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Fan-Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Teamwork

Re-posted  story: originally written for Gywo = Challenge: I challenge you to write a story or scene (at least 500 words) from the POV of a character you wouldn’t normally write.

It was fun to do this :)

Title: Teamwork
Fandom: The Faculty ( POV: Mr. Furlong )
Words: 720
Disclaimer: I don't own the movie, neither the characters, but sometimes I'm borrowing them for some fun

Mr. Furlong put his pen down, all tests proofread, and he was pleased with the result. Of course, it had been just a repetition of what he had tried to tell his students about photosynthesis during the last three weeks but it didn't happen often, that the whole class did so well. Even Jason Finnegan, who failed in Biologie as regularly as he impressed everyone at the Football stadium, had earned at least a C-, not brilliant, but good enough to make the grade this year.

Only two tests were still lying in front of him, two boys he was worried about.

Casey Connor. His test would be one of the best, as always, Mr. Furlong didn't doubt that. The boy was a good, no, a brilliant, student, who followed every learning matter with interest, who did his homework regularly. Mr. Furlong was sure one day he would go to one of the big colleges, maybe MIT or Cal Tech.

Where it hopefully would be easier for him. As a geek among other geeks, he would finally get the acceptance he deserved. Not like here, in Herrington High, where it was more important to be a good football player than to be successful at school.

Casey was not into sports. He also wasn't interested in parties, cars, girls, or other things a boy at his age usually liked to talk about. He loved chess and photography. Not a big surprise so, that he was the nerd, the geek, the misfit at school. It never was easy to be the outsider, the favorite victim of the bullies, the jocks from the team. Now and then they got some rebuke, but everyone knew that nothing more would happen, they were the star player and the coach would always back them up.

Mr. Furlong had seen a lot during all the years he was already working at Herrington High. Other misfits had given up, changed school, even moved to another town to make a new start. Not so Casey. The boy looked small and skinny, often enough he did show up at class with a bloody nose or some bruises. But all this didn't seem to bother him much, he would drop down onto his seat, put his books on the table and start working as if nothing had happened.

As much as Mr. Furlong would have liked to step in, he knew better. His intervention would make it even more difficult for Casey.

Slightly sighing he grabbed for the other test in front of him. Not more than a blank sheet of paper, beside of some fleetingly jotted down caricatures. To be honest, good ones. Gabe Santora with his football helmet and the glowering eyes. Stokely Mitchell, who preferred to dress up all in black, with a book in her hands. Casey with his camera. And, the teacher couldn't help it but chuckled, he himself, sitting at his desk.

But of course, it wasn't funny at all. The boy had already repeated one class. This year was his last chance to graduate. And he didn't seem to care. No one seemed to care, obviously, his parents weren't at home often, the boy was living alone since ages. He skipped classes, he painted cartoons in his notebooks, he flirted with the girls openly even during the lessons. Although he was intelligent, very intelligent; sometimes he did surprise his teacher with his smart questions and answers. Mr. Furlong could easily imagine him at Cal-Tech or MIT one day, like Casey. If he would only be willing to look forward, instead of busting his future.

Thoughtfully Mr. Furlong glanced at the two tests in front of him. Two young boys in trouble. On the first sight, they couldn't be more different. But he couldn't help the thought that together they would make a great team. As different as they were, they also had a lot in common: their loneliness, their secret strength which let them go on and on, despite the circumstances, their smart mind. They could help each other, the could learn from each other, they could give each other what they didn't seem to find anywhere else: trust, confidence, friendship.

It would be a tough job to convince the two of them, but the teacher was sure: It was definitely worth a try.

the end
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