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Happy Valentine's Day

to all my LJ Friends. I'm so happy that you are still around and make this world a much better place. Hugs.

And now, because it's also the day for our boys, here is a little something I've written for comment_fic some time ago.

Re-post of a story, written for the prompt: not pink

Title: Pink chocolates for Valentine's Day
Fandom: The Faculty
Character: Zeke / Casey
Rating: PG
Word Count: 268
Disclaimer: Of course, I don't own The Faculty nor the character :( - I'm just borrowing them for some fun

Zeke huffed slightly when he noticed his best friend grabbing for a large, pink box of chocolates. Much too expensive. And a waste of money. Delilah, cheerleader bitch at Herrington High would never have an eye for the school's geek. But Casey obviously had a crush for her. Stupid boy, he deserved someone better. Someone who really cared about him.

"Anything, but pink," he growled.

Casey looked at him questioningly.
"Hm? Why not? I guess every girl likes pink."

"Bitches like Delilah expect something different that chocolates in a pink box, just trust me."

Casey chuckled.
"So, tell me, what will you buy for the lady of your heart?"

"The what?"
Zeke snorted slightly. He knew this was not the best moment. But probably the right one would never come.
"Who says that there is a girl I'm interested in?"

"Oh, c'mon, almost every girl at school is crazy about you."

"Right. Doesn't mean, though, that I'm interested. At least not in a girl."

Casey felt warm showers rushing through his body. The sparkling in Zeke's eyes, he had already noticed before seemed to deepen even more. Suddenly his heart beat faster, his mouth went dry. Could it be that Zeke ...?

Determined, he grabbed the chocolate box and went over to the cash register to pay.

"My mom loves chocolates from Hershey's," he said.
"And she doesn't care when the box is pink."

The relief in Zeke's eyes told volumes. And Casey decided that it was time to risk the next step. He would also buy a Val-Day present for Zeke.

Not pink, of course.

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Happy Valentine to you, my dear!!!
So it's the day for our boys, right ?

Thank you for the pink ficlet! I love it to bits and pieces!

Have a wonderful day, sweetie!
I'm so glad you are part of my life, too!

It's a perfect day for our boys ... and for all of us :)

I'm glad that you like this little ficlet.

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