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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Outing (4/?)

Hello my friends. I hope all of you are able to enjoy a sunny, funny, relaxing sunday. Here in Germany it starts to get hot ... and I admit, I'm not a 'summer-girl' at all. But I guess all I can do is to make the best out of it. So, off to Cazekiel-Day ;)

Title: Outing (part 4)
Fandom: The Faculty / Casey & Zeke
Rating: PG13
Summery: An article at the schools magazine turns around the world
Disclaimer: The Faculty and the boys are not mine, of course ;)

Part one - Part two - Part three -  tbc

Zeke still felt shocked. After discovering Del's article in the school's magazine he had guessed that Casey was dating another student, maybe someone from the photo club, someone as geeky as he was. This felt like a punch right into his gut. Not only that he was dating a guy who could be his father. He did lie to him … again and again and again.

The weekends he had to spent with his parents, the dates he had canceled on short notice because of a visit of his grandparents or an important task for the photo club. All a lie. The plans they had made for New York … Zeke wondered if even this had been just a fake … if he had ever known him ...

„You think it's wrong, don't you?“
Casey's voice tore him out of his thoughts.

Zeke finally looked up, still fighting for words.
„You tell me,“ he demanded.
„You are ready to give up your life. Herrington, your parents, all your future dreams. Is he worth it, Casey, to dump our plans? Is this what you want?“

“I'm sorry about New York. I was determined to go there but now things have changed.”
Casey sighed slightly.
“I'm afraid I don't have much of a choice anymore. And Chicago sounds good for me. Big town, people are not as close-minded as in Ohio. And Gid … he's a nice guy.

Did help me to find out who I am. He can understand ... because he thinks like I do. Most friends of my parents are okay, they use to ask me about school or my future plans. But it never feels like they are actually interested.

Gid is different. We talked for hours that Sunday. About art, photo-club, the books I read. He asked for my opinion about his last project. He is … like a soul mate, not like a guy almost as old as my dad. When he asked me to visit an exhibition about modern architecture in Akron the following weekend … it felt natural.”

“Next weekend, huh?”
Zeke pulled the face, unable to hide his seething feelings.
“He didn't waste much time.”

Casey stared at him.
“God, Zeke,” he huffed.
“It was an exhibition! Back then I didn't even know that he's gay. It's nothing you spread around in the world.”

“He should have better let it that way.”

Casey slowly shook his head.
“You will never be able to understand. How could you? You are so normal, Zeke. You are the king of Herrington High. You can get every girl you want. I was just a freak. The boy who had saved the world. No one was ever interested in me!”

Zeke wanted to protest. This was so not true …

“It's not fun to be different. And to be gay … Before I met Gideon there was no one I could talk about it. With him … I feel whole. He was as alone as I was. As a business-man he can't come out to the world too. He says to meet me sometimes feels like a wonder.”

“Oh shit!”
Zeke rolled his eyes.
“How could you fall for that? He did sneak into your life with shallow compliments and faked interest. I bet, he's told you how smart you are. How pretty. How amazing your eyes.

Fucker! He knew how to get what he wanted.”

“You don't get it,” Casey said.
“It's more than … sex between us. He's never tried to touch me … not before … that weekend. ”

“No, he's not that stupid,” Zeke snarled.
“He did wait until your 18th birthday … when he could fuck you without running the risk to be marked as a kiddy fiddler.”
Casey paled visibly. And Zeke knew he had overshot the mark.

“This is so low, Zeke!”
Casey's voice was trembling slightly but filled with seething rage.
“How can you dare it! Don't judge others by your own standards. You've already fucked half of the school. You give a shit about the feelings of others.

But not everyone is as shallow as you are. Sex is highly overestimated anyway. Other things are so much more important in a serious relationship.”

Zeke stared at him with narrowed eyes, the words still raging in his head. Finally he took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.
“What the hell has he done,” he asked hoarsely.

Casey blinked confused.

“Did he hurt you? Force you into something you actually didn't want?”

“That's ridiculous!”
Casey shook his head full of disbelief.
“No, of course not! I wanted it to happen. Why do you say all this?”

“Makes me angry how he did manipulate you. Let you think that this is the best you will ever get. Of course you wanted it to happen, every young guy is thinking about it, around the clock.

But it wasn't quite the way you had pictured it. Am I right?”

First it looked as if Casey wanted to protest again. Finally he shrugged.
“Not his fault though. He did all to make it a special night. But … well … it's supposed to hurt first time.”

Zeke kept quiet for a moment before answering.
“I wouldn't hurt you,” he finally said.
“I wouldn't spoil you with all my money and meaningless words. I wouldn't talk you into something you are not ready for.

I would give you all the time you need to get familiar with your awaking feelings. To find out what you actually want, what you like.

And finally ... I wouldn't fuck you. I would show you how to make love.”

part 5
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