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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Penny Dreadful (5/ ?)

Hallo F-List. I hope all of you did enjoy a great weekend. Sorry for being late for Cazekiel-Day, but here is the next chapter 'Penny dreadful'. I hope you like ;)

Title: Penny Dreadful ( 5 / ? )
Fandom: The Faculty = Zeke / Casey and a touch of Penny Dreadful (though I don't know much about this series)
Rating: R
Summery: Some time after graduation the boys meet again
Disclaimer: It's all Fan-Fiction - of course I don't own The Faculty nor Penny Dreadful - just playing around a bit with the characters and Josh Hartnett (I hope he will forgive me)

You can find the other parts of the story, when you klick here: Penny Dreadful - so you can go back, if you have missed a chapter ;)

“Case? What's going on in your head?”

He looked up and finally gave in.
“Mary Beth,” he said.
“He did ask me about her.”

Zeke smirked.
“I guess I should have better given you a warning.”

Casey frowned.
“I don't get it. Why did you tell him?”

“Well, I actually didn't.”
Zeke lit a cigarette and the aromatic flavor filled the room.
“It was at a press conference some days before we started with the shooting for Penny Dreadful. John didn't want to reveal too much, gave them only some slight hints. There was this reporter, he got really pushy, I guess, he was looking for something more interesting than the umpteenth story about a new horror-series.

But I was not prepared for his questions about Mary Beth. I somehow managed it not to freak out but it was hard to hide the emotional tension. Later I had a talk with John. I told him that next time I would break up the interview when someone asks me about this incident. He was very sympathetic. The others too, I'm not sure if they did believe the story but no one bothered me with questions.”

Zeke shrugged.
“I guess, though, Reeve's curiosity was piqued and he tried to find out more. You know how it was back then. You and Delilah, the hero who did fight the wicked alien to save the love of his life. Your picture made it to the cover of almost every popular magazine. Not difficult to dig them out again, you just need to go into the next library.

Reeve recognized you on the very first con-day even before I noticed you between all the other reporters.”

Casey pulled the face.
“So you think it's my fault when people like him can't let this shit rest,” he wanted to know.

Zeke was visibly surprised about Casey's intense reaction.
“I didn't say that! Case, what's wrong? You are so overreacting. It can get annoying, yes, but for sure Reeve didn't mean to offend you. Just tell him that you don't want to talk about it and he will accept it. He's a really nice guy. When I told him that you are working as a reporter now he said he would give you an exclusive interview if you want one.”

Casey kept quiet, feeling worn out, the last he had planned was to fight with Zeke because of Reeve. The chance to spent a nice evening together with him was gone. He was not even sure if he was angry about Zeke, about Reeve or about himself.

“No, thank you,” he finally said.
“It's the Herrington Post, Zeke. People don't want to read about Reeve Carney or whoever else. They want to hear a about you. You are still one of them, the bad boy who had managed it to get famous. They can even forgive you that you are making out with guys now.”

Zeke stared at him and a wide grin sneaked onto his face.
“Oh good god. It's that, isn't is? You are jealous”

“Why should I,” Casey huffed.
“I'm happy with my life.”

“You think me and Reeve ...”
Zeke laughed.
“That's too funny. You are a reporter, you should know how things work.”

“You can kiss who ever you want, you always did. I don't care.”
Casey felt heat rushing through his body. Even worse, he knew he was blushing like an awkward teenager when he asked a girl for a first date. How embarrassing was this?

Zeke chuckled again.
“You know, I was always wondering if you are actually interested in girls. Beside of Stokely … and she didn't count, she was an even bigger geek than you.”

“I was together with the cheerleader queen, remember? The most wanted girl from school.”

Zeke smirked.
“Oh, bitchy bitch,” he said.
“How long did you need to find out that she was the biggest mistake of your life? But I guess I shouldn't blame you. Weird times, all of us were looking for a way back into normal life. Not the best timing to find out that you prefer to be together with other guys.”

“When you have suspected that I might be gay, why did you hang around with me?”

“Well, I came to the conclusion that you probably won't jump at me in the middle of the night.”
Zeke smiled and shook his head slightly.
“I just didn't care, Casey. We were friends. With you everything seemed to be so easy. You were always so positive. Sometimes it felt as if you are so much stronger than me. You've never tried to be someone else, to follow some stupid, unwritten rules at school just to belong to it. Most of my life back then was just a show, parties, girls and homemade drugs. No way that I would have admitted, least of all to myself, that maybe you are not the only one with secret dreams.”

Zeke shrugged.
“I guess it was best for both of us. What we had was so much more than mindless fucking. When you left Herrington to go to College I actually didn't know what to do with my life. It felt empty without you. The call from the agency came right in time, the modeling-scene was what I needed to move on. I was a newbie, sometimes it can get stressful but I enjoyed every minute.

And finally I did find out what I actually want. Remember last year, Christmas? I came back to Herrington to talk with you. But you was in a relationship with this guy. And I had no right to drove a wedge between you and him.”

There was not much he could say to this confession, though his heart was up in his mouth. Rumors turned into facts. Zeke was gay … or bi … whatever. He did come home to him, he had wanted him. But Casey hadn't noticed it. He had been happy to see him, they had spend some time together but nothing more. Later he went home to John and Zeke had spend the night somewhere in a Motel. First week in january he had left Herrington … and did never come back.

But John was history now!

“We broke up anyway. Some days before I did come here.”
He bit his lips when he remembered.
“Not because of you,” he added quickly.
“It just didn't work anymore. But you … you and Reeve, you two make a great couple.”

Zeke eyed him with a strange smile on his lips and Casey bit his tongue. Gosh, he was babbling too much. What happened next was a shock. Suddenly Zeke was there, pulled him up from the couch and hold him in his arms, one hand around his waist to pull him close, the other hand around his neck. Before Casey could think about it to fight against his grip he felt Zeke's lips on his own. His eyes flared wide, he didn't dare to move. He could feel his warmth, he could smell his shower gel, he could taste Jim Beam and tobacco … he stared up into Zeke's eyes, so near, so brown, so unaffected. And he knew something was wrong. This was not what he had expected, what he had dreamed about. A kiss … yes … but … he had kissed other guys before. Not many of them but enough to know how it felt when you got carried away by passion and want. This kiss was … lame … a fake …

He finally managed to break away.
“What the hell, Zeke,” he almost yelled out off breath.
“You … you can't kiss me just like this!”

Zeke cuckled inwardly. How cute he looked, so confused, slightly blushed, eyes wide open, gasping for air. He hadn't dared to hope for it, that he was free, that he wanted him as much as Zeke longed for him. It had taken some time to realize it. For a long hot summer Casey had been his friend, his confident, they had laughed, they had fought and for the first time in his life he had felt complete. He hadn't dared to name it: love. Then Casey had left Herrington to go to College and life did move on for both of them.

“You are right,” he said gently, but when he tried to put his hand onto Casey's cheek he shied away.
“You shouldn't be kissed like that. A mindless kiss, a movie-kiss. The only way I kiss Reeve. As hot as it looks like when we are making out, it's all just for show.

This is not like I want to kiss you.”

He pulled him back into his arm, hold him tight but tender at the same time.
“Come here,” he murmured.
“Let's try it again.”

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