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GYWO - Bingocard 2016

Why, oh why, did I do this?

Because it might be fun :)

I just asked for my first card from the Get-your-words-out Bingo - that means to write stories (at least 500 words) or poems (not my cup of tea when it comes to writing) for the given prompts and to earn belts for reaching a Bingo. It's time to write until December, so don't worry, I will not spam you with stories. First of all, I need to find some sense in some of the pics I've gotten ;) - a few of them are already talking to me (I mean, Casey and a comic book store, that shouldn't be soo difficult). Some others seem to fit for Jeremiah and Mr. Smith perfectly. But there are also some really tricky pics.

Oh, this will be a lot of fun :)

- click on the small pictures to see the whole scenario
- click on the title to read the story


Nightmare Orange

Cooking f. Halloween




The darkest night

My result for 2016:
1. I've written 12 stories
2. I've finished only one Bingo

Well, could be worse ;) - it was fun anyway.

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Wow, I admire you taking on this challenge. There's some pretty interesting pictures here and some of them do scream C/Z to me, but at least one or two of them make me think of Frodo and Sam. Good luck!

I hope that I will be able to reach at least one or two belts = complete one or two Bingos. I'm not dreaming about the final goal, which would mean to complete two cards; well, write one prompt a week and you should have finished it at the end of the year. So easy, isn't it? ;)

But like I said: for me it's more because of the fun. I like to challenge myself lately because it sometimes gives me interesting ideas to play around with.

You are right, the woods or the little river, yes, these would be perfect scenarios for Sam and Frodo - though I usually refuse to write them.

Edited at 2016-02-13 05:39 am (UTC)

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