Prisca (prisca1960) wrote,

FanFiction - The Faculty = Casey & Zeke - Like Jekyll and Hyde

Title: Like Jekyll and Hyde
Fandom: The Faculty
Pairing: Casey / Zeke
Rating: R
Warning: not the usual fluff ;)
Word Count: 262
Disclaimer: of course, I don't own The Faculty nor the characters - just borrowing them for some fun

Author's note: originally written for fffc - challenge 15.4. red

Casey stared at the pale face in front of him, the dark, red blood made a stunning contrast. A face he loved, he had kissed and caressed, the hazelnut brown eyes wide open, the soft lips cold.

'You wanted me to do it!'

He shuddered.
'No, I don't. I love him.'

'Of course you do. That's why I did it. One day he would have left you. He never stays, you know this. Now he will always be yours.'

'Always mine!'
Casey touched the blood with his fingertips, it felt warm and alive. He smiled.


„Casey! Case, baby, wake up!“

With a low outcry he opened his eyes, his heart was racing, his breath fast and wheezy. He needed a minute or two to realize that he was in Zeke's house, in his bed and that Zeke was holding him tight in his arms. Reassuring his hands circled around his shoulders and his back, he could feel warm breath flickering over the skin of his cheeks.

„Sh,sh, sh.“
Zeke's voice, so comforting and soft.
„It's okay. I'm here. Nothing can happen to you.“

Casey whimpered slightly while he took in the words, the warmth, the love radiating from them. Zeke kissed him on his forehead.

„It was this nightmare again, wasn't it? One day you need to tell me about it.“

Casey kept quiet. He snuggled closer to him, put his head on his shoulder and closed his eyes. Now he could sleep. For tonight Zeke was safe. He did fight his alter ego once again.

Tags: casey & zeke, fan fiction, fffc
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