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Casey&Zeke - Elijah&Josh - Month 2015

Hallo again. After the nice picture spam about Elijah's movies we had two days ago it's time for another one today.

Let us have some fun with Josh's movies ( as before, not all of them, don't worry )

Halloween H20

He almost looks like Zeke in this pic, don't you think so?

Virgin suicide

I haven't watched this movie yet. But this haircut is ... yeah ... what can I say?

Black Hawk Down

Mozart and the whale

One of my favorite movies of Josh. Very touching.

40 days, 40 nights

I couldn't resist posting this one - he looks so ... hm ... young ;)

Black Dahlia

I didn't know this movie, but I like the pics I've seen so far. Josh with a hat is always  very compelling.

I come with the rain

A very dark movie, maybe not even a good one but his role is ... brilliant (plus: honeyandvinegardid pair Kline up with Sandy ( Flipper, played by Elijah)

Wild horses

I really hope that one day this movie will be available on DVD in Germany, I would like to watch it.

And finally

Penny dreadful

really, did he ever lock that hot before ???
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