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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Helicopter-Tour (7 / ?)

Hah .... late but still in time (at least in Germany ;) for Cazekiel-Day.

Title: Helicopter-Tour (7/?)
Fandom: The Faculty AU
Character: Zeke / Casey
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: of course, I don't own The Faculty nor the characters - just borrowing them for some fun

other chapters here

Casey groaned inwardly when he heard the knock at the door of his apartment, dropped the towel onto the chair and grabbed for his boxers and t-shirt. For sure it was James, the music student who was living in the apartment next to him, actually a nice guy but sometimes a bit too chatty.

Usually Casey didn't mind, today though he had other plans. He was already late anyway, everyone in the photo course seemed to have been in a discussion mood today, so it overrun for almost half an hour. And Casey had caught himself repeatedly looking at the clock, he wanted to go home, take a shower and change clothes.

Zeke was waiting for him. He had planned to have a look at the SUNY Empire State College and the surroundings while Casey would be busy with his job and the vacation course.

"Later we could meet in front of the old fire station," Zeke had suggested.
"This little bookstore in the ground floor looks interesting. I would like to dig around there for a while.”

And Casey's heart had jumped a little, Zeke wanted to meet him again, this great day they had spent together wouldn't be the last one.

Now he put on a busy face, determined to get rid of James as quick as possible. He opened the door and ...

"Oh! It's you!"

"Sorry to disappoint you."
Zeke smirked slightly.
“I haven't planned to invade you private sphere.”

“No, you don't.”
Casey blinked and hated himself for acting like this. What the heck was wrong with him? Zeke was a nice guy and it was nothing wrong with it that he had decided to come up here instead of waiting outside.
“I know I'm late, sorry. Wanna come in for a moment?”

“Sure, why not?”

Casey was aware of Zeke's curious looks while he entered the apartment. His apartment, a comfortable chaos of old and modern furniture. The big couch with a lot of cushions and blankets on it was from the flea market, the small wooden table and the three chairs which didn't fit together had been left behind from a former renter. The desk in the corner was only small but modern, build out of glass and steel; the computer on it was new, a present from Casey's parents when he did move to New York. Some cheap, wooden shelves, crammed with books and videos, completed the furniture. The walls were plain white, covered with photos and a black and white poster of Albert Einstein, a dark blue carpet on the floor.

There were also a mini bathroom and two bedrooms, Casey's, the other one wasn't used anymore since Stokes did move out two months ago. But he knew, it was about time to look for a new roommate, he couldn't afford the apartment by himself much longer and soon enough he would have to make the decision to share it with a stranger or to move out. He was not sure what would be harder.


Zeke was standing near the large window, looking over to the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge, the last beams of sunlight were glistering in the water, the first streetlights were already on and joined the sun. When Casey came back from his small bedroom Zeke turned around.

“That's a great view,” he said.

“I know.”
Casey smiled wide.
“When I did move to New York I was thinking about a student's dorm or a cheap apartment somewhere in the basement. It was so much luck that Stokes' roommate did move back home only two weeks ago … and that she didn't mind to live together with a photo geek like me.”

Zeke laughed and eyed the photos hanging on the wall beside the window, obviously family pics.

"That's your mom," he said, pointing at a close-up pic of a laughing woman with a colorful straw hat.

Casey nodded.
"How do you know?"

"Her eyes, as special as yours."
There was it again, this flirtatious undertone in Zeke's voice. And Casey had to admit that he enjoy it more and more, it was so different than Billy's double-tongued, empty promises.

“It runs in our family,” he said.
“My grandma had those blue eyes and the little daughter of my cousin has them too. There ...”
He pointed at a little baby in a stroller.
“That's Anna-Marie, she was about one year old back then, a little sunshine.”

Zeke looked back to the photos.
"Pretty big family, huh?"

"Yeah, that was at our big gathering two years ago. We rented three cottages at the Lake Michigan for a week. Great fun, we are living wildly scattered all over America and it doesn't happen often that we all come together.

What's with your family? Are they living nearby?”

Zeke hesitated, finally he shrugged.
“Chicago," he said.
“Haven't seen them for ages. The Tyler's are not very close. My grandfather built up a construction company. My father could never accept it that after his death he and his sister got equal shares of the inheritance. He decided to go his own way and to ruin her. A mistake, my aunt is a Tyler like he is and she wasn't willing to give up so easily.”
He paused and smirked.
“If there is someone in this family I have respect for it's her. She's rigorous but fair. My father is a shark, he is ready to use any means possible to get what he wants, in business and at home.

I never wanted to be like him. As a child, I was pretty much alone, almost shy, grown up by nannies who didn't care much about me. My life changed when my father sent me to an exclusive private school. I realized soon enough that you can only survive this hellhole when you run with the pack and I turned into a selfish jerk.”

He paused and Casey suddenly felt uneasy. This was a different side of Zeke, a side he hadn't noticed before. Well, probably it had been pretty naive to think that he knew him, just because of some hours in a club and a nice day they had spent together.

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