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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Outing ( last chapter = 7 / 7)

And now ... Cazekiel- Day ... Last chapter :) Yeah! ;) I hope you will like it.

Title: Outing (part 7 = last chapter)
Fandom: The Faculty / Casey & Zeke
Rating: PG13
Summery: An article at the schools magazine turns around the world
Disclaimer: The Faculty and the boys are not mine, of course ;)

“I have some news.”

With these words Zeke put two boxes with pizza on the table, a bottle of coke and some brownies for dessert. Casey looked up and smiled.
“Salami,” he asked.

“Mhm. Salami, mushrooms, hot and sweet peppers for you.”

Casey chuckled.
“You spoil me.”

Zeke dropped down onto the comfy couch, opened one box and the hearty taste of his pizza filled the room.
“I like to spoil you.”

Suddenly Casey looked slightly embarrassed.
“What kind of news,” he changed the subject.

“Delilah. Miss Drake decided that she has to hand over the editorial stuff of the schools magazine to Jennifer Brown. Maybe you know her, long, brown hair, glasses, a sophomore. Smart girl, a bit shy. She will have the final say from now on.”

“Wow. That's harsh. Del will freak out. The magazine is her baby.”

“You feel sorry for her?”
Zeke put his piece of pizza down and frowned.
“After all she has done? She did use the magazine as an instrument for her own, stupid revenge. This was not very professional.”

“I know, Del can be a bitch. But ...”
Casey shrugged.
“... in a way I almost feel thankful for what she did. She got the ball rolling. Sure, first I wanted to kill her. But now … she made me rethink a lot.

Without this article I would still be the good boy. I would live at home, help my mom with the dishes, I would go to school and we would make even more plans for New York.

And I would probably still meet Gideon … secretly of course ...”

Zeke eyed him suspiciously.
“Do you regret it? I guess you could still go to Chicago. Make a new start with him.”

“Not a good idea, Zeke!”
Casey shook his head.
“It never was. Gid asked me to come because he is a nice guy who wouldn't leave me hanging. But it never was planned like that. He knew I wanted to go to New York after graduation. And he has never tried to persuade me otherwise.

We just had some time together. Good times. The exhibitions, the movies, we could talk for hours. He took me serious, encouraged me … not like my dad who can barely hide how much my future plans disappoint him because I don't step into his shoes and go to Berkeley.

That he's gay and did like me in others ways too was just a part of it. But yes, I did enjoy his interest, his compliments. That I finally did end up in this Suite with him ...”

Casey kept quiet for a moment, as if he needed to think about it whether to go on talking or better change the subject.

“I wanted it. I'm 18 years old, Zeke, and most people only see the geek when they look at me. He is different. And I like him. So it was either him … or I would run the risk to end as a stupid virgin.”

Casey smirked slightly embarrassed and Zeke couldn't help it. He laughed out loud.
“Sorry, Case, but that's ridiculous. I know, this is Herrington and it's not the best place to be gay. But believe me, out there are a lot of guys only waiting for someone like you.”

“You don't get it. I don't want a lot of guys,” Casey answered.
“I never did. I always wanted someone special.”

Zeke felt jealousy rushing through his body. After all he still called Gideon 'someone special'? But Casey's next words hit him unexpected. His voice calm and determined. He didn't try to avoid eye-contact when he continued.

“Someone like you!

I will always remember the day I saw you first. It was at the parking lot, you were standing beside the goat, sunglasses and a smile on your lips. You didn't take any notice of me, of course not, much too busy with flirting with some girls.

Later I met you again. Physics, we shared the course. One day Mr. Furlong asked us to work together on a test. I'm sure I was acting like an idiot. But no one would have dared to think that you could be interested in guys. And I wasn't eager to find out what you would do with me when you would notice my crush on you.

But then Mary Beth is happened and suddenly this was not important any longer. When I was alone with her under the bleachers … everyone else dead or taken over by aliens … I knew I should panic and run. But all I could think about was that now I will never get the chance to tell you.

You know what happened next. I was the hero who saved the world … and we two … There was this evening in your garage. You told me about your nightmares and I was there to hold you. After that we did hang around more often. Best time of my life. And when you told my that you will to go to College in New York …

It didn't matter at all that you were straight and dating girls. We were friends and this was so much more than I'd ever dared to dream about.”

Casey kept quiet, eying him openly. And Zeke did fight with varying feelings. This confession had taken him by surprise. Oh yes, during the last days he had often thought about it, if there could be a chance for Casey and him, if he could be more for Casey than just a good friend. He wouldn't force it. He would accept whatever decision Casey would make. Now his wishful thinking was within a grasp … and suddenly he felt uneasy. What if he would not be able to live with it … so much nearness, so much love … what if he would hurt him … what if Casey one day would leave him … would he then still be able to move on, without him?

Casey's voice interrupted his thoughts.
“You okay?”

Zeke smirked.
“Gimme a minute.”

Casey licked his lips.
“It's okay, you know. It's okay, when all you said was just because you wanted to prevent me from going to Chicago. If you don't like me … not in that way … it's okay ...

I guess we could still stay friends. I can live with that. Just forget what I've told you. We don't need to talk about it again.”

Forget it? As if this would be possible. Zeke stared at Casey, his big, blue eyes, his wet lips, his chest rising and falling heavily, his cheeks slightly blushed, the hair tousled. The stupid checked shirt, the jeans a touch too wide. He looked so young … so … innocent ... no matter what had happened between him and Gideon ...

Usually Zeke was rather down to earth, but he couldn't help it: Casey was the most wonderful being in this world.

“Case,” he murmured.

“But if you want me to go …”
Casey struggled with the words.
“If you want me to go … I will. It's ...”

“Case? Shut up!”


Zeke smiled. It was so easy, wasn't it? Just a few steps, around the small table and he grabbed Casey by his arms, pulled him up from the couch.

“Just shut up,” he repeated.

Then, finally, he did hold him, he could feel his warmth, his slight trembling, he could smell him, he could taste the fruity bubblegum, he always chew, when he pressed his lips onto Casey's. Only a careful approach, still not sure how he would react. The hands around his neck were answer enough, Casey pressed himself against him and started to deepen the kiss, slightly inexperienced but … holy shit … this was breathtaking. He could hear him groaning, warmth turned into heat when Casey pushed his groin against his own, his body cried: yes, yes, yes.

Carefully Zeke broke the kiss. Casey stared at him.
“You want me,” he whispered.

“More than I can say.”
Zeke took his face into his hands, he could see the desire in his sparkling eyes, but there was more … strong affection … love … and all his doubts fade away. From now on he would take care of him, he would do his best to make him happy. He would …

“Good. So what are you waiting for? Love me, Zeke, fuck me. I'm yours.”

The mixture of want and shyness on his face made Zeke smile. He bent forward to give him a peck.
“I want you, not just your body. No need to rush things,” he said.
“We can take it as slow as you want.”

Casey pulled the face but he was still smiling wide.
“You think, two years are not enough,” he asked.
“Two years, waiting for this moment, and I was sure it would never come. So many nights, secret dreams about all the things I want you to do with me. I don't want to waste even more time.”

Hard to say 'no' when he looked at him like that. Nevertheless Zeke shook the head.
“Our first time should be more than a quick fuck in the living room of a cabin.”

“It will!”
Casey put his hand onto Zeke's cheek, softly stroking his lips with his thumb. Zeke felt as if he would drown in the deep blue of his eyes.
“Because we will make love.”

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