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Casey&Zeke - Elijah&Josh - Month 2015

Today I thought back to the old times, I miss more than just one friend, and there are only a few people still writing. But I don't want to complain about that fact ... I want to remember all the wonderful fics I did read during the last years. And the best: most of them are still here, so I can go and re-read them whenever I need my Casey & Zeke dose.

I guess this month is a good time to remind you of some of them. Maybe you haven't read them before - so, what are you waiting for? Or you just want to re-read, like I do. Or you can lean back and remember some of your favorite stories. Or you get in the mood to sit down and start writing again. Or ... Or ... Or ... :)

Let us start with a little series and two stories written by aliensouldream

CinnemonSugar I did re-read it only some weeks ago. It's such a cute, romantic, sweet AU story, where Zeke is working at a bakery and Casey has a boring job in an office.

Killer instinct - it's a x-over with X-Files and takes place after the alien incident

Bad hair day where they boys mess around with their hair. Soooo much fun to read :)

honeyandvinegar, the queen of the Casey&Zeke Fandom has sadly left us behind, but there are still so many stories of her, hard to chose only some of them.

Dragons & Princesses If you don't know this series you should hurry there to read it now. It's a wonderful, touching story about two lonely boys who desperately tries to cope with their life (but there are some funny scenes too ;) )

High Society is another series of her I absolutely love. Casey is forced to prostitute himself. The story takes place during the Great Depression and it has all one can wish: it's interesting, funny, thrilling and, of course, there are many hot guys ... ;)

Now I spend almost one hour looking for this story **lol**, but finally I found it. It's called
Pulp An unusual story where Casey has a crush on Zeke and gets some interesting lessons from an unlikely teacher. Hot, slightly kinky, but in a fluffy way. Wonderfully written.

And a last one of her, written for Mash-Up-Challenge. It's not Casey&Zeke but Josh (as Kline - I come with the rain) and Elijah (as Sandy - Flipper)
Headfirst Sandy is missed and Kline, working as a private investigator gets the job to bring him home again.


I really need to stop for tonight, time is running late, it's almost midnight around here. But you may rest assured that there will be another post soon, with more wonderful stories - there are just too much of them and it's good to remember.
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