smart enough to know that he couldn't risk it to drive with a cast foot. Probably he just would skip school for the next time; the thought of Zeke in a crowded school bus was more than strange.

Then Casey's eyes fall onto the black Audi of Gabe. He was standing together with two teammates, Jason, and Noah, a wide grin crossed his face when he noticed him, then he turned to his buddies and only a moment later they broke into mean laughter. Casey pulled the face. Great. He grabbed for the canvas and his backpack and went over to the large school building. Let the fun begin again.


He was lucky to stay out of their way until lunch break, then it happened. Casey was standing in front of his locker, trying to store the large canvas into it when Gabe together with Noah came down the hallway. Before he could step out of their way, he felt the hollow pain when the door of the locker hit his back with full force.

"Hey, you fucker."

He took a deep breath but kept quiet. Every reaction would provoke them even more.

"Are you blind, Connor? You've banged the door of your stupid locker right into my head."

Which of course wasn't true. All the other students who were standing nearby could confirm that. Casey had opened his locker long before the jocks had shown up, had rearranged his stuff to make room for the canvas. But of course, no one stood up for him. Gabe was the star of the Football Team, the favorite of Coach Willis and no one would take up an adverse stance over them.

When Noah grabbed him by his collar and shoved him against the locker, he noticed from the corner of his eyes that most of the others slipped away quickly, only two or three juniors stopped at safe distance, observing the spectacle curiously.

"Time for payback," hissed Noah, tightening his grip.
"Say: 'Sorry, Gabe. This will never happen again.'"

Casey was fighting for air; then everything happened at once. Gabe had noticed the canvas on the floor, he grabbed for it, turned it back and forth.
"What the fuck is this, geek boy," he asked taunting, holding it upside down.
Finally, he grinned, put it in front of Casey's locker and slammed the door shut with full force. A cracking noise was clearly audible when the frame broke into several pieces.


"You fucking asshole."

Suddenly fuming with anger Casey squirmed around in Noah's grip; he was so sick of all this. It had been an expensive canvas, from an art shop in Akron, he had wanted this project to be something special, a birthday present for his grandmother, who loved flowers, especially white lilies and yellow roses. It had taken him hours to put the photos together in a way he liked. Mr. Brown had told him that it was one of his best works. And now ...

How he finally managed it to escape would always stay a riddle, Noah was, at least, two heads bigger than he was and twice as strong. Casey had stopped thinking, he jumped forward, his fist hit Gabe's lip with full force. The boy stumbled back, much too surprised to react as quick as usual.

Noah was the one who recovered first. He twisted Casey's arm on his back while his other hand grabbed for his hair; then he yanked him away from his friend.

Casey yelled loud when the sharp pain rushed through his body, the surroundings became blurred. He barely noticed the juniors finally running away, this was nothing they wanted to get involved into. His head hit the wall behind him, bolts of lightning were flickering in front of his eyes ...

"What the fuck ..."
He had problems to recognize the voice but he could feel Noah stiffen, his grip loosened a bit. Casey took a deep breath, another one, still dizzy his hands searched for hold at the wall.
"Let go of him ... or do you try to kill him this time?"

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