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Casey&Zeke - Elijah&Josh - Month 2015

Here I am again ... with another pic-spam. Feel free to skip if you think it's too much ;) - but I can't resist doing this one.

We all know that Elijah is a wonderful young man and a good actor with a lot of different roles. So, let us 'talk' about some of his movies (don't worry, not all of them, our boy is much too busy ;) )

Back to the future

I couldn't resist adding this one. Wasn't he a cute, little boy in his first movie?

All I want

I admit, I haven't seen the movie yet, but I like this pic ;)

Everything is illuminated

Well, we already knew that he can be hot-looking geek ;)

The War

I love this pic, so young, so cute and his laugh is contagious.


Well, it's not the best movie but I really enjoy watching it. And his facial expression in this scene always makes me laugh.


Another movie I haven't watched yet but this pic is great.

Grand piano

The movie was boring, but he looks sooo good.


Okay, I know, most of you will probably have missed this movie, but look at this pic. I think it's brilliant.

That was it for today, see you tomorrow (we really need to have a movie-pic-spam of our second boy, right? ;) )

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I love this. Never can overdo pics as far as I'm concerned. I hadn't seen that one from 'Maniac' before. Thanks!

Well, I like doing this month with all the fics and pictures too; thinking about it, what to post the next day brings back so many memories and is a lot of fun.

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