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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Outing (3/?)

Hallo everyone. First of all I hope all of my LJ-Friend could enjoy a wonderful, sunny, funny Sunday.

And for everyone who still loves the Faculty Fandom: Through I guess some of you may have missed the last chapter, here is the third part of this story anyway. It's Cazekiel-Day, isn't it ? ;) And of course you can go back to read the second part first. Have fun.

Title: Outing (part 3)
Fandom: The Faculty / Casey & Zeke
Rating: PG13
Summery: An article at the schools magazine turns around the world
Disclaimer: The Faculty and the boys are not mine, of course ;)

Part one - Part two - Part ...

His birthday? Zeke frowned. He had made plans for it, a surprise party at Zeke's home, only a small one, with some good friends, like Stokes, Stan, maybe Marie from the art course. Casey was not a party guy at all but it was his 18th birthday, finally legal, finally free, a reason to celebrate. But when it was time to tell him, Casey had looked abashed, hadn't even dared to look up when he told him:

'I'm so sorry, Zeke. But … my parents … you know … they want to go into a restaurant with me. Maybe this is the last birthday I can celebrate together with them. Next year this time ...'

Zeke had felt disappointed but he had accepted it. Casey loved his parents, despite of stupid checkered shirts, curfews and rules. He was eager to leave Herrington behind but it would be hard for him to leave his home.

“We went to Columbus. The Marriott Hotel is one of the most expensive in town. And there was a big American Islam Conference that weekend. A lot of people around. No one should have taken notice of us.”

Oh. Zeke kept quiet. He needed some time to let all this news sink in. Columbus. Marriott Hotel. Holy shit. He had been there once, expensive was an understatement. Not a place for two geeky highschool kids to date. At Casey's birthday. Zeke swallowed. So he did lie to him. He had preferred to spend this evening together with another guy. Not that he would blame him for that. But why hadn't he told the truth? Why didn't he trust him?

“You call this safe? Pretty much stupid, if you ask me,” he finally snarled, unable to hold back his disappointment.
“Two young guys in the most exclusive hotel in town. Making out in public. No wonder that you attracted a lot of attention.”

“Geez, Zeke!”
Casey rolled his eyes.
“We didn't make out. We just had dinner in the restaurant. And no one would have taken notice of us if not Del … Her dad was one of the participants of the conference and she and her mom came over this evening to join him.

Shitty timing. I guess she noticed us in the elevator. It's cool, you know, glass all over. When you went upstairs to the Suites you can overlook half of the town. Makes a great fotomotif, especially at night.”

Zeke huffed slightly. Just dinner? No! A Suite! At night! And it was sure that they hadn't been there to take photos.

Suddenly Casey looked embarrassed, even blushed a bit.
“Gid … we were alone in the elevator … he had put his arm around my shoulder. And he … he kissed me … just a fleetingly kiss on the cheek … but … I guess, Del … she did read it right.”

Of course she did. Zeke cursed inwardly. She was a bitch, but a clever one, she knew how to take advantage out of every situation. Hard to believe that Casey had been that stupid. And this guy ... Gid. Who was he? No one he knew, Zeke was sure of that. No one from Herrington, no one from Highschool. What Highschool student would be able to spend a night at the Marriott Hotel in Columbus? Suddenly he felt anger rising up.

“And he couldn't wait until you reached the room,” he asked.
“What a stupid asshole!”

“Don't talk about him like that, okay,” Casey snapped back.
“You don't know him.”

Zeke huffed annoyed.
“I bet, he's a hopelessly spoiled millionaire's son who spends money like water. Thinks he can get anything … anyone he wants. Doesn't care much about others though.”

“You … you should know me better.”
Zeke noticed Casey's trembling voice, tears in his eyes. And he knew that he had hurt him.
“I'm not that shallow. Gid has never tried to buy me. It's not like you think. And … he cares for me, yes, he does. More than anyone else.”

Casey pulled up his knees and put his arms around them, like he always did when he felt hurt and needed some room just for himself. Zeke stared at the billboard in front of him. More than anyone else?! Maybe it was time to accept that Casey had made his decision. But he couldn't help it: this guy put his alarm system into overdrive.

“So tell me: where is he now? When he cares for you that much, why does he leave you alone with this mess he put you into?”

Casey blinked.
“He wants me to come to him to Chicago.”

“Oh. Chicago!”
Zeke pulled the face.
“I get it. It's that easy, isn't it? So he will get all what he want and you will have to pay the price. What's with all your future plans? Photo Academy in New York. You have worked so hard for it to get there. And now you are ready to leave Highschool some month before graduation? How can he let this happen?”

Casey sniffed slightly and Zeke started to feel uneasy. He had never intent to make him cry. Just wanted to make sure that he was okay, that he was not overreacting and did something stupid.

“Why did you come here, Zeke?”
Casey was fighting down his tears.
“Just let me go, okay? I can't stay here. I can't go to New York. I need to look forward now.

Chicago is okay. Offers a lot of possibilities for me too. Gideon has good connections with the Museum of Contemporary Art. He was the architect in charge for the great reconstruction last year. He says, he will support me.”

Zeke stopped short.
“He is an architect,” he asked puzzled.
“How … old is he?”

Casey looked defiant.
“And he has his own office in Chicago since some month. Fortunately he got a lot of interest for his work at the Museum. Otherwise ...”
He shrugged.
“Otherwise we would be in a real mess right now. He was one of the architects working together with my dad on the new Mall of Herrington. My dad did like him, they became sort of friends. He invited him to the barbeque for his birthday last year and … first time I met him.”

Holy shit. There was not much what could make Zeke speechless but this time he didn't know what to say.

part 4
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