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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Penny Dreadful (7 / ?)

Because it's not just a great sunny sunday, a birthday but Cazekiel-Day again it's time for a new chapter of my little story.

Title: Penny Dreadful ( 7 / ? )
Fandom: The Faculty = Zeke / Casey and a touch of Penny Dreadful (though I don't know much about this series)
Rating: R
Summery: Some time after graduation the boys meet again
Disclaimer: It's all Fan-Fiction - of course I don't own The Faculty nor Penny Dreadful - just playing around a bit with the characters and Josh Hartnett (I hope he will forgive me)
You can find the other parts of the story here: Penny Dreadful

When someone was knocking at the door Casey went to open, expecting to see the pizza-boy.

“This was quick,” he said, while looking for the money he had placed ready on the kitchen-counter.
“Joey's Pizza is the best.”

“Oh, it's pizza time? With extra cheese and peperoni? Hope you don't mind to share. I'm hungry like a wolf.”

Casey blinked confused. He needed a moment to realize that it was Zeke, standing in front of him, with a wide grin on his face and a small traveling case by his feet. His eyes sparkled amused while he looked at Casey's with yellow splashes covered shirt, the stupid paper-hat on his head. And all Casey did was staring back until he felt Zeke's arms around his waist. He pulled him nearer and placed a kiss on his lips.
“Hey, geek-boy,” he murmured.

“What … what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be on the way to Ireland? Shooting!”

“Plans have changed a bit. John is a perfectionist when it comes to the right locations. He says he wants to put his actors in the right mood with the perfect surrounding. Seems as if he's still looking for a place for my next scenes.

I don't mind though, gives me some more days off and I decided to spent them in good old Ohio. So, can I stay here or should I better look for a Motel?”

It still felt unreal. Zeke, back in Herrington. Casey hadn't dared to hope that one day he would come back here. Zeke had never been a Herrington boy, he was the rebel, the bad boy, not willing to follow any rules. He had left this world behind when he had started to work as a model, in LA, New York, Paris and Madrid. Nothing did connect him with the small town anymore where he did grow up but never had felt at home.
“I mean, yes, of course you can stay. But I'm afraid the apartment is a mess.”

“I see.”
Zeke looked around, the carpet rolled up, some sparely furniture, a bookshelf with comics, some paperbacks and videos, a TV-rack without a TV, a couch with a cushion and a blanket, as if someone had slept there last night. Some paint buckets, brushes, paint-roller, divers tools and a stepladder.
“You are busy. Big refurbishment?”

“John,” Casey explained.
“The guy I was living together with for almost two years. He was not willing to accept the end though he was the one who wanted me to choice.”

Zeke scrutinized him frowning
“What did he do,“ he wanted to know.
„Did he … touch you?“

Casey was surprised to hear the barely hidden rage and concern in Zeke's voice.
“No, oh no. He's not like that, he would never hurt me. It's just … he was pretty peeved when he realized that I really wanted him to move out. I guess he hadn't expected that, thought I finally would give in again. Well, this time I didn't. At the end he did move into a Motel. And some days later, when I was at work, he came back to get some stuff."
Casey shrugged.
"He took the Flat-screen and the DVD Player. He left back the old couch I did buy second hand ages ago. Most of the stuff I took over from my grandpa when I moved in here.”

"Fucker," murmured Zeke.
“Did you talk with your Mom about it? She's still working for the lawyer-office, isn't she?”

“No, I don't.”
Casey shook the head.
“They have enough on their own plate since my dad lost his job some month ago. And to be honest, I actually don't care. I would have given him all voluntarily if he had asked for it. Gives me a good reason to make a complete new start.“
He chuckled.
“Though I'm afraid I don't make a great workman. But I somehow managed it to give the bedroom a new painting. It's a beginning.”

Zeke relaxed visibly.
“Let me guess,” he said and smiled.
“It's yellow.”


Zeke put his hand onto Casey's cheek, caressed the paint splash on his nose with the thumb.
“Yellow. Like you are.”
Only a moment later Casey was lying in his arms again, they were kissing and touching each other with a passion which made him almost swoon. Oh yes, this was real, only Zeke could make him feel like this.
“Can I see it?”

Casey was reluctant to let him go again.
“See what,” he murmured and put his lips onto Zeke's neck. Licked, sucked, finally bit him softly … oh, he loved to do this, because it always made Zeke groan throatily and he could feel his increasing desire.

“The bedroom,” Zeke moaned.
“Wanna see it.”

Realization hit Casey and it was almost sobering.
“I'm afraid I don't own a bed in the moment.”

Zeke chuckled and squeezed his butt reassuring, causing hot shivers running through Casey's body again.
“Well, I guess, we don't need one.”


Later Casey was lying in Zeke's arms, his back close to his stomach, while Zeke did hold him tight to keep him from falling from the much too small couch. It wasn't very comfortable but for sure he wouldn't complain, not after the mind blowing sex they just had had. He giggled slightly when Zeke's breath tickled at his neck.

“I've missed you,” he murmured.

“Yeah. I was thinking about it, you know.”

“About what?”

“About us.”
Zeke paused for a moment, then he continued.
”I guess, I don't want this!”

Casey stiffened in his arms, iciness was creeping into his body.


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