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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Helicopter-Tour (4 / ?)

I guess it's time for a new chapter of this. Sorry for the delay - I promise there will be more even if it might take some time.

Title: Helicopter-Tour (4/?)
Fandom: The Faculty AU
Character: Zeke / Casey
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: of course, I don't own The Faculty nor the characters - just borrowing them for some fun

other chapters here

Stokely was already waiting for Casey and Zeke when they reached the Downtown Manhattan Heliport. She grinned wide when she noticed them leaving the 'Flying Diner' together, chatting, laughing. After greeting them she sneaked at Casey's side.

“So, it goes well between you two,” she whispered.

Casey rolled with his eyes.
“Sorry to disappoint you,” he answered.
“It was just breakfast. He's spent the night in his Motel. And me in my bed.”

Stokes sighed playfully.
“Really, don't miss this chance. Maybe I can help you along. I could give him a good shaking on the flight. And you can play the tough guy."

Laughing Casey shook his head.
"Don't you dare it. Just the Grand Tour. To show him that New York is a better choice than LA.”

And he realized that he really wished Zeke would finally make this decision. Hanging around with him was so much fun, they were on the same wavelength, liked movies and books, he did enjoy Zeke's friendly teasing and flirting. When Zeke was honestly interested in him and ready to give him a bit more time … maybe he would be able to get Billy out of his head and to move on.

He could read it in Stokely's face that she knew what he was thinking about.
“That's a beginning,” she said and chuckled satisfied.

Then she turned around and went over to Zeke who was already standing beside the orange-blue helicopter with the ConHel Logo on both sides.
“So, you already make friends with the baby?”

Zeke smirked and eyed her up. Not so easy to recognize the gothic-like dressed up girl form the club in the dark-gray overall, a pale blue helmet in her hand.
“Kind of awesome,” he said.
"But the cabin looks pretty small."

Stokes smiled wide.
“Yeah, a lot people are surprised by this. It's an Eurocopter, the smallest one we own, only up to four passengers. I like him most, he can reach a speed of 77 miles.”

Zeke thought about his beloved car, an old GTO from 1966, and all the illegal road racing he had done with it. He had been the king of the road, willing to risk everything and to put the pedal to metal to reach a speed over 50 miles. It had felt better then flying … and more safe because he had the control over it. Another skeptical look at the helicopter … was the heck was he actually going to do?

“No need to worry,” Casey reassured him.
“It will be a tourist's flight not a flighting duel. Manhattan, State of Liberty, Central Park, the Yankee Stadium. Maybe we are lucky and the Team is practicing.”

“So you are a Yankee Fan,” Zeke asked, almost thankful for this destruction.

“Hm … no,” Casey admitted.
“I actually don't like Football. Reminds me of ...”
He paused and pulled the face, he preferred not to think about his highschool-days were he had been the favorite victim of the jocks from the school's team. Then he shook the dull thoughts off, not willing to let these memories spoil the day.
“Anyway. The stadium is impressive, you will see.”

“So, guys.”
Stokely interrupted them, the helmet on her head now.
“Are we ready to take off?”

Casey laughed and almost jumped into the helicopter, Zeke followed a bit more haltingly. He felt like a fish in a tin when he dropped down onto the backseat beside Casey. The boy smiled and handed him a headphone.

“You will need this. It will get a bit loud, nothing wrong with that. And there can be a slight pressure on your ears first but you will get used to it soon.”

“Thanks,” Zeke grumbled and put it on. He could hear Stokely laughing and when he turned back to the pilot's seat she caught him with an instant camera.

“It's part of the service,” she said grinning.
“Most People like to have a pic of their first time.

And now, relax and enjoy the flight.”

She put the camera aside and turned to all the instruments in front of her. Zeke could see her talking to someone, probably the flight control. Then without hesitating she turned this switch, pressed that button and soon enough there was a loud roaring; Zeke could feel a slight vibrating running through the helicopter. But he almost missed the moment when the helicopter finally took off if there wouldn't had been the airfield, suddenly getting smaller and smaller. For a sec he tought about it just to close his eyes.

“ConHel-Flight welcomes you to our Grand Tour of New York,” Stokes cheery voice now was coming from his headphones.
“The weather is fine today, so we will have a nice flight and a good view. If you are a photo-geek keep your camera ready for some amazing shoots.”

Casey giggled hilariously, as if she needed to tell him this. And Zeke finally decided to risk another look out of the big window beside his shoulder. The Hudson River, the skyline of Manhattan greeted him, indeed a breathtaking sight.

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