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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Helicopter-Tour (5 / ?)

Ooh ... it's been a while :(

I'm afraid I'm not a great writer in the moment - for different reasons. But hey, it's never too late to remember:

It's Cazekiel-Day. What day could be better for another chapter of 'Helicopter-Tour'? Though I don't know if anyone can still remember.

Title: Helicopter-Tour (5/?)
Fandom: The Faculty AU
Character: Zeke / Casey
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: of course, I don't own The Faculty nor the characters - just borrowing them for some fun

other chapters here

It was half an hour later when the helicopter returned to earth in one piece … to Zeke's great disappointment. He had enjoyed the flight so much more than expected, New York was indeed an amazing city, Stokelys comments had been informative but funny, no wonder that tourists enjoyed to fly with her, she did a great job. And Casey, with a wide grin on his face he had chatted almost non-stop while turning from the left to the right and back; the camera in his hands, pressing the shutter again and again.

"Are you sure that this is not your first flight" Zeke had teased him.

"It's been a while," Casey had told him.
"And I can't get enough of it, it's different every time."

And Zeke was ready to admit that he might be right, the view had changed with every turn the helicopter made, skyscaper alternating with rivers and bridges, Manhattan, the Central Park and the State of Liberty, of course he had seen pictures from all these places before but this flight was a completely new experience. Still feeling high Zeke followed Casey out of the Helicopter, Stokely did a last check before she jumped out too.

“So,” she asked.
“Happy to be back on earth?”

“Hm, no,” Zeke admitted.
“It was great, I'm glad that you did convince me.”

She took her helmet off, brushed her hair back and laughed.
“Oh, good. Maybe we can do it again, what do you think about a night-flight? It can be such a romantic thing.”

Casey was still busy with putting his camera stuff away but he rolled his eyes.

"What? Just saying. About a week ago I had a flight with a young couple in their honeymoon. Oh, they were so cute ... though I don't know if they have taken in a lot of New York at night.”
She laughed.
“But for sure they did enjoy it … and the tip afterward was generous.”

“Speaking of a tip,” Zeke said.
“Can I invite you for lunch as a thank you?”

“Hm, why not, I won't say 'no' to a dinner at 'Yefsi's', they have the best greek food.”
Stokes grinned.
“Not today though, sorry guys, but I need to leave you now. I still have some flights today. And tonight I'm going to the theater with Stan.”

Casey looked slightly incredulous.
"Theater, huh?"

"Yeah, 'The myth of the human sanity'."

"Sounds interesting."

Stokely laughed.
"It's a modern, german play, some of Stan's fellow students from his reading group translated it to bring it on stage. I've promised to go to the premiere. You could keep us company if you want to."

Casey rolled with his eyes.
"No, thanks, I guess I already have other plans."

Stokely glanced at Zeke, than turned back to him and winked.
"I bet you have. Call me tomorrow and we will find out who of us had the best time.”


Casey watched Stokely disappearing in the building of the heliport and he couldn't be happier. Only now he realized how much he had missed this, Billy had always refused to flight along with him, after the break up he hadn't been in the mood for it. Now he almost felt high.

And maybe the day wasn't over yet. He turned around to Zeke and noticed his hazelnut-brown eyes resting on him.

"So," he asked.
"What are your further plans for today? Relaxing at the pool of the motel after this adventure?"

Zeke chuckled slightly.
"Depends on you."

"On me?"

"You have the whole day off, don't you? Would you mind to play my guide?”

"Yeah, sure.”
Casey suddenly almost felt giddy. A nice evening in a club, chatting, laughing, even flirting was one thing, to spend a whole day together quite another.
“What would you like to see? Chrysler Building? Central Park? There are a lot places you should visit when you are in New York for the first time.”

“To be honest, I actually wasn't thinking about sightseeing like a tourist. I'm sure as a photographer you know a lot other interesting spots, don't you?”

The smile on Casey's face widened even more.
“New York is a stunning city,” he agreed.
“Always good for a surprise. Can you imagine that there still are streets with cobblestones in New York? It's like a glimpse into a completely different world. Or the trapeze school in Coney Island. The golden Buddha you can find in a blue movie cinema in Chinatown."

Zeke smirked.

Casey laughed.
"Almost. The cinema is closed and taken over by Buddhists. Where there once was the canvas screen now sits the huge statue. I love it to be there, the atmosphere in the temple is just great as if erotic is mixed up with old religion.”
He noticed Zeke's amused look and shrugged embarrassed.
"I guess this sounds pretty geeky."

"Not at all.”
Zeke shook his head and grinned wide.
“It's exactly what I was looking for.”

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