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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Penny Dreadful (8 / 8)

Don't worry, how could I forget that it's Cazekiel-Day again.

Here we go, the last chapter of 'Penny dreadful' ... I hope you will like the ending, though ... but I don't want to tell too much ;) Make sure, that you haven't missed a chapter and enjoy this one.

Title: Penny Dreadful ( 8 / 8 )
Fandom: The Faculty = Zeke / Casey and a touch of Penny Dreadful (though I don't know much about this series)
Rating: R
Summery: Some time after graduation the boys meet again
Disclaimer: It's all Fan-Fiction - of course I don't own The Faculty nor Penny Dreadful - just playing around a bit with the characters and Josh Hartnett (I hope he will forgive me)

You can find all the chapters of the story here: Penny Dreadful


Zeke followed him into the kitchen where Casey was busy with making coffee. He needed a moment just for himself or he would freak out, the last he wanted. When Zeke touched his shoulder he almost jumped back.


“It's okay,” Casey said with a slightly shaking voice.
“No drama. I get it. It's just like you are, you need your freedom, I know that. How many hearts did you break at Highschool?”
And he pushed a coffee over to him.
“Want one?”

Zeke stared at the mug, finally shook his head and smirked.
“Stupid,” he sighed.
“That's not what I've tried to tell you. I would never able to let you go again.”

Casey frowned.
“So, why do you say it?”

“Maybe because I'm still a maroon who's not used to it to talk about his feelings?

Back at Highschool I was so busy to proof my coolness to just everyone. I did a lot of stupid things and I didn't care if I did hurt others with my behavior.

I don't want to hurt you, Casey. And I don't want some stolen days now and then together with you. My life feels empty when you are not around.”

For a moment Casey had the feeling that the world stopped turning around. He had been prepared for the goodbye, that Zeke had decided not to see him again. And now this. Zeke wanted … what, actually?
“You mean, living together?”
He hesitated.
“How should this work? Do you want me… to move to New York?”

Zeke looked at him thoughtfully.
“Would you do that,” he asked, his voice gentle.

Casey clasped his mug, it was hard to keep a level head. No question: he wanted to be together with Zeke. Since he had noticed that he felt more for him than just friendship he had wondered how it would be. And the reality was so much better. But … He looked around in the apartment, his apartment. His parents nearby, not a week where he didn't go to visit them. The Herrington Post, more then just a job. Only some time ago he had refused to give up this job for the guy he was living together with. Was he willing to give up his life … for a future together with Zeke?

A hand touched his arm softly and tore him out of his thoughts.
“New York is a thrilling place,” Zeke said.
“I know, you would love it. For a while, a long weekend, vacation maybe. Living there would make you unhappy, though. You're are so not a big city kid.

So, no, I would never ask you to give up your life and follow to me to New York.”

Casey smiled. Zeke had always known to read his mind.
“And what then,” he asked.
“Me in Herrington, you in New York? I guess I could ...”

“I'm thinking about it to come back to Herrington.”
Zeke noticed Casey's eyes flaring wide.
“If you don't want me to move in here I could look for an own apartment.”

“What? You can't be serious.”

“I know, it's stupid, but sometimes I miss this town. Last year, the shooting for Penny Dreadful was almost over and you could feel the tension rising. We had a lot fun during the weeks in Ireland but for most of the team it was time to go home to their families, friends. And what was I'm looking for?”

“Ähm … New York?”

“Yeah, sure, I like the surrounding near Central Park, there are a some nice clubs and I've made really good friends there. But it feels more and more like a distraction from real life. When I got into the plane in San Diego and I knew it would last months until I will see you again, I realized that it's time for some changes.”

“Like coming back to Ohio?”
Casey heart was up to his mouth but he still looked suspicious
“And what do you wanna do here? Looking for a job as a mechanic? You would hate that, Zeke, working your ass off for a boss who doesn't even know to appreciate it.”

Zeke smiled.
“Maybe I will be my own boss one day, it was always my dream to own a garage. But for now I'm happy with what I'm doing. As long as John doesn't write me out of the story I won't quit acting.”
He pulled Casey into his arms and kissed him gently.
“That means shootings in Ireland, conventions, promotion tours. But we will figure it out how to make this work. I guess you could come with me now and then. And I will always come back here. Herrington isn't that bad. The mall-madness on a Saturday morning. Annie's ice cream. Annie is still here, isn't she?”

Casey chuckled when the memories hit him. Their last summer together. The Mall. He had loved to go there, watching the crowd going mad, taking pics, exploring the comic- and the record-shop. Zeke had always teased him because of that but never complained. Annie's ice cream. How many stops they had made at her little parlor. Annie was a middle aged woman with red dyed hair, a bit chatty but with a big heart. More then one of the students who used to hang around at her place disburdened the heart to her and she was always willing to help.

“Yeah, Annie is still here. She will be happy to see you again.”
Casey smiled.
“You know, she did hang up all your pics from the Armani Campaign and tells everyone about it that you were the bad boy of town and she had to safe your ass more than once because you always got into some stupid trouble.”

“Oh shit!”
Zeke rolled his eyes but laughed anyway.
“We should go later and have one of her famous Strawberry Sundaes.”

He still hold him in his arms and slowly Casey started to believe that all this was real, that Zeke was thinking about it to come back to Herrington, that he wanted a life together with him.

„But you know what's the best of coming home after some long weeks of shooting,“ Zeke asked.
„You will wake up next morning and beside you lies the guy you love.“

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