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FanFiction Jeremiah // Grief

Titel: Grief
Autor: Prisca
Charakter: Mr. Smith
Words: 284
Disclamer: of course don't own 'Jeremiah' nor the characters

Lost in thoughts he was standing in front of Libby's grave. He often came here when he didn't know what to do next, even if the memories tormented him.

He'd shot her. He'd killed her.

Of course, Libby had fired first, had hurt his arm. The shock and the acute ache let him pull the trigger without thinking. It had felt like a nightmare when she died in his arms.

In the meantime he knew that there had been no other way. But the pictures were still burnt deeply into his mind, he'd never forgive himself that he'd lifted the gun. All he had wanted was to save her.

God had told him that she would die in this church. He hadn't told him who would be in charge of her death. Smith hated him for this, though he could understand the reason for it.

God demanded a lot of him and he always did what had to be done. He was God's messenger, not allowed to ask questions. But this time it had been different. Libby was his friend. He liked her, everyone liked her. Her smile, her laugh, her soft voice. Jeremiah loved her, she had changed his life.

Smith knew, he would have refused to follow his instructions if he had told him all. He would have refused to go to Insmouth. He would have refused to enter the church. Libby's betrayal would never have been revealed. And she would still be alive.

But the future of this world would be a different one, without any hope.

He threw a last glance at the wild rose he had put onto Libby's grave before he turned away. There was still so much to do.

revised work May 2015

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I put this through Babelfish so I could get an idea of what the story is about. How sad for Smith to be at Libby's grave and thinking how even though what happened was so awful, there was no other way. It was necessary.

Such terrible burdens he has to bear! :-(

Can you send me the link again to your English stories?


Yes, he bears terrible burdens and I think, to kill Libby was one of the worst things he had to do. He will never forget!

Wunderschön geschrieben, Süße.
Die Trauer, die Wut, die Enttäuschung ... alles was Smith fühlt kann man auch fühlen.

"Aber die Zukunft der Welt wäre eine andere gewesen!"

Er hatte keine andere Chance und vielleicht war es Absicht (von Gott), dass er nicht wusste, durch wessen Hand sie sterben würde.

Diese kleine Geschichte berührt mich sehr, Prisca.
Bitte mehr davon...


Ja, ich denke schon, das es Absicht von Gott war, das er nicht wußte, das er sie töten wird. Nur so konnte er ihm die Entscheidung ersparen: nicht in diese Kirche zu gehen, Libby hätte überleben können, aber damit wäre die Zukunft der Welt gefährdet gewesen! Oder aber trotzdem zu gehen und sich damit bewußt dafür zu entscheiden, sie zu töten! Wie hätte er damit weiter leben sollen - egal, wie er sich entschieden hätte?!

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