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It's Cazkiel-Day again --- FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - When dreams come true (1 / 2)

Oh, how much do I love this day :)

I will split this post into two parts today. First a reminder:

I guess all of you already noticed it, that it's almost Halloween and we want to celebrate this day together with our boys. Go and claim a prompt here
Don't worry about it - we just want to have a bit fun and every bit is welcome. If you can't come up with a bigger story, you could make a manip with our boys, celebrating Halloween, or maybe you can come up with a drabble. Just help us to make this day a special one :)

Unbenannt - 1

And now: 'When dreams come true'
- there will be only two chapters, here is chapter one. I hope you will like it **grins**

Title: When dreams come true
Fandom: The Faculty = Zeke / Casey
Rating: RC17
Summery: Casey has embarrassing dreams
Disclaimer: It's all Fan-Fiction - of course I don't own The Faculty nor the actors - I've just borrowed them for a bit fun

Casey closed his eyes and finally gave in. So long he had waited for it. And now he was here, though he couldn't even say where 'here' was. But it didn't matter at all. All what counted were Zeke's strong arms, holding him tight. When he felt hot breath meeting his skin, a hand touching his body, tugging at his shirt impatiently he stopped thinking. It was all a blurred haze.

Zeke's mouth shut around a hardened nipple, licked, teased, sucked at it. Casey coughed when fingers closed around his balls, when Zeke started to play with them, soft first but soon enough his grip went more firm. The second hand found his ass, the cheeks, the tight entrance. Casey almost jerked back, when Zeke's fingers started to circle around it demanding … almost. How could he turn him down?

Suddenly Zeke moaned, deep and scratchy and Casey could feel his dick harden. He gasped and stared down at it. So beautiful, so big, so ready. Showers were rushing through his body. He was sure he wouldn't endure this any longer. He wanted to feel him inside, deep inside, where all his sensitive nerves already cried for it ...

'Fuck me, fuck me', he begged desperately.

But Zeke only laughed and continued with kissing, licking, stroking him all over. The moment he noticed that Casey was ready to come he stopped, grabbed his arms and pressed him onto the hard ground. With sparkling eyes he looked down at him, obviously enjoying the sight. Casey cursed and squirmed around, feeling so helpless and desperate and needy … God, he hated him. He hated him.

Slowly Zeke turned to Casey's dick, licked the full length, once … twice ... made him yelp with desire again. The lips closed, a wet tongue was dancing over the leaking head, Zeke teased and sucked and ...

Torture, delightful torture …


The voice made him jump. He gasped shocked, could still feel his dick painful hard, but … what was going on here?

„Casey? I'm so sorry, honey, I know I've promised to give you a ride today. But can you please go to school by bike? The Audi again, it refuses to start. We really need to bring it into the garage for a checkup.“

Casey dropped back into the cushions of his bed and groaned. What a shitty start into the new week. He hated Mondays.
„It's okay, Mom,“ he said, fighting hard to keep his voice calm.
„I don't mind.“

Pondering silence at the other side of the door and Casey knew she was still there.
„Are you okay? Your voice sounds as if you get a cold. Do you want some milk with honey? I need to hurry to catch the bus, but I guess I still have some time to ...“

Good God. Casey hard swallowed.
„No, Mom, thanks. I'm okay.“

Of course he wasn't. His heart was still racing wild, his dick twitched with desire and all he wanted was to close his eyes and drift away again, back into his dream where he had left his geeky life behind.

„Fine. Have a nice day, honey.“

When he heard the backdoor clunk shut he sighed and dragged himself out of the bed. Not the time for more dreams. A cold shower was more than needed before he would be able to go to school by bike.


Of course he was too late when he finally reached at the hellhole. As usual he glanced over to the parking lot. And there he was. Zeke, the guy who did hound him even in his dreams. Not that he did mind. At least in his fantasy he was his and his alone.

With a casual smile on his lips he was leaning against his car, a black GTO with red stripes. And he looked breathtakingly hot. Obviously Casey wasn't the only one who had a crush on him, when he did read the stupid behavior of the two girls beside him right. Casey rolled his eyes. He didn't want to believe that Zeke really fall for that shit, no, he didn't. He preferred the rumors who told about secret visits at special clubs in Columbus and Akron.

While he placed his bike into the stand he suddenly noticed Zeke's eyes resting on him.
„Hey, Case. You are late.“

Casey smirked.
„Look who's talking. As far as I can remember you are the one who was put into detention last week because you never show up in time.“

„See you later in class.“
Zeke grinned wide and lit a cigarette while he turned back to the girls.

Casey shook his head and went over to the school building. Later. Chemistry. The only lesson which made Mondays bearable. Despite of the jocks who seemed wildly resolved to make up for a boring weekend without bullying someone. Despite of gym and coach Willis who enjoyed it to make fun with just everyone who was not a sports ass, and Casey definitely wasn't. But chemistry was the light at the end of the tunnel he could look for. First, he liked his teacher, Mr. Furlong was a nice guy who always tried to lighten the lessons with cheesy jokes and experiments. Second, he shared the course with Zeke, could observe him secretly, when he draw small caricatures in his text book or flirted more or less openly with the girls in class, not caring about his teacher. But whenever Mr. Furlong asked him a question he did know the right answer.

After lunch Casey was standing in front of his locker, putting his lunchbox away. Until now the school-day hadn't been that worse. He had managed it to get out of Gabe's way so far, maybe it wasn't that bad to be late at school when anyone else already was in the classroom. Willis had been in a surprisingly good mood and decided to overlook Casey's recurring failure at climbing. Just some minutes and …

„Oh, look who's there! Where did you hide all day long, Casey-Wasey?“

Casey breathed in deeply at Meat's taunting voice. When Meat was here Gabe was not far away. From the corner of his eyes he noticed the star of the football team together with two of the other jocks, Meat and this new guy in the team, he didn't even knew his name. But obviously Gabe had already taken him under his wings, he had an evil grin on his face, curiously waiting for what would happen next. Casey steeled himself when Gabe stepped closer.

„Hey geek boy, he did ask you a question.“

“Get of my back.”
With a loud snap Casey closed the door of his locker.
„Stupid pricks!”
Though he knew it was a mistake to provoke them even more he could never keep his mouth shut. While he busied himself with the lock he already felt the first punch, like expected. Gabe grabbed for his arm and jerked him around. He could feel his warm breath on his face and shuddered.

„What did you say? How can you dare it. You will so pay for that.“

„Fuck you!“
It didn't matter at all. Gabe would not give in anyway before he wouldn't lie on the floor, with a cracked lip or a black eye. Not with this new guy around. He had a rep to loose. Casey stared at him with narrowed eyes, not willing to back off. He was used to shit like that, it had happened before, it would happen again. Worst of all was that he later had to go home with his injuries and his mom would look at him full of pity. That always made him feel more weak than Gabe with all his stupid behavior.

“Hey Gabe. Playing the biggest asshole at school again, huh?”

part 2 next sunday
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