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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Penny Dreadful (1 / ?)

Hello, guys ... I'm late, but it's still Cazekiel-Day :)

Time again for a bit fun with the boys. Today's story is a bit AU, I guess you can call it a x-over ( The Faculty, Penny Dreadful and  a touch of Josh), but don't expect too much, probably it's not what you might expect now. LoL.

Title: Penny Dreadful ( 1/ ? )
Fandom: The Faculty = Zeke / Casey and a touch of Penny Dreadful (though I don't know much about this series)
Rating: PG13
Summery: Some time after graduation the boys meet again
Disclaimer: It's all Fan-Fiction - of course I don't own The Faculty nor Penny Dreadful - just playing around a bit with the characters and Josh Hartnett (I hope he will forgive me)
Casey closed his laptop with a loud snap and stared back to the long table where Zeke was still sitting together with Reeve Carney, the heads close together, joking and laughing, while John Logan, the creator of the series and Harry Treadaway, their co-actor had already left the stage.

It was an understatement to say that he felt confused. Suddenly he was not sure anymore what he was actually doing here. Why had he suspected that it would be a good idea to come to San Diego? But the moment he had noticed Zeke's name on the guest list the idea had crossed his mind. It would be great to meet him again, wouldn't it?

To convince the editor of the 'Herrington Post' hadn't been difficult, he did trust him when it came to the main stories of the week. And this was well-deserved, Casey was working hard for the paper and the circulation had almost doubled during the last year.

Under other circumstances he would probably enjoy it to be here at Comic Con, to combine the job with just being the geek he still was. But it was not half of the fun he had expected. He started to wonder if there actually was a chance to talk with Zeke at least for a moment. The guy was pretty busy. The press conference yesterday where Casey had been banished into the last row of the hall together with some other reporters from unknown, local newspapers. Probably Zeke hadn't even noticed him. Today panels, autograph sessions, in the evening the big party. Of course Zeke had to show up everywhere and promote the series he was one of the stars of. And obviously he didn't mind all the attention he got.

Thoughtfully Casey looked at him. Was this still the Zeke he had known once? They had been close during their last months at Herrington High, although they were so different. Casey was a good student and beside of his computer he was only interested in photography. Zeke … was just Zeke. He didn't give much about rules. To have fun was so much more after his fancy than to came to school regularly, he liked parties as much as girls and refused to think much about his future.

After graduation and a long, hot summer, they had spent a lot time together with trips to the near lake, star-gazing, just hanging around at Zeke's house, life started to go on for them … in very different directions. It was quite a long time that they had met. Of course, there was no reason for Zeke to come back to Herrington. His parents were still jetting around the world, the Tyler's house was rented and most of his old buddies had started to move on and left the town.

Also Zeke's life had changed a lot since he had been discovered by a commercial agency. Hard to believe that a boy from a small town in Ohio who had once sold drugs and porn at the school's parking lot had turned into a shooting star.

Without Mary Beth this would probably never had happened. But if you save your hometown from an alien invasion it is all but certain that you will be famous at least for a short time. Zeke had learned quickly to remain off stage, all the interviews and TV appearances had been taken over by Delilah and Casey. Not that Casey had been crazy about it to stand in the center of the interest, but Delilah enjoyed the spotlight and she wanted him by her side. The hero who had saved the world, her boyfriend. It had been some thrilling months. But then the media started to loose interest, the fame faded away … and Delilah's love to Casey too. To be honest, he had felt neither surprised nor disappointed when she finally told him that he couldn't give her what she wanted, that they could stay friends, but …

Zeke had said that she was a fucking bitch who had just used him, but Casey had smiled and told him that he would be okay.

Some times after graduation Casey had left his hometown to visit the School of Journalism in Boston while Zeke stayed back in Herrington, still not sure what to do with his life. But one day Casey got a phone call from him. Laughing he had told him that a guy from a casting agency had approached him some days ago.

“He found my photo in the Time Magazine, remember that? It was the time after the invasion when we could go nowhere without running into a camera. He told me that I would be the guy he is looking for.”

“Let me guess. He wants you for some stupid TV show? Like, the biggest heroes of the year?”

Zeke grinned wide.
“No. He wants me as the new face for a publicity campaign by Armani.”

“You, a model?”
Casey giggled.
“Is this a joke?”

“I still don't know what to think about it,” Zeke admitted.
“But they are willing to pay for the flight to New York, first class, and anything else. So, I guess at least I could have a look at it. Might be fun.”

When Zeke did send him some of the photos of the first shooting only a week later it hit him like a bold out of the blue. How was it possible that he had been blind for so long? He was a photographer, he should have noticed it. But Zeke was his friend, he had never thought about him when he dreamed about sexy guys. Probably it had been better that way.

For hours he had stared at the photos. He was sure: Zeke would brake every woman's heart … not only the women's. His warm, brown eyes. His smile smart, self-confident, young. His body … so masculine and sexy. Had there ever been a more perfect model?

Obviously the agency did come to the same conclusion, they promoted him intensively and within some weeks Zeke was one of the most-wanted newcomer in the scene. And this was just the beginning.

Now, about four years later, he was a guest star at Comic Con because he had taken over one of the star roles in a TV series. Penny Dreadful. And in Casey's eyes in his dark blue shirt he looked better and more relaxed than ever before.


Enthusiastic applause tore Casey out of his thoughts. Yes, the audience did love this new series and the actors. An intelligent series with a lot mystic and secret twists. It took place in the Victorian era in London and some of the most frightful, charismatic characters of literature were embroiled in it, brilliantly shown in a whole new light. Dr. Frankenstein. Figures from Dracula. Dorian Grey. Some new characters too … like Ethan Chandler.

Zeke. Already after the first glimpse at some trailer Casey knew, he did fit perfect in this role. Ethan was young, charming, funny. Sometimes a bit broody, something dark was sparkling in his eyes now and than. It was obvious that he did hide more than just one secret. No, Zeke didn't need to play this role, Ethan was a lot like him. And of course, the women in the series had to fall for him like they did in real life … and not only them.

Dorian Grey. Aka Reeve Carney. The scene with the two of them, making out under the influence of absinth. Like everything Zeke was doing he also played this scene with all his heart … and body. Though the series did not only includes a lot horror but sex too this had caught Casey completely by surprise. All he could do was to stare at his Laptop, gasping for air. He needed some time to calm down again. Finally, after watching it several times, he came to the conclusion, that he was overreacting. It was just a TV series. Zeke and Reeve were actors … even if they played their roles as if their live would depend on it. It didn't mean anything.

Though, in the moment he was not so sure of this anymore. He stared over to the table on the stage.
Zeke and Reeve were standing now, Zeke put his arm around Reeve's shoulder and looked at him with his biggest smile, Reeve turned his head and whispered something in Zeke's ear. The two were really close … all just for show, Casey reminded himself.

The audience was hooting and clapping, someone yelled:
“A kiss, a kiss. Please, do it again!”
A loud sound of a gong saved them … and Casey.

“Sorry, guys,” Zeke said and waved for a last time.
“We have to go now. Thanks for being such a great audience. Love you all!”

Reeve blew some kisses into the hall, then both of them left the stage, still laughing.

chapter 2
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