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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - A new job (2 / 2)

Hello everyone - I hope your sunday is as sunny and warm as mine. I'm busy with painting my bathroom but because it's Casekiel-Day and I've promised you the second (and last) chapter of 'A new job' for today ;) ...

Title: A new job (chapter 2 / 2)
Fandoms: Crossover - The Faculty / The Sanctuary
Rating: PG13
Summery: Casey comes back to Herrington ...
Disclaimer: Neither The Faculty nor The Sanctuary are mine, of course ;)

For chapter one go here

“What do you mean? A job,” Zeke asked.

Casey laughed slightly.
“Just in case you are sick of it to work your ass off in a stupid garage.”

Zeke pulled the face. Not this, please.
“I like what I'm doing.”

“Yeah, but it's a hobby, Zeke, not a job. You waste your talent and you know that. Quitting school some weeks before graduation was one of the most stupid things you have ever done.”

“I panicked!”

“I know, I did press you too hard back then. All I could think about was a life together with you. I refused to see that you were not ready for this step.”
Casey paused for a moment before continuing.
“But things are different now, right? So, can you imagine to move to Michigan?”

Zeke eyed him thoughtfully, not sure if Casey was still talking about the job or about a remake of their relationship.
“You mean it, don't you? But do you think it's a good idea? We both have changed, Casey, a lot. Maybe ...”

“Oh, don't get it wrong.”
Casey grinned at him.
“Not that I would mind, to be honest, I'm still thinking about you. But … one step after the other, okay? We will see where it will go with us.

For the moment I'm here to offer you a job. College is not so important, you have a smart head and you are willing to look over the edge of the plate. That's exactly what we need.

One of the team, James, he's going to merry and his fiance wants him to look for a more ordinary job. Well, I can't blame her. What we are doing sometimes can get … hm, hard to explain ... I guess, for an outsider it's more than just strange. And I'm sure he doesn't even tell her all. When I think about his last trip to Hawaii … it was a really close call, he barely escaped being killed.”

Zeke stared at him skeptical.
“What the heck is your job about,” he asked.

Casey shrugged.
“It's not always dangerous like that,” he said airily.
“Currently I'm working on a really nice project. I developed some kind of simplified sign language to interact with some of the abnormal. Kyla is my favorite, she is smart and funny, she likes it when you swim with her in the pool.”
He laughed about Zeke's puzzled look.
“Kyla is a mermaid,” he added.

Zeke huffed slightly.
“Like Arielle,” he said and it was obvious that he didn't believe a word of it.

“No, actually not. She's not a princess waiting for the human prince. And her life was not always easy. People are stupid, when they can't understand what's going on they take up arms. Dr. Gregory Magnus set up the Sanctuary about hundred years ago to save creatures like her. In the moment we have two-hundred abnormal living in Michigan … about thousand all over the world.”

Zeke smirked.
“Nice try, Case,” he said.
“But this story is much too geeky, even for someone like you.”

“Did you believe in Aliens, Zeke, before Mary-Beth?”

As ever when he thought about that night Zeke felt shudders running through his body. Sometimes he still did wake up in the middle of the night, shaking, drenched in sweat and he couldn't get rid of the pictures in his mind. All what did help then was a bottle of Whiskey. As long as he had been together with Casey it hadn't been that worse, he had called him and Casey had always known to find some reassuring words.

“It still feels like a nightmare caused by drugs but I know it was real,” he said with a shaking voice.
“She was a monster who tried to take over the control of the world. Not a fairy-tale character.”

“It's not that different, you know. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had already known about the Sanctuary back then. Maybe it wouldn't have been necessary to kill her. She wasn't that different from some abnormal here on earth. It's understandable that we were scared but maybe we should have tried to get in contact with her first ... to understand her reasons."

“This is bullshit, Casey,” Zeke interrupted him, suddenly feeling angry. He didn't like at all were this did go.
“What's wrong with you? What did they do to you? Some kind of brainwashing?”

“No need to worry, Zeke, I'm fine.”
Casey voice was still soft, his smile wide.
“I know all this is hard to believe. When someone would have told me a story like this I would probably have torn the letter I got from Helen and taken a boring job in a lab. Helen Magnus, Dr. Magnus' daughter, she is the leader of the Sanctuary now. But luckily I was curious and accepted her invitation. Best decision ever.”

His eyes sparkled excited.
“My life is like a continuous adventure now, you can never know what will happen next. There is so much we still don't know about our world. The abnormal can help us to understand better. But it's based on reciprocity, you know, we offer them a safe place where they can live. The Sanctuary. Most of them have the personal freedom to come and to go like they want. Only sometimes we need to lock them away. But we don't treat them like prisoner, they are not evil, it's just their nature that they can turn into a danger for the world outside.”

He put his arm on Zeke's and squeezed it slightly.
“I want you to come to Michigan with me. Check it out first before you turn the job down. If you don't like what you see you are free to go back to Herrington, into your oh-so-interesting life and I will never bother you again.”

Zeke tried to sort out his thoughts. With everyone else he just would get up now and leave, the story was much too weird to be true. But it was Casey and Casey had always been different. Geeky, like they used to call him at school. One of the reasons why Zeke did like him. He was no one who trusted others easily but he had put his life into Casey's hands in that night when everything seemed to be lost. He had known it that only a geek would still be able to save the world.

Casey would never betray him, never hurt him, never lie to him. Because Casey loved him. The realization suddenly hit him with full force. And the decision was easy now, because, yes, he wanted a second chance with him. Even if this meant to deal with this strange story he still didn't know what to think about.

“Fine, you've got me, I admit I'm curious now. Let's go to Michigan. But … just to make this clear ...
He grinned.
“I won't go swimming in a pool together with a mermaid.”
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