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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Life is changing (2/?)

Casey&Zeke - Elijah&Josh - Month

Well, I guess every writer knows this: you have a story in mind, you start to write ... and suddenly the muse isn't willing to play along anymore and you end up changing the story. This is what happened with this one - it's still the same story but the storyline is a slightly different than planned. Not so sure what to think about this ... but it is where the muse wanted me to go. I hope you will like it anyway.

Title: Life is changing (2/?) (changed title = formerly Christmas Eve - sorry for the confusion)
Fandom: The Faculty
Character: Zeke, a touch of Casey and Mrs. C.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: as ever, I don't own The Faculty, neither the boys or any other person from the movie

all chapters here

Zeke tried to jump out of the much too small bed and flinched when the stabbing pain rushed through his leg and reminded him of what the doctor had told at the hospital.

"You will have to take it slow during the next days. Don't put any weight on the leg or you will risk to damage it again. I will give you some crutches, use them when you needs to get up. Get it?"

"Sure," Zeke had agreed, he was willing to promise everything as long as he didn't have to stay in the hospital for longer.
"Don't worry, I will be okay."

"Sure you will," Mrs. Connor had chipped in as if this was her business.
"You will come and stay with us for the next few days. It's out of the discussion that you go home alone in your state."

"I don't ... ," had Zeke tried to protest.

"Honey, it's not a great thing," Casey's mother had reassured him.
"Casey will move into the guest room while you can sleep in his one. So you don't even need to go upstairs."

Like trough a haze Zeke had noticed Casey's shocked face, before closing his eyes again, suddenly feeling exhausted and unable to protest any longer. This was too much to endure, after the accident, the surgery, the worrying about his GTO.

It hadn't been his fault, the streets had been frozen over, but he knew to handle that. Not so the driver of the Audi, the boy had just gotten his driver's license two weeks ago and he crashed into the GTO unbraked, which started skidding and finally hit a wall with full force.

Zeke needed a moment to realize what had happened, never before he had been involved in an accident. Anger surged up, he felt the urge to pull the boy out of his stupid Audi, yell at him and ... With a loud outcry, he fell back onto the car's seat, not able to stand on his foot.

The alerted ambulance diagnosed a double-broken ankle, a sprained knee and probably a light concussion. Despite his protests, they took him to the hospital, not even allowed him a phone call with his garage. The foot did swell up even more, every touch hurt like mad and Zeke's mood finally hit rock bottom when it turned out that a surgery was needed. Nothing complicated, the doctor tried to reassure him, but he hated it to feel so helpless.

The biggest shock, though, was waiting for him when he woke up after the surgery in the sickroom. The first he noticed was the pale face of Casey Connor. Almost shocked he gasped for breath. What the heck was going here? Was he hallucinating?

"What ... are you doing here?"

Casey stared at him, gnawing at his upper lip.
"My mom took me here after I got the call. Are you okay?"

Zeke blinked.
"What call?"

"Sister Dorothea, from the hospital, she found my number in your backpack and called me."

Zeke frowned confused. In his still dizzy state, it took a while to realize what had happened. This stupid nurse had searched through his things without his knowledge and came across Casey's phone number. He had almost forgotten about it.

It had been some weeks ago. Miss Burke had told Casey to bring him some stupid schoolwork, ridiculous, as if he would care about it. But of course, Casey was a good boy, as ever, and he did what he was asked for. Zeke hadn't been in the best mood that day after he had gotten one of these annoying calls from his father, so he had just glanced at him threatening and told him to fuck off. Casey's eyes had darkened, then he turned around and fled down the street. For a moment, Zeke had felt bad. Everyone at school thought that he didn't care much about others. Which was right ... at least most of the time. But with Casey it was different, Casey was not like the others, in a way he actually enjoyed his presence when they shared the bleachers or the lab table. And even if he wasn't sure what to think about him, for sure Zeke wasn't one of the jocks who enjoyed it to bully him.

Without thinking about it, he had looked up his phone number, maybe he could call him later to apologize. But finally, he had decided that it was better to let things rest. Why he hadn't thrown away this stupid number he couldn't even say.



He had barely recovered from the shock to find Casey standing at his bedside when the doctor came into the room, followed by a woman, middle-aged, dressed up with a red blouse and a dark skirt, short, brown hair and a warm smile on her lips. Casey's Mom, for sure, similar smile, similar blue eyes. It turned out that she had already taken the matter into her own hands, the doctor had finally agreed to discharge Zeke from the hospital when Mrs. Connor would look after him for the next days. He wanted to protest, but she had pushed all his objections aside until his head had started to spin around like a carousel. He had closed his eyes and just given in.

The next he could remember clearly was Casey's room. Small, tidy, curtains in front of the window. A bed, not king-sized like his own, a large desk with a dated computer, a shelve with lots of books. The wall over the bed covered with photos, mostly trees, flowers, landscapes, some from school too, Stokes, Stan ... and Zeke. Zeke again. He narrowed his eyes and tried to remember when Casey might have taken them. Two posters, Starwars and Albert Einstein.

Casey entered the room and put some towels on a chair beside the bed. Then he stared at him with dark eyes.
"Don't you dare it to touch my stuff, okay," he hissed.
"Go into the closet and you're dead."

Under other circumstances this could have been amusing; geeky Casey Connor, who always acted a bit shy at school, could get really angry. For the moment though Zeke felt not in the mood to think about this, to tease him. The painkiller started to ease off and he was still thinking about the GTO. The guy from the garage he had finally been able to reach had promised to tow it, but Zeke had had a quick glance at the damage, the crashed hood, the offset tires ... it had taken him weeks to restore this car and now ...


He wasn't sure if he had managed it to doze off ... but obviously, he had done it. When he opened his eyes again, it was almost dark outside and the small lamp on the desk was turned on. His look fell on the poster of Albert Einstein. Oh God. He groaned. So it was not just a nightmare ?!

But for sure he wouldn't stay here for longer, he felt better than before, his mind didn't feel all in a tumble anymore. And he was used to it to take care of himself since he had turned fourteen. But when he tried to get onto his feet ... he cried out and sank back onto the bed. No, this wouldn't work, he wouldn't walk out here on his own feet. Never before he had been in such a fricking situation. Caught in the room of Casey Connor. Shit, shit, shit.

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