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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Shattered Pieces (2 / 3)

Hallo, my friends, it's Cazekiel-Day again. Today the second chapter of my little story 'Shattered pieces'

If you didn't read the first part last sunday, here is the link to chapter one ;) I hope you will like it.

Title: Shattered Pieces (2 / 3)
Fandom: The Faculty = Zeke / Stokely / mention of Casey
Rating: PG13
Summery: Stokely can't accept a decision Zeke made
Disclaimer: The Faculty and the boys are not mine, of course ;)

Zeke shook the head.
„It's too late. She's living in a nursing home, sometimes she can't even remember her name. She's only a shadow of her former self.”
His voice was tired but calm. Stokely stared at him, feeling numbed. Zeke smirked.

„What? This is not what you have expected? You prefer to think that I'm shallow prick who would betray the only one who had ever cared about him?”

„I'm sorry, Zeke,” Stokely stammered.
„I didn't know … Why the heck didn't you tell us? We are friends, we would be there for you, you know.”

„You can't help me, Stokes,“ said Zeke.
„No one can. My mother has Alzheimer … and the prospects are bad. She's already reached the second stage. The doctor says, she has probably noticed first signs of it years ago. I guess she tried to hide it as long as possible.

She did see it coming. My father can't need a wife who is not able to style herself perfectly, who doesn't know how to eat lobster or forgets that she likes opera. A divorce was not an option, but he knew how to get rid of her without causing a stir … a nursing home far away in Ohio. She disappeared from the scene and no one asked about her again. Neither did he. He pays … beside of that she doesn't exist for him anymore.”

„What an asshole.”

“Yeah. At least one thing I have in common with him.”

“Don't say that, Zeke!”
Stokely looked sheepish.
“You are not like him. You take care of her.”

“It's not that I have much of choice.”
Zeke sighed with resignation and Stokely thought that this probably was the worst. He had always been a fighter, no one had dared to fuck around with him.
“She's my mom, right? And no one else cares about her. She's already living in Akron for two years, only a few miles away. My father didn't bother to tell me … not a big surprise though. He hasn't talked with me for ages.

A nun, Anna Marie, who's working in the nursing home, finally found out that she has a son. At night she cried my name, called me her little baby boy. And Anna Marie looked up my phone number. First all I could think was: What the fuck … I don't care. One day she turned up here. She did find a pic between the private stuff of my mom.”

Zeke turned around to the GTO, grabbing for his wallet. He opened it and pushed it to Stokely. She looked at the photo of a young woman, sitting in a bed, a stole around her shoulders. Almost too perfectly styled, like a model, but her auburn, curly hair was falling loose on her shoulders. Brown eyes, hazelnut brown, warm and open. She smiled at the little baby in her arms. Stokely swallowed when she realized that this had to be Zeke, only some hours old. Whatever had happened later … there had been a time where she had loved her son.

“When I was a little boy,” Zeke continued,
“she was the most beautiful mom in my view. And even when she was not around often, I was so proud of her.

Now … you wouldn't recognize her anymore. Sometimes she forgets to dress in the morning. She can't remember where she is, even forgets her name. She gets depressive … or aggressive. Then they need to sedate her, because she tries to hurt herself … or others.”

“That's so sad,” Stokely murmured.
“I'm glad that you try to be there for her.

But … I can't get it, Zeke. Why did you dump Casey? What are you afraid of? It's not your fault that your mom got sick. Casey loves you … he would never blame you for that.”

Zeke pulled the face. Okay, back to the subject to didn't want to think about.
“Casey is a saint,” he said.
“I know he wouldn't hesitate to change his whole life. But that's not fair. This is non of his business. He has worked so hard to get the scholarship at the Department of Journalism in San Fran. This is where he belongs to. I don't want him to stay back here, in Ohio, ending as a reporter for a local rag.”


Stokely needed a while to think about it. She agreed with Zeke in one point, it would be a waste of talent when Casey stayed back here. But it was hard to picture him in San Fran without Zeke. All the plans the two had already made. Casey had talked about it so often, highly exited at the prospect of his future. Zeke had acted more unemotional … but the sparkling of his eyes had betrayed him. He loved Casey. And with the encouragement of his science teacher, Mr. Furlong, he had finally made it into UCSF. Medical school. One of the best. Hard to believe with his rep he had still had some time ago. And now … Stokely cringed inwardly ... all this should be over … for both of them ... no, she was not willing to accept that.

“Maybe you could look for a nursing home in Cali when you and Casey finally move to San Fran after summer,” she suggested.

Not a big surprise though that Zeke shook his head without hesitating.
“No! I can't drag her around the world when she doesn't even know what happens to her. The doc says a steady environment is what she needs most now, familiar places, familiar faces. She will have stay in Akron. And I ... maybe I will move to Columbus. There is a Med-School too. It's not UCSF … but okay.”
He shrugged.
“Life sucks! And you can't do much against it. Better to accept it.”

Stokely eyed him in pondering silence. No, it was not okay, no matter what he tried to tell her. His whole life was shattered into pieces because of a woman who hadn't cared about him for years. Stokes wondered what she would do in his place, would she give up her dreams of being a writer one day, having a family together with Stan? No, she would find a way to juggle everything, she would look for help … and no way that she would dump Stan. She would need him by her side to go through all this.

But Zeke was different. He had been a loner for too long. It was still hard for him to accept help. Only Casey would be able to reach him in this state … but Zeke refused to talk with him since this day two weeks ago where he had told him that his plans had changed, that he wouldn't go to San Fran, that it was over.

“At least talk to Casey,” she finally dared a halfhearted try.
“Tell him, what's going on. He is desperate because he can't understand. It's not fair, Zeke, to leave him in the dark like that.”

Zeke hesitated before he finally shook the head.
“It wouldn't change anything. But you could do me a favor,” he murmured.


“You talk to him, he will listen to you. Convince him that he's better off without me. He should go to San Fran, find new friends, College. It will be a new, exciting life for him and finally he will get over me. Please, don't tell him anything about my mom.”

Stokely pulled her face. Convince him. As if this would be so easy.
“I think, you are going to make a great mistake,” she sighed.

He eyed her, she was obviously torn apart and he knew she just wanted to help. She had been the first one Casey had told about his deeper feelings for Zeke. Some days later she had set up a date for them, a movie they had planned to see together, then her call, that her brother just came over for an unexpected visit. Her wide grin next day when Casey had kissed him right in front of their friends.

'Do you ever hurt him and I'm gonna kill you,' she had said and winked at him.

Oh yes, she cared for her friends. Suddenly all he wanted was her to leave him alone. He could feel the shield he had build up around his heart crumble. But he couldn't let this happen. His nightmares followed him day and night. He could see his mom in her worst state, curled up on her bed, shaking all over, yelling with panic. He could see himself … He squeezed his eyes shut.

“Promise me, Stokes,” he begged her.

Stokely didn't look convinced but at least she nodded. And Zeke felt relieved. She would keep her promise like she always did.

chapter 3 (end)
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