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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Reboot Universe - Sister Hannah (3 / 3)

Hallo everyone, how are you doing? I hope your weekend is as sunny and warm as it is here in Germany (well, at least in the moment).

Last week I skipped Cazekiel-Day because of Easter but now it's back. Today the last chapter of: Sister Hannah, a story written for my Reboot-Universe. If you have missed the last two parts, please go back first :)

What you should know about the Reboot-Universe:
This Universe is a x-over between The Faculty (movie) and Jeremiah (TV-series). You don't need to know anything about Jeremiah nor The Faculty to read these stories, but if you do some elements will be quite familiar for you. Please notice: Not movie conform.

Short summery: Casey had been able to fight the alien-queen who tried to take over the world, but her death released a virus which killed almost everyone older than twenty. Life has changed a lot for those who were able to survive, also for Casey & Zeke.

first chapter / second chapter of 'Sister Hannah'
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Title: Reboot - Sister Hannah (chapter 3 / 3)
Fandoms: Crossover - The Faculty / Jeremiah
Character: Zeke
Rating: PG13
Summery: about the downfall from the old world and the start of a new one
Disclaimer: Neither The Faculty nor Jeremiah are mine, of course ;)

Finally they had left the muggy woods behinds. Zeke stopped and turned around to the woman who was following him without complaining.

“I'm sorry,” he said apologizing.
“We can wind down a bit now, I guess, but it was necessary to bring some distance between us and them. Need a rest?”

“No, I'm fine,” she answered, her voice calm. She didn't even seemed to be out of breath.

He smiled at her and put his hand out.
“Name is Zeke!”

She grabbed for it, her hand was warm and surprisingly strong.
“Sister Hannah.”

For a moment Zeke cringed inwardly.
“You are a nun!”

“This a problem for you?”

“Hm … no. Not as long as you don't start to talk shit about god and hell.”
He knew it was harsh but he couldn't help it.

“I understand,” was all she said, still smiling, though Zeke was sure that she didn't. Of course it was stupid to live in a world like this and to believe in a almighty god who had let all this happen. But it was not this. He just couldn't stand it to be reminded on this weird guy who insisted that God was talking to him. Never he would forgive him what he had done to Casey with his muddleheaded prophecies.

“If it is okay for you we should move on now. My ... friend is waiting for me and it's still a way to go. I would like to be back before it get's dark.”

He grabbed for the backpack, pretty heavy now with the spare parts the skinheads had given him, more than he had expected to get. Obviously his risky game had been a good one. They had let him go, together with the old wife, without further complications. But Zeke had suspected that they maybe would try to follow them and had taken a long way round before finally return to the right way. Now all he wanted was to go back to Casey as quick as possible, he knew the boy would already be pretty jumpy.

“I can't come with you. I need to go home.”

Zeke blinked surprised and turned back to the nun.
“You are living in this area,” he asked.

“About three days away by foot.”

“So, what are you doing here?”

“I've heard about the group of Skinheads. Like you I hoped to find some help by them.”

Zeke couldn't help the thought that this was fairly naive. Help from the skinheads? It was more likely that they would rough her up or worse, took all she owned, which was obviously not much more then her well-worn dress and some elixirs she had made by herself and abandon her to her fate.

She seemed to be able to read his mind and smiled.
“It was not that much a risk. I'm old. Most people are afraid of me.”

Of course they were. The memories at the Big Death were still alive, people had lost their parents, grandparents, almost everyone older than twenty. To meet someone at Sister Hannah's age would scare most of them. And what people were able to do when they saw their life at risk he had seen often enough.

“Because of that you should be more careful,” Zeke said.
“One day it could end bad for you.”

“Oh, we are. Usually we don't leave the area around the convent. The most we need we produce our-self. But the generator is broken down last week. To be honest, I felt a bit uncomfortable at the thought to bring a stranger into the school … but I wasn't able to repair it myself and we need it for the hospital ward.”

Zeke needed a moment to let all this information sink in. So she was not as alone as he had supposed. She was living in a convent, which made sense, because she was a nun and where, if not in a private place like a convent it would have been possible that older people survived the Big Death? But... a school? Schools were gone, like almost everything which had made up the life before the breakdown. No teacher, no students anymore, just people who learned what was necessary to survive. In a world without rules, without medical help. No hospitals anymore.

He started to wonder if she maybe was in a state of shock, if she had build up a fantasy world around herself. Inwardly he cursed. What a mess. When he was right and he left her behind she would be lost. But it was not an option to take her with him. It was just Casey and him. They were living on the road, following a mission he didn't even believe into. But this didn't matter as long as he was together with Casey. They could go on like this forever. An emotionally disturbed nun couldn't be a part of this life. Though deep inside he knew that Casey would say something different.

“I'm not disoriented,” she suddenly said as if she could read his mind.
“I was living in the convent since I was sixteen. It was the only life I knew.

When the virus started to rage in the small village next to us we did our best to help. It took a while until it reached us. But then it only last a week. Everyone around me was dying. I buried them with my own hands. At the end I was all alone, the last human being which was still alive.”

She kept quiet for a moment, smiling apologizing.
“I'm sorry, but this is also about him.”

Before Zeke could wonder who 'him' might be, she continued to talk.
“I couldn't get it. I couldn't get why I wasn't affected by it. Why He didn't let me die too. I stopped to pray. I cursed him. He had been my life and now everything broke down, without any hope, and I was left behind.

Don't ask about the next days, weeks, I don't know, how I managed to survive. But then, it was a cold winter morning, Jenny knocked at the door. She was twelve, on the way to Indiana with her little brother, she told me that her grandparents were living there. But I could read in her eyes that she knew the truth, it was just a desperate try to keep the hope alive.

And suddenly I knew what I had to do. Maybe there is a reason for all this, but I still can't get it how He could leave the children behind without any help. They deserve a chance. They are the future.

I asked them to stay. They were the first. In the moment there are forty-six people living in the convent, most of them children younger than six. They wouldn't survive out here. We offer them a refuge, a bed to sleep, three meals the day. We give them the chance to be children again, to play, to laugh, in a world where everything seems to be lost.

We teach them to love, to feel compassion and respect. The older ones learn all about math and science. We tell stories even to the youngest, stories about the old world.”

She smiled.
“They are the future, but the past should never be forgotten.”

When she ended her story Zeke kept quiet for a moment, usually Casey was the emotional one of them but this time he felt somehow touched.

“Tell you what, we will go back together, have some rest. Tomorrow I will repair the Chevrolet and then we can give you a ride to the convent. If you want I could have a look at the generator …”
He chuckled slightly.
“... just in case you will let me in. Actually I'm a stranger too.”

“I could already feel it when you stepped in the factory hall,” Sister Hannah said.
“You are a good guy.”
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