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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Life is changing (1/?)

Casey&Zeke - Elijah&Josh - Month

I guess it's time for a little story about the boys - with a touch of Christmas again. I love to write Chrismas story this year ;) And hope you will like this one.

Title: Life is changing (1/?) (changed title = formaly Christmas Eve - sorry for the confusion)
Fandom: The Faculty
Character: Casey / Mrs. Connor / mention of Zeke
Rating: PG

all chapters here

Christmas Eve. One of the day's Casey loved most, besides of his birthday and the rare days were his grandmother, who lived far away in California, visited them. The air in the Connor's house smelled delicious from freshly baked cookies and the turkey his mother prepared for the traditional Christmas dinner. This morning Casey had joined her in the kitchen and they sang Christmas carols. Rudolf, the red-nosed reindeer Santa Clause is coming to town. Songs she had already sung to him when he was still a little boy.

Later his father would ask him to come along with him to buy the Christmas tree. Like every year, they would make a short stop at a small, wooden booth nearby. The cinnamon waffles were delicious and Casey would have two of them while his father enjoyed some cream cheese Christmas cookies. As usual, he would wink and say: "But we don't tell your mom, we don't want her to think that we don't appreciate her homemade delicacies."

Yes, Christmas Eve was the best day of the year. And nothing, absolutely nothing could ruin it.



He looked up and noticed his mom holding out the phone to him. She looked kind of worried.

"It's the Sankt Mercy Hospital. They say a friend of yours had an accident and they can't reach anyone of his family ?!"

Casey blinked, more confused than worried. An accident? A friend? Who could that be? Stokely was in Indiana together with Stan, visiting his grandparents. Mike from the chess club, well he actually wasn't a close friend. And he had a big family who lived nearby. Probably it was just a misunderstanding.

He took the phone anyway.
"Hello? It's Casey. How can I help you?"

"My name is Sister Dorothea from the Sankt Mercy Hospital. One hour ago a young man was hospitalized, a car accident. His driver's license is made out in the name of Ezekiel Tyler. I guess you know him?"

Alarmed Casey gasped for breath.
"What is happened? You say, it was an accident?! Is he okay?"

"Unfortunately I can't give you any information without his permission. I only called to ask if you know about the whereabouts of his parents or other relatives. We can't find any contact address, but there was a note with your phone number on it."

"His parents ... they are somewhere in Europe I guess ... I actually don't know," he replied automatically while he started to feel dizzy. To many information at once ...
"It's not that we're close friends."

"Oh, that's too bad. But thanks for your help anyway."

There was a click in the line when the connection was interrupted. Casey put the phone back onto the table and dropped down onto a chair, not sure what to think.

Why the heck had Zeke a note with Casey's phone number in his backpack ??? That was strange, almost frightening. Zeke was none of the bullies, but he used to ignore him, even though they shared a lab table in chemistry and met almost every lunch at the bleachers, Zeke to make his dubious dealings, Casey in the try to escape the jocks at least for a while. Only rarely they shared some words, the last time he could remember, Zeke had told him 'Just fuck off, Connor!' And all this just because of Miss Burke. She had asked him to bring Zeke some assignments for a test in the following week because he had called in sick once again. Sick ... who, besides of Miss Burke, who obviously had a soft spot for him, did believe that? Zeke was just a selfish, manipulative asshole ... and besides of that he was the hottest guy Casey had ever seen.

Suddenly he felt a shower of panic rushing through his body. All this was not of importance in the moment, wasn't it?

Zeke had had an accident. What kind of accident? Was he seriously injured? Why didn't he call a friend, one of the guys ... or girls ... he did hang around with every weekend? The nurse tried to contact his parents instead. His parents, who didn't care in the slightest about him. Was it the bad?

"Casey? What's going on?"

He blinked and when he looked up he noticed the worried face of his mother.
"I'm fine, mom," he tried to reassure her though he felt like crying.
"It's just ... Zeke, a guy from school. Obviously, he had an accident. The nurse tries to reach his parents now, but I couldn't help her. All I know is that they are not around."

"A boy from your school," his mother repeated and frowned.
"How old can he be? Seventeen, eighteen? And his parents leave him alone? At Christmas? How can they do that?"

Casey shrugged. It was not that he knew a lot about Zeke's life. Only the rumors at school; and Zeke did nothing to confirm or deny them. He decided for the most reasonable explanation.
"They are traveling a lot because of business. Zeke is used to it to be alone, not only at Christmas."

"My God, this poor boy. And now the accident. He must be terrified, so alone in the hospital."

Although Casey felt still stressed he chuckled inwardly. Zeke? Terrified? Hard to imagine. Zeke knew to handle every situation. The panic set in again. But maybe not this time. Zeke was a good but risky driver. To think that he was involved into a car accident, maybe seriously injured. But there was nothing he could do for him, wasn't it? As if Zeke would accept his help ...

"Casey, pull yourself together."
The voice of his mom tore him out of his thoughts again.
"It seems as if your friend needs you now. Get dressed. We will go to the hospital."

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