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"The Hobbit" and Guillermo del Toro

Now it's official, Del Toro will direct "The Hobbit".

Look here and read!

What do you think: Will there be a little bit (or better: a little bit more ;-) ) Sam in it? I hope so - it would be great to see Sean in this role once again.

I would like it, if Sam would be the narrator of the first story. I can see it: he is sitting in the garden, maybe under Bilbos tree, and his children are sitting around him. And they are asking him for another story! He thinks about it, he thinks back to Frodo and to the ring, and he thinks back to Bilbo. And then he starts to tell ....

Arrggg - this would be so great - but I fear it will never happen. What a pity! But there is always hope, that Sam will be back in the movie, at least in the second one!

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