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FanFiction - Casey&Zeke - various 3-sentence stories

naemi opens up a new round 3-Sentence / Icon Game in the fffc-community. Please come and play with us, the more, the better ;) You just need to write a 3-sentence ficlet / create an icon to a prompt ... and then give us a new promt to keep the ball rolling. It's easy, isn't it?


Zeke wasn't able to took his eyes off of him. He had seen Casey running through the halls in the desperate try to escape the bullies; he had seen him highly concentrated at physics; he had seen him contentedly smiling behind his camera ... but never before he had seen him so hyper-happy.

Zeke had to admit: he would like to see him like this more often.


Frowning Zeke stared into the cooking-book and tried to figure it out. He was good in physics, he was good in math but this could be just as well chinese.

Giving up was not an option though; he had promised Casey a homemade birthday-cake and he would get one.


Thoughfully Casey stared at his mirror image, the bright smile, the sparkling eyes, this night together with Zeke had changed him inwardly and outwardly. And for sure his Mom would be able to read it right. Determinded he nodded to himself: it was time for the coming out.


“What did you call me,” Casey asked, not knowing if he should get angry and just enjoy the moment where Zeke Tyler had taken notice of him.

“Peanut,” Zeke repeated and laughed.
“Take it as a comliment, you remind me of Charlie Brown very often, one of my favorite cartoon figures.”

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