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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Helicopter-Tour (1 / ?)

Sorry, I'm late for Cazekiel-Day :( . Today I will start with a new story. It was supposed to be a one-chapter-ficlet but every writer will agree with me when I say: sometimes you have plan but your muse has another one. So I really don't know where this will go to ... but we will see. Surprise! :)

This story is written for gabi_fics and aliensouldream who gave me the idea for it with their great NY reports.

Title: Helicopter-Tour (1/?)
Fandom: The Faculty AU
Character: Casey / Stokely / a touch of Zeke
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: of course, I don't own The Faculty nor the characters - just borrowing them for some fun

Stokely watched the young guy making his way through the club. A lot eyes followed him and that was not a big surprise. He was handsome, tall and slender, his brown hair slightly tousled but this only emphasized his carefree sparkling eyes. Tight, dark jeans and a plain, white shirt. He knew how to flirt, but he didn't seem to be as superficial as many other club-goers who were only looking for a fleetingly adventure.

She turned to Casey who was sitting next to her at the table and noticed satisfied the smile on his face. So it had been a good idea to drag him out tonight despite his resistance.

"He looks good," she murmured casually.

Casey laughed slightly.
"Give it up, Stokes, I'm not interested.”

"Then you're probably the only one in the club."
She would not give up so easily.
"Relax, Case, it can't hurt to have a bit fun.”

"You know I don't have the time for this. Two jobs keep me busy. And right now I should probably better be at home, working on the photo project that will be due next week."

Stokely sighed. She knew well enough why Casey preferred to hide behind work and College.

"Not every guy is an asshole like Billy, you know."

Casey pulled the face and suddenly looked annoyed. He didn't like to talk about the young man. A good-looking guy who had made a lot promises. Stokely had felt it the moment Casey introduced them that it would be better not to believe any word of it. But of course Casey had refused to listen. He was in love. For the first time in his life a guy showed interest in him. It did last about three month until he did find out the he was not the only one Billy was dating, that all the wonderful words and promises were just a lie.

"You need to get over it. So, why not Zeke? I have a good feeling with him."

"Fine, then take him home,” Casey snapped.

"Oh, sure. Stan will love the idea of a hot threesome."
Stokely laughed.
"But I'm afraid, Zeke is not interested. The way he looks at you ... "


Casey finally gave in. It was difficult to be mad at Stokely, even if he wished she would finally stop pressure him. His life was perfect like it was. He didn't want a new relationship, it was enough to feel like an idiot once. Better to focus on what he could count.

First: his photography. Art school was fun, his mentor often told him that he was talented and a great career was lying ahead of him. Only a month ago he had been able to sell some of his nature pictures to a magazine … and they were interested in more.

Second: His grandfather. Who was able to understand better what it meant for him to live his dream? Even as a young boy he was day-dreaming about planes and flying and despite of all stones thrown into his way he now owned a little flight company with three helicopter and a single-engine biplane, offering flight tours over New York and the surrounding.

Without him Casey would probably not be here. His mom, the best mom he could imagine, but sometimes a mother-hen, would have preferred it if he had decided to go to the Community College in Columbus and he had almost been ready to give in. But his grandfather had finally convinced her that this was a waste of his talent.

Casey had expected that he could move in into the apartment of his grandpa in Manhattan, at least for a while, but the old man had smiled and said:
"A college boy shouldn't ride on his family's coattail any longer, it's the time where you should go and find your own way.”

To be honest, the thought had been a bit intimidating. New York was so different from Herrington where the whole neighborhood knew what was going on in your home. And he had never left Ohio before.

"Don't worry.”
It was as if his grandfather could read his mind.
"I know someone who is looking for a roommate. She will take you under her wings willingly.”

Third: Stokely. She was three years older than Casey and from the very first moment he had liked her. She was so different from the girls at high school, stupid, giggling bitches, only interested in their dresses, hairstyles, cheer-leading and boys. Popular boys, they never had an eye for Casey, he was just the school's geek.

Stokely understood what it meant to be an outsider. She was grown up with five younger siblings, three different fathers, not one of them around. While her mother often enough didn't come home for days Stokely took over the responsibility for her siblings. She built up a wall around her, the teasing and laughing from the other students because of her shabby clothes couldn't affect her and neither did the rebukes of her teachers for being late at school or a missed homework.

One day her mother came home and told her that they all would move to the farm of their uncle in Indiana. Maybe the best for her younger siblings but not for her. She was seventeen years old now, she still had dreams of a better, interesting life. Ending as the wife of a farmer somewhere in Indiana was not part of it. In the following night she packed a bag and left everything behind.

The first time in New York was difficult but Stokely has learned to fight for her own. Soon enough she figured it out how to survive in this big, expensive city; half a year later she was living in an own apartment together with a roommate, she knew the low priced Thai and Pizzeria with the most delicious food, she loved flea-markets and her free time she spend in the library, reading every science fiction book she could find. Finally she was free to do what she wanted and she couldn't be more happy.

One day she was working in the “Hero's Diner' when an elderly man with a gray baseball-cap entered.

“Hello, Mac,” the manager greeted him.
“Same as ever?”

“Yes, please, the big salad with ceasars dressing, some toast. And a double-sized coffee with cream.”

Some minutes later, when Stokely was back with the order the two of them were still chatting.

“So, how is the business,” the manager asked.

The man laughed and Stokely noticed his hilarious sparking blue eyes.
“We are booked up for the next two weeks, especially our night flights are much in demand. I guess it's time to think about a third helicopter.”
Then he noticed Stokely and smiled at her.
“Oh, thanks, this looks delicious.”

“My pleasure.”
She put the salad onto the table. Curious she looked at the gray cap which was lying on a chair beside the guy now. ConHel-Flight was written there in capitalized letters.
“You are a pilot,” she asked while putting down the coffee beside the salad.

“No, no, I'm not.”
Still smiling the guy shook his head.
“Unfortunately I always had problems with my eyes, so there was no chance to get a flight-license. I made the best out of it though. ConHel-Flight is my Company.

Did you ever fly with a helicopter?”

“No, not even with an airplane.”

“Fear of flying? A tough girl like you are? We should change that.”

Only some hours later Stokely was sitting in a helicopter, discovering a whole new world. Now, two years later, she had a flight-license and was working for ConHel-Flight as a pilot.

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