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GYWO - Bingocard 2016

Why, oh why, did I do this?

Because it might be fun :)

I just asked for my first card from the Get-your-words-out Bingo - that means to write stories (at least 500 words) or poems (not my cup of tea when it comes to writing) for the given prompts and to earn belts for reaching a Bingo. It's time to write until December, so don't worry, I will not spam you with stories. First of all, I need to find some sense in some of the pics I've gotten ;) - a few of them are already talking to me (I mean, Casey and a comic book store, that shouldn't be soo difficult). Some others seem to fit for Jeremiah and Mr. Smith perfectly. But there are also some really tricky pics.

Oh, this will be a lot of fun :)

- click on the small pictures to see the whole scenario
- click on the title to read the story


Nightmare Orange

Cooking f. Halloween




The darkest night

My result for 2016:
1. I've written 12 stories
2. I've finished only one Bingo

Well, could be worse ;) - it was fun anyway.

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Ha, I'm still hesitant to commit (even though there's so much time) because *insert panicky ramble about nonsensical tl:dr* LOL

This said, I love your card. Maybe save for the stadium, I could work with all of these.

Maybe I should sign up. Especially since I want to do some writing like naow and can't decide on what I want to work on. Hmmmm.

Well, give it a try. It's a lot of time to play around with the card and I hope to make at least one bingo. ;)

Yes, the stadium is one of my ??? what can I do with this - cards too. Like this abstract one in orange - this would have been my fourth veto - and, of course, it did make its way onto my card. But I guess, it's possible to come up with a story for this too, like writing about a nightmare or something.

Yeah, it's really like otherworldly … I'm sure I could tackle this rather easily, since it makes me think of apocalypse in space. Sounds a bit like me, haha. But yeah, nightmares are good. They're always good because they don't need rhyme or reason and can go crazy =D

ETA: I think I might sign up for character traits … but I'm just in this weird "I'm bored, but I don't want to do anything" mood right now. Le sigh.

Edited at 2016-02-12 09:30 pm (UTC)

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