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Love you friend

Some (older) screencaps

Yesterday and today I made a few screencaps for my homepage - and I'd like to share some of them with you.

Please, tell me: How could he play in such bad, boring movies ... but look sooo good ?!? Okay, War of the Roses is a good movie, but it's the only one, I like. Last producer is boring, boring, boring - and Deterrence is the only one with him, I really hate! Nevertheless, he looks good in his scenes, especially in this scene!

Last producer


War of the roses

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Oh he really was CUTE in Deterrent!

Of course, he is - but the film is absolutely horrible for me! I only like to see the Sean-Scenes without the sound! ;-)

Awww, he looks soooo good! Thanks, my dear! Perfect for Froday night!

I was so surprised, when I did the screencuts. There are only a few short scenes with him in this movies, but I could make some really adorable pics.

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