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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Shattered Pieces (1 / 3)

Hello to all of you who still love 'The Faculty' - the boys - Fandom aaaand Cazekiel-Day. Let's have some fun ... or not ... this story will be a bit saaad ... sniff. I hope you will like it anyway.

Title: Shattered Pieces (1 / 3)
Fandom: The Faculty = Zeke / Stokely / mention of Casey
Rating: PG13
Summery: Stokely can't accept a decision Zeke made
Disclaimer: The Faculty and the boys are not mine, of course ;)


He stopped dead and groaned when he heard Stokely calling his name. Everyone else he would have ignored, he would get into the GTO and push the pedal to the metal. But it was unthinkable to do this with Stokes. She would have the nerves to jump right in front of the goat.

So all he could do was to wait for her with a threatening glance. But he knew all too well even this wouldn't stop her. Stokely was on a mission, she wanted answers, and usually she got what she wanted.
„What the hell are you doing, huh,“ she greeted him.

„What does it look like“ he asked back.

„Don't try to fuck around with me, Zeke!“
Her eyes sparkled furiously.
„How can you do that to him? Casey believes in you, he was always there for you. And you just dump him?“

„Get off my back, Stokes,” growled Zeke and narrowed his eyes. A piercing glance like this would probably have scared off most others …
„I've told him, it's over. Now it's up to him to accept that.“

„It's that easy for you, isn't it? But do you know what this is doing with him? You can't even give him one good reason. One day you were still making plans for a weekend trip to Frisco. You wanted to visit UCSF, maybe looking for an apartment … an apartment for you two. And some days later it's over? Without any explanation? You act like a fucking asshole.“

„Non of your business though!“
Suddenly all Zeke wanted was to turn around and run away. He couldn't endure this. Stokes' word felt like deep cuts into his heart. Yes, she had every right to be angry at him. They were friends… at school they used to call them the 'inseparable shamrock' … it had always amused him. But secretly he had enjoyed it. For the first time in his life there were people he could trust blind. Stan, Stokes … and Casey. Of course Casey.

He squeezed his eyes shut. No, they couldn't understand. The reason why he did what he did, why he withdraws from all of them, why he did give up all his future plans, why he dumped Casey. They didn't know anything about his nightmare ...

„At least find the courage to tell him the truth,” Stokely demanded.
“And don't worry. He is strong, you know, it will not break him to find out that you have just used him as your fuck-buddy.”

Zeke jerked around, grabbed for her arm, squeezed it hard. Surprised she cried out, this made him see reason again before he did freak out and did worse. He forced himself to breath in and out … in and out ...
“You know, that's not true,” he finally said hoarsely
„Casey is … Casey was all for me. I never wanted to hurt him.”

„I don't get it!“
Stokely run her hand through her hair.
„So what are you doing in Akron every weekend? What's going on, Zeke?”

He narrowed his eyes.
„Do you spy on me?“

“I don't have to,“ Stokely spat.
„Since Mary Beth, your GTO is well known in Herrington and around. Your trips to Akron are not as secret as you think. Do you meet another guy?“

Zeke stared at her, feeling dumbfound.
“I might be bi, Stokes, but beside of Casey there never was another guy in my life.”

Suddenly Stokely seemed to understand.
„So it's a girl,” she asked.
“Did you finally notice that you miss something? That Casey can't give you what you want?”
She rolled her eyes.
“Great! Couldn't you find this out before getting under his skin so deep?”

„You are wrong, Stokes!“
Zeke shook the head, feeling tired.
„I do love him. More than I can say.”

Stokes stared at him suspiciously. Usually Zeke didn't talk openly about his feelings. All too long he had been used to live on his own, he didn't trust others easily and feelings did make him feel weak.
„When this is the truth, what the hell is going on with you? Why do you act like that?”

Zeke hesitated with the answer, finally, he gave in. Stokely wouldn't leave him alone before he had told her the whole story, he knew this all too well.
„It's not like you think. I could never cheat on Casey. … It's my mom.”

„Your Mom is in Europe?!“

„No, she's not.“
Zeke kept quiet again, still not sure if he really wanted to tell her about this nightmare he was into for weeks now. First he had tried to fight it, this was non of his business. He had cursed his parents who hadn't been there for him when he still had needed them. And now, where his life had changed … changed in a good way, they appeared from nowhere and fucked it up again. He was not willing to give up his future for them. But he couldn't help it, the pictures in his mind followed him until he couldn't endure it any longer. He had made a decision … the only one ...

Stokely looked at him questioningly, rather curious as furious now. Zeke sighed.

„She's in Akron.“

„Oh! So she has finally left your father?”

„Well, it actually is the other way around.”
Zeke smirked slightly.
„My father always know to find the easiest way. All his money … it's just falling into his lap. My grandfather did work hard around the clock for his company. My dad has employees to do this for him. He is jetting around the world, plays the triumphant businessman and knows how to take advantage out of just everything.

My mom ... she seemed to fit perfect in this world. Designer outfits, jewels, she was a part of the High Society all around the world, once they even were invited to a dinner with the President. She organized charity balls … as if she would have cared about all the under-aged mothers, druggies or old folk … she enjoyed it to be the star of these events.

Today I think I might have seen her wrong. She was just a showpiece of my father, just like me. Successful in business, a beautiful, loving wife, a smart son. The moment you don't fit into the picture anymore you become useless for him. Like my mom. The new woman by his side. She's pretty … she's funny … she's young … and healthy.”

Ähm … Stokely's thoughts were racing. It only happened rarely that Zeke talked about his parents. Most of the time it was as if they didn't existed for him. Not a big surprise though. After all she knew they had never cared much about him. He was grown up by Nannies and Au Pairs, later a boarding school, until he was old enough to live on his own.

Even before Mary Beth when Zeke still had been an unapproachable asshole Stokely sometimes had felt sorry for him. She was grown up with six brothers and sisters and her parents loved all of them. Even if she had never made it easy for them. She was a rebel, loved to dress like a Goth and enjoyed the rumors at school that she might be a lesbian. For her parents all this had never been a problem, they did accept her like she was, loved her, encouraged her, always did back her up.

„Maybe it is best for her,“ she murmured.
„Now she has a chance to start a new life without him.“

chapter 2
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