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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - When dreams come true (2 / 2)

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Title: When dreams come true (2/2)
if you have missed the first chapter, klick here

Fandom: The Faculty = Zeke / Casey
Rating: RC17
Summery: Casey has embarrassing dreams
Disclaimer: It's all Fan-Fiction - of course I don't own The Faculty nor the actors - I've just borrowed them for a bit fun

The voice from behind made Casey stiffen. And even Gabe loosened his grip for a moment.

“Huh? This is non of your business, Tyler! So get you gone.”

Tyler? Zeke? Casey dared a short glance to the left and there he was. He swallowed hard. Not a dream but a nightmare. How embarrassing that Zeke did find him in this situation. Though it couldn't be a big surprise for him. He knew just everything what was going on at school, even if he usually didn't show much interest in it.

This time, though, he stepped closer.
“No, I don't think so. Time for a talk.”

Gabe frowned.
„What do you mean?“

“First, get your hands off him.”

Casey gasped surprised. For sure this did head in a different direction than expected.

“What's wrong with you, Tyler?”
Meat now.
“You team up with the looser? That's so sissy.”

In an instant Zeke turned around, trapped him between a locker and the wall. He stared him down with threatening sparkling eyes.

“And what do you think you are,” he growled.
“Not more than Gabe's compliant little lap-dog. I could squash you like the bug you are.”

Suddenly Meat looked intimidated. He didn't dare to move until Zeke finally let him go, then he did abscond without even looking back to his friends. The new guy decided that it was better to get out of Zeke's radar and followed him quickly. Zeke smirked.

“Now there's only the two of us left,” he said and turned back to Gabe.

Ähm … Casey decided better to keep his mouth shut this time. But Gabe finally managed to recover his poise.

“That was a great mistake,” he said, his voice seething with anger.
“I'm gonna talk with my dad, he's a good friend of the principal. You will get suspended from school within a day. You looser.”

Zeke laughed.
“Wouldn't be the first time for me. Might be different for you. Because I don't care about graduation. What's with you? You could say goodbye to your scholarship at UCLA, no respected College will give you a chance … not when they get to know about your little weekend trips. I wonder what daddy will say to that.”

For a moment it was deathly silent.
“You … you can't threat me.”
But despite his words Casey could hear Gabe's voice trembling. Zeke shrugged.

“I can't? So, what's about Akron? Henry's Club? I guess you can remember. Or do you need more evidence? There is this guy … good friend of mine. He's working in the club ...”

The effect was astonishing. Panic did show up on Gabe's face, nothing was left from the self-assured, narcissistic, young football-player who thought the whole world would turn around him. He almost started to hyperventilate, eyes wide open, searching for hold at the wall.

“Don't worry.”
Zeke's voice was calm now.
“I know to keep a secret.”

Gabe swallowed visible.
“What... what do you want? Money? Best tickets for the games?”

“Let's say we have a deal.”
Zeke glanced at Casey who still looked stunned and blinked reassuring.
“If I have to notice that you ever touch him again … you or one of your stupid buddies … the game is over for you. So you should better get them under control quickly. As long as you all are playing nice … your secret is safe.

It's easy, isn't it?”


It needed a while until Casey was able to think clear again. Almost too late. Zeke had already turned around, walking down the hall.

“Hey,” Casey called.
“Wait! What … what was this about?”

“I've just saved your ass. And when he ever acts nasty again just tell me.”

“But why did you do that?”
It was still hard to believe that Zeke had taken his side, that he tried to protect him. He had never payed any attention to him before.
“This will get you into a lot of trouble. For sure Gabe won't let this rest.”

“Don't worry, he will. From now on he will kiss your ass … just in case you are interested in that.”

All Casey could hope for was that he didn't blush visibly.
“No, thank you,” he murmured.
“What's going on in Henry's Club?”

Zeke smirked.
“Too many questions, baby boy. Nothing you need to know.”
He pointed down the hall to the classroom.
“Should we go now? Being late at class twice a day it not a good idea.”

He turned around again but Casey couldn't care less about being late for Chemistry. It felt as if he would miss a chance, if not ...

“Zeke? It was nice what you did, so … Maybe … can I … I guess ... I would like to invite you.”

Zeke stopped and stared at him, half amused, half surprised.
“You … what?”

And Casey felt that now he turned red. What kind of stupid idea was this? Did he just invite Zeke Tyler? Whereto? At home, into the Connor's house? Well, Zeke had just saved him from the jocks, his mom would happily spoil the shit out of him. But … no way. The Milk-Bar he sometimes visited after school when his parents were still at work and wouldn't notice it that he did spend his pocket money for big chocolate milks with extra cream. Good god. Zeke was used to it to visit popular clubs. And Casey didn't know any club, popular or not. He felt Zeke's eyes resting on him and almost started to panic. But then, out of the blue, he came up with a brilliant idea.

“Maybe … a movie?”
Casey's heart was up to his mouth while he was waiting for the answer. He had never felt that daring before.

Finally Zeke seemed to make a decision.
“Maybe. Next Wednesday. The premiere of Star Wars in the Moviedome. You get the tickets … and we have a date.”

Oh. Wow. Casey's thoughts were racing. Star Wars. A date. Did he mean it? Star Wars was made for geeks like Casey. He would have expected that Zeke did like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone. This was … almost unbelievable. Like all what had happened during the last thirty minutes. Star wars.

Well, better to stay realistic. Whatever was wrong with Zeke today, probably he didn't want to offend him and Star Wars was his way out. Everyone knew, the tickets for the premiere were sold out since weeks. If you were lucky enough to find someone who had to spare one you would have to pay a horrible price for it. A price Casey would never be able to pay.

A date. Next Wednesday. Casey bit his lips to suppress a wide grin. What Zeke didn't know: he already was the proud owner of two tickets. Best seats in the theater. It had been a reward from his parents when he got the acceptance letter for MIT two months ago. Stokely had totally freaked out when he had asked her to come with him.

"Okay. I will bring the tickets, you can pay for the popcorn."

Zeke chuckled.
"Deal," he said, then he turned around and wandered away.

For a split of a second Casey felt guilty. He would have to go and find Stokely, explain her that the plans had changed. She was a science fiction geek and she loved Star-Wars. It was hard to disappoint her. But then he relaxed again. She was his best friend, she knew him inside out. When he would tell her that he had a date … a real date, not one that just existed in his fantasy … with Zeke Tyler, she would pull him into her arms and whisper: 'Go for it, tiger!'

And he would. Maybe … just maybe … all his dreams would come true one day.

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