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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Outing (1/?)

Wow - almost four weeks without the boys. But it's sunday and I'm in the mood to post this ... no matter if someone is still interested to read it or not.

Title: Outing (part 1)
Fandom: The Faculty / Casey & Zeke
Rating: PG13
Summery: An article at the schools magazine turns around the world
Disclaimer: The Faculty and the boys are not mine, of course ;)

Though the City-Airport of Herrington was only a small one Zeke needed some time to find him. He knew to hide himself, as usual, had found a place in a corner behind a great billboard which offered Holidays at the sunny beaches of Hawaii, where no one who was not looking for him would notice him. A big backpack by his feed, the familiar camera bag on the seat beside him. He had closed his eyes, his head rested against the wall.

Zeke cursed inwardly. He looked so worn out … no wonder after all what had happened at school yesterday … and in the meantime probably the whole town was talking about it. What a scandal. And it wasn't even his fault. He had done nothing wrong.

Fucking Delilah. Stupid bitch. It was so low what she had done … just because Casey was not willing to play along. He was much to smart to fall for her shit. She had never shown any interest in him before Mary-Beth. Of course not. Casey was the geek, the misfit and no one had cared much about him. Neither did Zeke. A stupid alien queen had been needed to make him realize that Casey was so much more worth than most others.

It was not that Delilah would ever be able to notice this. But suddenly she was around Casey like a bee around much to sweet flowers. Casey was the hero, the boy who had saved the world. And Delilah wanted to get at least some of the interest he got. Casey was a much too nice guy … he played along first, though Zeke knew how much he had hated all the photo-sessions, interviews, even TV-shows she set up for him … for both of them. But one day she had overstepped the line, when she kissed him right in front the camera. Zeke had noticed the shock on his face, Delilah did not. When Casey tried to tell her later that they could be friends, close friends … but not more … she freaked out. She couldn't believe it … most guys at school would have given all for a date with her … she was Delilah Profitt, the cheerleader queen, the publisher of the schools magazine … she always got what she wanted … and Casey Connor, the world's greatest geek, told her: no, I don't want to be your boyfriend.

The smartest decision he could make, at least in Zeke's eyes, though he knew that Delilah would give him some hard times from now on. But even he had been surprised about what she finally had done. That was more than devious … even for Delilah …

Though it actually couldn't be a big surprise for the most at school. Casey had always been different, a seventeen year old guy who was not interested in football, parties and … girls. There had always been rumors, sometimes graffiti at the washroom's walls. Connor likes to fuck guys. The biggest fag at Herrington High. Even the teachers had joined in, Willis, of course. Casey, you are moving like a pathetic bitch, he used to tell him.

Casey had never complained. He came to school, every day, he ignored all the teasing and bullying, he was one of the best students at physics and art. Mary Beth had brought all this to a stop. No one could ignore what Casey had done and for a while they showed him some respect, even if he never totally fit in. He preferred to hang around with Stokely, the lesbian gothic bitch, maybe even more geeky than Casey. And with Zeke, of course.

Bound together through the memories of a horrible night. They could talk about stuff they would never tell anyone else. But there was more. And when the memories started to turn into a blurred nightmare they stayed friends. Zeke had never had a close friend before. Buddies, yes, a lot of guys liked to hang around with him, not to mention the girls. But he had always known to keep all of them on distance. Deep in his heart he was a loner who actually trusted no one.

Casey had changed this. Casey had changed him.

When he looked at him now, Zeke felt anger rising up againt. Broken. Ready to give up. Ready to leave Herrington without a goodbye? Had it meant nothing for him … all the nights at Zeke's house with pizza, movies, endless discussions? Didn't he trust Zeke a least a bit? They had already made future plans. College in New York – Art for Casey, Science for Zeke. They had planned to share a dorm. And now Casey wanted to discard all this plans, wanted to leave Zeke behind without a word. It was not fair! A stupid article in a schools magazine, written by a fucking bitch, shouldn't affect their future that much.

Zeke had skipped school when he had noticed that Casey wouldn't show up today. Yesterday had been hell for him after this 'important news'. Before the teachers … or Zeke … could step in, the whole school seemed to talk about the article: Casey Conner, the boy who had saved the world, one of the best students ever of Herrington High, was gay. Even more: he was dating other guys, met them at hotels in Columbus, not ashamed of flirting, even kissing in public.

Zeke had felt hurt first, Casey didn't tell him, Casey didn't trust him, Casey … together with another guy … could this be? Then he had noticed his pale face, the slight trembling of his hands though he had put on this stubborn manner that got him through the day as ever. Zeke had looked for him at lunch to find out the truth, but Casey seemed to be vanished into thin air. He waited for him after school, to offer a ride home, like he did often, but Casey didn't show up at the parking lot. He had tried to call him in the evening, but no one had picked up the phone. When he hadn't been in the school's bus this morning Zeke had started to worry sick. Casey never skipped school.

Usually Zeke didn't pick him up from home. His parents were quite okay in their way but not really fans of Zeke who was still well-known as the bad boy of town ... though his life had changed a lot after Mary Beth. Mr. Connor had tried to ban them from hanging out together but maybe for the first time in his life Casey hadn't been willing to follow his rules.

Zeke had to wait for a while until Mrs. Connor had opened the door. She hadn't even tried to hide her red, swollen eyes, much to tired to put on a show. And Zeke had known that the rumors had already reached the Connor's home.

“Casey there?”

She had stared at him as if she didn't understand. Finally she shook her head.
“He's gone.”

Her voice was trembling and Zeke felt ready to shake her. What was this supposed to mean? He was not at school. He was not at home. So, where was he?

“He takes the next flight to Chicago,” she whispered almost unhearable.
“He says, he will never come back.”

Chicago??? But before Zeke could ask for answers she had quickly closed the door. He could hear her desperate crying nevertheless.

part 2
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