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Love you friend

Watchbird Pics on You Tube

Okay - it was a rainy, stormy sunday and I didn't like to go out of my door! Thus I've heard music (does anyone of you know Nick Keir?! Oh, I like him - I used one song of him for the video) and I've done a little Watchbird-Video from different pics. Maybe it's interesting for you ?!

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Oh very nice pics of Sean! I sooo want to see this program! The song is lovely too.

Oh yes, the Music of Nick Keir is lovely. At the moment he is on tour in Germany with the "Tolkien Ensemble"- and he sings Sams Song in the Orc-Tower. But I like his own music, too!

Very nice video, thanks!

Thank you - I hope, you all also could see this programm soon - it's only a TV-Series, but I think it's an interesting story - and so much Sean in it!

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