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Fan-Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Life is changing (5 / ?)

Because I think maybe you are curious what's going on in Casey's head, now, where Zeke finally has left the Connor's house ;)

Title: Life is changing (5/?)
Fandom: The Faculty
Character: Casey
Words: 1486
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: as ever, I don't own The Faculty, neither the boys or any other person from the movie

all chapters here

Casey was standing at the window of the guest room and watched Zeke fighting with his crutches while he got into the cab. His mom bent forward to talk to him, then he was gone. He actually should feel relieved. Finally, he could move back into his own room again, his bed, his computer, his books. But he couldn't suppress the unpleasant feeling that it would take some time until it would feel like his save refuge again. How could he forget that Zeke had been living there for quite a while, that he had been lying on his bed, staring at the posters on his walls, reading his books? And who knew what else he had done.

Thankfully his computer had a password for some time. There had actually not been a reason for it, he knew, his parents wouldn't sneak around in his room. Until he had started to visit ... ähm, special websites. The thought that his mom by accident would come across this stuff had been too disturbing.

Not that disturbing, though, then Zeke, being alone in his room, with his PC, password or not, and the hidden place in the closet. He hadn't only refused to spend Christmas Eve with the Connors, even the other days he hadn't left the room often, beside of the meals and for some needed visits at the bathroom. Casey's nerves had been all on edge, but he knew, all he could do, was waiting for the explosion when Zeke discovered his secrets.

How he had managed it to survive Christmas still felt like a wonder. At least, his father didn't seem to notice that something was going on. The last weeks had been pretty stressful for him, one of his most important customers wanted some last minute changes in the design of his house though the building work had already started. That had meant a lot of extra hours in the office and the reneged promise to Casey to visit a modern art exhibition together.

"I will make up for it," the man had told him.
"At Christmas, we will spend as much time together as possible."

And of course, he had kept this promise, they had played chess every day, were going on a longer photo trip into the woods nearby, had watched some good movies, they had laughed and chatted and even cleaning the roof of the porch from snow had been a great fun. Casey had felt double thankful for it, first, he really enjoyed the time together with his dad. And second, it had help to distract him from his moping thoughts at least for a while. But every time when he felt the thoughtful looks of his mom resting on him, he had cringed inwardly. She didn't bother him with questions but he knew that she couldn't understand his behavior. Why he didn't even make a try to talk to Zeke. Usually, he couldn't be angry at someone for longer, he would look for a talk to clear the things.

Casey sighed slightly. She didn't know, that it was much more complicated than she supposed. Since he could remember, Zeke had always driven him crazy.

The way he fucked up school though he was much smarter than most of the others, but he preferred it to play the stupid dumbhead, he didn't follow the lessons, skipped the tests and even Mr. Furlong, one the most understanding teacher, was ready to lose his patience with him. His dubious dealings he made, often enough during lunch break at the bleachers. Not caring, that Casey was sitting just some rows away. It almost was as if he tried to show him, that stupid little geeks didn't bother him in the slightest. Which probably was true.

And finally, what he hated most: all the girls who were around him as if he was the last living guy in the world. Though, this actually wasn't Zeke's fault. Maybe one could blame his parents, who had put him into this world without even caring about him, that Zeke was so good looking. A charming and interesting character. His warm, brown eyes, which could sparkle so challenging when he was amused. But when he narrowed them, he seemed to turn into a different guy, dangerous and threatening. And he would get all the respect he wanted in this moment. His uneven haircut, Casey sometimes wondered if he might cut it by himself, but it fit perfectly to his outfit, the long sleeved shirts, the plain denims. His parents were rich, but Zeke didn't care about expensive designer clothes like he didn't seem to care much about money itself.

His lips, oh yes. Once, in biology, Casey had watched him, how he put a pen into his mouth, his tongue was circling around it, slowly and almost seducing, again and again, his lips formed a smile when Mr. Furlong glanced at him slightly frowning, but he didn't stop. Casey had felt the heat rushing through his body until he couldn't bear it any longer.

"Mr. Furlong," he finally had asked, and it had been hard to hide the trembling of his voice.
"I'm feeling sick at my stomach. Can I go to the washroom, please?"

He had never skipped school before but no way, that he would be able to go back to class and finish the test. For the rest of the hour, he had locked himself up in a cabin, feeling more churned up than ever before in his life. He actually had known it for a quite a while already. No girl at school had ever aroused his interest and the cheerleader training he visited only when he needed some new pics for the school's magazine.

The pictures which crossed his mind now, where different. Zeke, and Zeke, and Zeke again, his hands, his eyes, his smile, his lips. No way to deny it for longer: Zeke Tyler might act like the biggest asshole at school sometimes, but he was the one Casey was longing for.


Of course, it wasn't very reasonable to blame Zeke for all that. But it was the only way Casey could deal with it. When he was angry enough at Zeke, he could cover up his feelings more easily.

When they were sitting together at their lab table in chemistry, it was much easier to feel annoyed about Zeke's obvious lack of interest in the experiment they were supposed to do than to think about the oh-so-sexy smile he gave Michelle. And when Zeke sold his homemade pills or booze at the bleachers during lunch break and didn't even made a try hide it, Casey preferred to stick his nose even deeper into his book, telling himself, that it was not his business when this shithead got himself into trouble.

It was almost like a game. And when Casey was honest with himself, he had to admit that he somehow enjoyed it. His life had never been so exciting before, he had had his photography and the chess club, he loved to spend time with his parents, he was a good boy who always followed the rules. Oh, he didn't complain, his life was almost perfect like it was. But Zeke made him feel special, in a way, no one else had ever done before.

Only sometimes, when he felt Zeke's eyes resting on him, curious, amused, piercing as if he tried to read his mind, all his alarm clocks began to ring and he decided that it was high time to leave this hopeless crush behind. The day would come anyway, next year, after graduation, when Casey would move on. An Art school in New York or Boston was what he was looking for. As hard as it would be to leave his parents behind, he couldn't wait finally to be free from the narrowed-mindedness in Ohio. At art school, no one would call him a geek just because he loved to visit exhibitions and a photographer named Hiroshi Sugimoto was his biggest idol. And ... because he was gay. He still couldn't imagine a coming out or to have a relationship with a guy. But for sure out there would be other like him, a reassuring thought.

But then he got home again, went into his room and there was this photo of Zeke, he had taken one day after the Football Training. The boy was still wearing his tricot, the helmet in his hand, the hair sweaty. He was smoking though everyone knew, that the coach disliked it when his players smoked right after the training. But since when did Zeke Tyler care about rules? The smile on his lips told volumes.

This photo never failed to have an effect on him; whenever Casey looked at it, he felt mesmerized by Zeke's beauty. And he wondered if he would ever meet someone like him again.

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