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Love you friend

FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Easter Bunny

to everyone who celebrates.

And because it's Cazekiel-Day too, I've decided to give you a little 'Easter-Special' today :) I Hope you will like.

"You look so cute."
Casey giggled and pulled playfully at one of the long ears.

Zeke tried to look annoyed. He was upset, wasn't he? How was it possible that he ended up in this mess? Wearing a silly bunny costume, waiting for a group of screaming, giggling children to present them with Easter Eggs and Chocolate Bunnies.

Yesterday his world had still been okay. Before he had spend the evening at the Conner's house. He liked Casey's parents, they had made no fuss when she learned that their only son was gay ... and in love with the 'bad boy' of town. Mrs. Connor spoiled him with delicious meals and with Mr. Connor he spend the Friday evenings in front of the TV, watching a football game. It was like the family he never had.

So, had he actually had a choice? Mrs. Connor volunteered at a private children's home. Every Easter there was a party planned, with a barbecue, games and of course the Easter Bunny was the special guest.

"The children will be disappointed," sighed Mrs. Connor.
"The Easter Bunny will not show up this time. Mr. Brown, the caretaker of the house, usually takes over this role. Unfortunately he has broken his leg last week. No way that he fits into the bunny costume with his cast."

"I would do it," Casey throw in.
"But I would look ridiculous in the big costume."
Acting casually he glanced at Zeke with his dark blue eyes.

And before he knew what was going on, he was stuck in a brown, soft bunny costume, Casey and Mrs. Connor around him, with a scissor and needles and sewing cotton, and when they finally were satisfied with their work Zeke had turned into a perfect Easter Bunny.

"Hm," Zeke made again.

From outside children's voices could be heard, excited and laughing. And Mrs. Connor's voice, telling them that the time was there and the special guest would arrive as soon as they would calm down a bit. Zeke sighed and grabbed for the bunny mask. Casey eyed him and smiled wide.

"I love you," he said.

And suddenly Zeke knew why he was doing this. He would do everything to make this boy happy.

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Awwww! That is so cute. I would love to see Zeke in a bunny costume. :DDD

Happy Easter, Prisca. *hugs*

Thanks :) Zeke is a good boy and a cute bunny ;)

(Deleted comment)
And suddenly Zeke knew why he was doing this. He would do everything to make this boy happy.

Not only is this a hilariously tale but it has a killer last line!

Of course, that is why any guy goes through hell and back ... he's in love!! And he can do some good too. And how can Casey fail to love a guy who do this for him? Not to mention he gets to stroke some ears xxx

Yes, Zeke had no choice, he's in love with Casey and the Connor's are like the parents for him he had never had ... and I'm sure, deep inside he enjoys it to play the Easter Bunny ... well, at least a bit. Deep inside he's a good boy, isn't he ;)

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