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It's Cazekiel-Day again

Hello everyone out there ... it's me, Prisca :) I'm here to wish you a wonderful Sunday and an even better Cazekiel-Day. Today no story, sorry (psst ... I'm working on some Val-Day-Fun) ... but at least I want to share the beauty of the 'boys' with all of you. More under the cut.

lets start with this one  - what a cute, little guy


no 'baby-pic' of our Josh, sorry, but this


this one always let me think about 'The Faculty' though it's not from this movie


Josh again ... makes me cough ;)


no wonder, that Zeke is not able to resest this cute, little guy ;)


It's Josh, yes, but for me so close to a grown up Zeke


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Lovely pics, thank you, Prisca. Nice way to start off my morning. :D

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