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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Helicopter-Tour (2 / ?)

It's Cazekiel-Day again, sorry that I did miss it last week :(

This story is written for gabi_fics and aliensouldream who gave me the idea for it with their great NY reports.

Title: Helicopter-Tour (2/?)
Fandom: The Faculty AU
Character: Zeke / Casey / Stokely
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: of course, I don't own The Faculty nor the characters - just borrowing them for some fun

Zeke was standing at the bar counter, the barkeeper was busy with mixing cocktails for a group of girls, long hair, tight jeans, the shirts didn't hide much from the well-formed bodies. One of them noticed Zeke and stepped closer, so close that she almost touched him.

"So alone," she asked with a seducing smile on her lips.
"A guy like you? In a club like this?”

This was an unambiguous offer. And there had been a time where he hadn't hesitated long to accept it. When clubbing had been so much more important for him than school or thinking about his future. He hadn't been old enough by half to party all night trough but with his faked ID and a credit-card of his father it had never been a problem to get into every club he wanted. The girls had been crazy about him, or maybe about his expensive car and the drinks he generously bought. He never had to go home alone …

But these days were gone. One morning he did wake up beside a girl and couldn't even remember that he had taken her home. Suddenly he realized that all booze and drugs and shallow sex wouldn't fight the emptiness in his life; that it was a waste of time to think that his parents cared about it when he fucked up his future. He quit the expensive private school and went back to Highschool, he wanted to graduate because he had earned it and not because his father made another generous donation to the school.

Now he was almost there: After summer he would study Science and Mathematics, either at the CSUN, the California State University Northridge or at the SUNY Empire State College in New York, both Universities had accepted his application despite his former rep, his excellent grades and a recommendation from his mentor had spoken in his favor.

California was tempting, the weather was fine, the beach nearby and the College offered small apartments on the campus beside of the students dorms you usual had to share with another student. A no go for Zeke, he needed his own space. But the summer was long, he had no bigger plans and he had never been in New York before. So, why not spend some days in the town, have a look at the college-area and then make the final decision? After a more or less inactice first day because of the jet-lag he had decided not to spend the evening alone in his motel room but in a club nearby, just for a beer or two until he felt tired enough to go to sleep, not more.

He felt the girl stepping even closer, it was about time to stop her.
“Sorry,” he said and put on an apologizing smile.
“I'm already taken.”
She followed his eyes when he looked across to the table where Casey and Stokely were still chatting and laughing. And he couldn't help it to add:
“Our anniversary. Never thought that I would be together with a guy for a year. But he's special.”

She stepped back and smiled slightly embarrassed.
“That's cool. Well, then … have fun, I guess.”

Zeke was still inwardly chuckling when he went back to the table. He was used to it that girls reacted like that when they discovered that he was gay. Though he actually wasn't, he was bi, it had taken some time to admit this. During his wild times he had been together with a lot girls, only two guys though, both of them had meant more for him than the fleetingly adventures with the girls. But it hadn't last longer than a few weeks either.

In the moment he was single and more interested in his future plans than into a new relationship. Though he had to admit that Casey had piqued his interest. His wide smile, his blue eyes, sparkling so hilariously when he talked about art and photography, it was a bit geeky but outright open and honest. He was no one who would put on an show. His friendship to Stokely, their teasing and banter, it couldn't get unnoticed how close they were.

Under other circumstances he would have flirted a bit. Just to find out if there would be a chance. But his instincts had told him better to hold back. It wasn't even sure if Casey was gay. And even if he was, for sure he was not a guy for a one-night-stand.


“So, how do you like New York,” Stokely asked.

“I haven't seen much so far,” Zeke admitted.
“Jet-lag and all. Spend the day at the pool of the Motel. Maybe tomorrow I will do some sightseeing. Any suggestions?”

“What's about New York out of the bird's eyes view?”

Zeke frowned.
“The what?”

“A helicopter-flight. Best way to get to know the town.”

“Oh. No, I guess not.”
Zeke shook the head. He had done a lot of risky shit, car-racing, water skiing, paragliding and surfing but always he had been the one who kept the control. The thought of being completely at the mercy of a unknown helicopter-pilot was so not his thing.

Stokely grinned.
“I get it, you are still a virgin.”

Bewildered Zeke kept quiet while Casey giggled loud.
“It's an insider joke,” he said.
“But you really never traveled by air before?”

“Sure, I did, I go by plane when I can't avoid it, but I'm a committed driver. I can make the way from Ohio up to the East-Coast in less than five hours. So much better than to waste my time at an airport because of a belated flight.”

Stokely rolled with her eyes but Casey smiled.
“A helicopter-flight is totally different. Maybe you should give it a chance. The view of New York is unique. And Stokes is a good pilot, she will get you back on the ground in one piece.”

Surprised Zeke looked from Casey to Stokely.
“You are a pilot?”

“Yupp! I'm working for a small company which offers flight tours over New York.”

Zeke had to admit that he was impressed. He had known that the girl was different with the way she was dressed up, her interest for science fiction and her friedship to Casey but this was unexpected. Stokely grinned wide.

“Best job one can imagine. I love this town and to give people this special view of it is great. Even if you think you know New York you will discover completely new sides.

So, what do you think? Tomorrow, ten o'clock, usually we are fully booked but one guy has canceled his booking this afternoon.”
She threw a short glance at Casey.
“Maybe you want to join us? It's been a while since your last flight.”

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