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Casey&Zeke - Elijah&Josh - Month 2015

Hello again. Some days ago I've promised you more fic-recs. It was a great fun to go through the work of honeyandvinegar and aliensouldreamlast time. But there are even more wonderful stories you shouldn't miss. Or, if you already know them, maybe it's time to re-read them again? ;)

Let's start with some very different stories written by mews1945.

First of all, I need to mention her Family - Universe = Family I and the sequel Family II A wonderfully written story about our boys. After the Alien-incidence ends differently than expected they are on the road alone, not knowing where to go. Suddenly Casey seems to develop some strange skills ...

I love this story and did already read it for three times ... can't hurt to re-read once again, though ;)

The next story I would like to recommend to you is: In darkness given (don't miss the sequels too) It's a Vampire-Story, a bit dark sometimes, slightly sad but very touching.

There is another touching story I need to mention, even if some of you might be surprised by it. Because it's not about Casey & Zeke or Elijah & Josh but about Elijah & Sean Astin. Don't worry, I'm not a great fan of RPS, but this one has nothing to do with real life, at least not more than the real names ... and Elijah's beautiful blue eyes ;)

Ghost in the winter (there are some sequels too) It's full of mystic and surprises (and no, I'm not gonna tell you, because just in case you don't know the story, I don't want to spoil you), slightly dark, slightly sad, with a touch of romantic. Absolutely breathtaking. So, even if you usually don't read this pairing, make an exception to it and I'm sure you won't regret it.

Another great writer is our gabi_fics - unfortunately not much around anymore. But I will not give up hope that one day she will bring her wonderful, amazing, breathtaking Unravelling Zeke to a well-deserved end. (No need to rush, Gabi, take all the time you need)

In the meantime here are three other stories of her which are worth it to be read. The first two are Halloween stories. Charlotte's web - scary and funny at the same time. And, a bit darker, Vampire Hunter Z, where Zeke is hunting vampires until one day he saves a pretty young man out of the vampire's clutches.

The last one is a 'real multimedia-vacation-fic' about Gabi's tour to Cornwell. Destination Cornwell, where our boys are on tour together and Casey takes a lot of breathtaking pics. Never before was reading an account of a journey so much fun.

Even if I know that most you don't read threesomes, I just need to mention this one again.

Broken toys written by astraplainThe story is a x-over between The Faculty (and our boys) and Toy Soldiers (Billy Tepper, played by Sean Astin). Three young boys, all of them rejected, alone, scared ... will they find a way to move on together? I love this story with all the ups and downs, it's funny, it's sad and sometimes it gets very, very hot ;)

The last one I want to recommend to you today is a poem romeny did write for the Christmas Challenge 2009. It's based on a poem by Dr. Seuss. How the grinch stole Christmas Go and read it, if you are a Casey & Zeke Fan you won't be disappointed ;)
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