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Casey&Zeke - Elijah&Josh - Month

Today I will give you a rest from my (Christmas)-Story-Spam. There is something I discovered today at Absolute Josh Hartnett I need to share with you.

There is an article in the german GQ this month which is breathtaking.

And there is a little gimmick in the article I just love: Hart, aber nett ;) (hart = tough, nett = nice, so you can translate it with 'tough but nice' ... but this is just half the fun, of course)

This is (translation by myself) what Josh says about his dog: I probably have the most stressful dog in the world. She will be entertained throughout the day and is never satisfied. The dog of my girlfriend is the exact opposite: He loves to lay around in the sun lazy. That's all he needs to be happy.

What Josh thinks about his fatherhood (free translation): What I would tell my daughter: Stay always curious, laugh about yourself, and meet the world with humour. These are the basic things in life. I would like to go into a museum with her as often as possible. I am really looking forward to this. Most of all I like the Natural History Museum in New York. I know there is one in London too, I've never been there, but I'd like to explore it together with my daughter one day. I have made up my mind that it is important always to listen to your child and not to be too strict.

And at last here it is what Josh thinks about women: I've never been a guy who wanted to date as many hot girls as possible. I was always more interested in women with a strong character. Intelligence turns me on. Today I'm together with the most wonderful woman in the world. And it's amazing that she loves me like I am.


Hm, I guess I've just found the answer to the question why after my divorce (which is ages ago) I've decided to stay alone. I've never met a guy like Josh. ;) How is it possible that a guy is so perfect ???

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