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Like I said, I'm in  a dark mood lately ;)

re-post of a little ficlet I've written for comment_fic. Prompt: 'You celebrate your birthday on the anniversary of the day you died?'

Title:  Celebrating Birthdays
Fandom: Jeremiah (TV)
Character: Mr. Smith / Kurdy
Rating: PG
Word Count: 548
Disclaimer: Of course, I don't own Jeremiah nor the character :( - I'm just borrowing them for a while

Satisfied Kurdy leaned back and smacked his lips. He actually didn't mind to be on the roads, alone, or together with Jeremiah. But every time he did come back to the Mountain after a longer tour he was eager to visit the cafeteria. Today a surprise had awaited him.

He hadn't expected that someone would remember his birthday. But of course, Erin knew all that was going on in the Mountain and she had decided to throw a little party for him. Everyone was invited to come into the cafeteria for cake and coffee, real coffee. Kurdy couldn't remember the last time he had had some. There had been some small presents, too, candles, and a 'Happy-Birthday-Song.' Even if Kurdy had felt slight grumpy at first because of the fuss Erin had made, deep inside he had started to enjoy this afternoon

If not ... yes, this little guy who was sitting alone at a table in the corner, started to annoy him. Smith was his name, Mister Smith. And as strange as his name was his behavior. No one seemed to like him. He was always alone. And Kurdy knew the reason for it.

He wasn't actually dangerous but he gave everyone the creeps. Insisted, that God would talk to him, that he was his messenger. His mysterious prophecies were hard to believe. In the best case people laughed about him, in the worst he got beaten up. Kurdy wished to be able just to ignore him, but this was impossible. He would never forget the day when Smith had saved his life. Since then he felt somehow responsible for him.

Sighing he gave in, stood up and walked over to the table in the corner. The cake in front of Smith was untouched but, at least, he hadn't turned down the coffee. Kurdy smirked when he noticed it.

"Do you have fun," he asked.

Smith frowned as if he needed to think about his words.

Damned guy, couldn't he act normal at least once?
"Birthday parties are supposed to be fun."

"If you say so. I don't know."

"What? You never celebrate your birthday?"

Smith shrugged.
"I did, I guess. When I was a child. But I can't remember."

"That you were a child once? Or that you ever had a party?"

"Both. I don't have a history. Well, of course, I know, I have had parents, a home. Probably I went to school, played baseball with my friends. I guess, I also had birthday parties. But all this is wiped out. Everything that happened before the day I died."

"You ... what?"
There it was again. Kurdy felt cold shivers running down his spine. He cursed inwardly. What the heck was he doing here? Why didn't he go over to Jeremiah, Benny and Gina, to laugh and chat with his friends. It was his birthday, a day where he was supposed to have fun.

"I died," Smith repeated.
"But God wasn't willing to let me go. He brought me back to life."
For a moment, he eyed Kurdy with a sad smile.
"I'm glad that you still can enjoy your birthday. But for me, the day of the anniversary of my death is the only birthday I can remember. And, believe me, there is no reason to celebrate that."

the end of the original post


Remix from Smith's post

Today we did celebrate Kurdy's birthday. Usually, I try to avoid crowded places like the cafeteria. And I try to avoid to think about my past. Because I don't have one. Days like these remind me of this fact all too clearly.

I'm the outsider, the guy no one wants to hang around with. Because I'm God's messenger. Sometimes I wish I could just lay down and die, this would be so much easier. But he is not willing to let me go. He has told me that the future of the world is lying in my hands. What kind of future can this be?

This was the moment where Kurdy tore me out of my thoughts. He dropped down onto the chair beside me, a forced smile on his face. Kurdy is a nice guy, I know, he doesn't want to hang around with me, but he feels pity.

"Do you have fun," he did ask me.

Fun? I don't know the meaning of this word, I can't remember if I ever had fun in my life.

"Birthday parties are supposed to be fun."

Are they? Well, I guess, Kurdy is right, before the Big Death people did enjoy birthdays and parties and fun. Michelle told me once that it is important to keep the old ceremonies alive. But Michelle can remember, like everyone else. Memories can hurt but they also keep you alive.

"I can't remember my birthdays," I told Kurdy.
"I don't have a history. Everything is wiped out, everything that happened before the I died."

He stared at me, I could read the shock in his eyes.
"You ... what?"
His voice was slightly shaking. He wasn't ready to hear the truth. It would have been so more human to lie, but I couldn't. Because God has told me that he needs to know all.

"I died. But God wasn't willing to let me go. He brought me back to life."
It was hard to smile but I did it anyway.
"I'm glad that you still can enjoy your birthday. But for me, the day of the anniversary of my death is the only birthday I can remember. And, believe me, there is no reason to celebrate that."

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