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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - A new job (1 / 2)

I know, it's late, at least here in Germany, but still Sunday = Cazekiel-Day :) So, here we go, it's a 2-chapter-ficlet today, a loosely crossover with the TV-Series 'The Sanctuary', but don't worry, you don't need to know anything about this series to understand what's going on in this story. I hope you will like this idea.

Title: A new job (chapter 1 / 2)
Fandoms: Crossover - The Faculty / The Sanctuary
Rating: PG13
Summery: Casey comes back to Herrington ...
Disclaimer: Neither The Faculty nor The Sanctuary are mine, of course ;)

Zeke could feel his heart beating faster when he pulled into a parking-lot in front of the little diner. It hadn't changed much since he had been here for the last time. Ages ago, the day before Casey had left Herrington to move to Boston. MIT and a new, exciting life were waiting for him. Since then he had avoid it to come here, without Casey this place was not the same.

But now he was back. He had sounded somehow mysterious when he had called him last week and asked if they could meet here. Only a few moments. Zeke took a deep breath, then another one. It was ridiculous, wasn't it, that his heart flattered like that?

He pulled the door open … and almost felt shocked. Laughter, talking and music hit him with full force. The last time he had been here it had been almost empty. Not a place the high-school kids usually did frequent. The reason why they did met here, it was 'their' pub, 'their' booth, the last one on the left side at the window. They needed to be careful, it was an impossible relationship. The King and the Geek. Life would have turned into hell for both of them if anyone would have gotten to know about it.

Nevertheless it had been a wonderful time. First he had felt challenged by Casey, the boy was so cute, so innocent … and so sexy, never before he had been together with someone like him. But then he had crept deeper under his skin than planned. Maybe for the first time in his life he hadn't felt alone because there was someone who accepted him like he was.

But as deep as his feelings for Casey were, he hadn't been ready for the next step. Casey's future plan almost freaked him out. College for both of them, somewhere in New York or Boston, far away from the narrow-mindedness in Ohio. They could share a room, as friends first but maybe they could come out later. In a big city it would be so much easier for them.

Zeke didn't want to hurt him but the only way out seemed to be to quit school, only some weeks before graduation, and to look for a job. A small garage in an outer district of Herrington. Of course Casey had been disappointed, Zeke had noticed tears in his eyes, but the boy fought them back and never talked about the subject again. They continued to hang out together until Casey finally left Herrington, both of them knowing that a long-distance relationship wouldn't work for them.

This was about four years ago. Not a big surprise that Casey didn't come back to Herrington often. He had actually never been very close to his parents, now he enjoyed his new freedom in Boston. Only a few month ago he did graduate at MIT as one of the best and the world was all before him. But he finally decided against a job at one of the big laboratories who wooed him and started to work for an institution named 'Sanctuary'.

Zeke had goggled for it. The results were … strange. Obviously it was a large company, represented all over the world. In the United States they had a location in Michigan, impressive, yes, but the building looked more like a fortress or a castle arisen from the Middle Age, not like a present-day research establishment. Also hard to find out what they were actually working on, only some fragmented, pointless infos. Then Zeke discovered an article on a website,, which talked about supernatural events at 'The Sanctuary', which could destroy the world. He was not sure if he should laugh … or start to worry. Of course he knew that he shouldn't take this all to serious, but wasn't it specific for Casey that he ended at a company which was linked with such wild speculations?

He had to admit he was curious to find out more. Another reason why he had been happy about Casey's surprising call last week. While Zeke cut his way through the crowded diner now he looked at Casey, who was already waiting for him in their small booth, the dark wooden table, the seating bench with the high back still the same. His hair a bit longer. Large glasses he had never seen at him before, but it made him smile. It seemed to fit to Casey, like the stupid checkered shirts he still preferred to wear and the large chocolate milkshake on the table. Good to know that some things never changed.

Suddenly Casey seemed to notice Zeke's eyes resting on him and looked up. A wide smile spread across his face and Zeke's heart beat faster again. How much had he missed this?

Finally he reached the booth and dropped down onto the bench opposite Casey.
“Quiet a full house today.”

“Yeah, Annie, the waitress, told me it's because of the 'Burger-Competition' they did win last week. Suddenly they are the most famous diner in town.”

Zeke rolled his eyes.
“Good god!”

Casey chuckled.
“She is nice. When I told her I'm going to meet an old friend she arranged it that we did get our booth for us alone.”

“What did you do to convince her,” Zeke asked and laughed. Then he didn't hold back any longer and pulled Casey into his arms.
“It's so good to see you again. I hope your parents don't mind that you don't spent this evening at home.”

Casey's blue eyes sparkled behind his glasses.
“To be honest, they don't know about this visit. I'm here because of you.”

Oh. But before Zeke could think about the meaning of his words the waitress stopped at there table.
“There he is, the famous friend,” she said and smiled.
“So, what can I do for you? I would suggest the Burger with extra cheese and bacon, plus French fries. For dessert our chocolate waffles with cream.”

“Thanks, I'll take that. Without the waffles, please.”

"Oh, but you should try them. I'm sure you won't want to go without them ever again. A good reason to come more often.”

Zeke winked at her.
“I know a better one," he laughed.
“No waffles, thank you. But a coffee would be nice.”

“Comes soon.”

The waitress left them alone again and Casey grinned.
“You're still flirting like a high-school boy. Still available?"

“You know me. I'm picky.”

“Good! So you're not in a serious relationship.”

Hm? Zeke was not sure what to think about this. Was it possible that Casey was thinking about it to come back to Herrington? That he ... wanted him back? Zeke had to admit that he actually liked this idea. He had missed Casey, the only one who had ever been able to sneak deeper into his life. Of course he didn't live like a monk for the last four years, but it had never meant much. With Casey it was different, he just needed to look into his blue eyes and the old familiarity was back. He was not sure if it would be a smart decision, but …

“Are you interested in a job?”

Casey's words tore him out of his thoughts. Zeke blinked confused. A job-offer? This was definitely going into a strange direction.

TBC next week
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