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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Secret desire (part 3)

It's Cazekiel-Day again, so let's have some fun with the boys. I hope I didn't scare you too much with the last chapter and you will enjoy this last one even more. ;)

Title: Secret desire (part 3)
Fandom: The Faculty / Casey & Zeke
Rating: NC17
Summery: Dark secrets, young boys ...
Disclaimer: The Faculty and the boys are not mine, of course ;)

part one - part two

It had been two months ago. Friday, like today, and he was sitting here in his living-room, waiting … for nothing. Maggie had invited half of the school to her birthday-party, wealthy parents, a mansion with a big pool, for weeks she had only talked about the party service his parents had hired. And Zeke was not in the mood to go. He wondered if someone would miss him. He was the Party-King from Herrington High … or at least he had been. So much had changed.

He hadn't slept well during the last weeks. A lot of time to think about his life. The guys at school envied him because he was so cool. He always had enough money, he had a great car, and he always got what he wanted. Even easier to impress the girls, he knew how to flirt, to twist them around his fingers. But to be honest, it hadn't meant much, he had used all of them, had manipulate them and he had never asked about their feelings.

Casey had changed everything. For the first time in a long time he hadn't been able just to move on. He had tried to get this evening out of his head, but it haunted him what he almost had done to Casey. Every day at school he met him, they shared some classes. Sometimes he felt Casey's eyes resting on him, but he tried to avoid eye-contact. Much too afraid to find disdain and fear in his eyes. Amazing blue eyes. He did remember how it had felt to hold him in his arms, to kiss him. It was scaring how much he still longed for him. But probably for the first time in his life he would not get what he wanted … because he had fucked it up completely … he had threatened him, had used emotional blackmail, scared him …

How could all this had happened? What kind of guy was he that he was able to do this to Casey?


There was a slight knocking at his back door. Zeke frowned, thought about it to ignore it. But whoever it was, he was persistent. Annoyed he got up, probably one of these fools who desperately needed some 'stuff' for a party tonight. Whatever stuff was supposed to mean … booze, Scat, a faked ID card or just condoms and lube. Zeke's house was the first address for almost everything.

He tore the door open and froze.
“What do you want?”

Casey looked at him, his blue eyes soft and big, ignoring his rough tone.
“I guess we should talk.”

Oh no! Zeke squeezed his eyes shut, feeling close to panic. It felt like in one of this stupid stories where you went back in time and had to relive a day again and again.

“I'm here to say 'Thank you.' It's nice what you are doing.”

Huh? Confused he stared at Casey. Thank you for what? This didn't make any sense.

“What the heck are you talking about,” he finally snapped.

Casey smiled slightly.

“Oh! Yeah!”
Zeke relaxed and chuckled relieved, suddenly feeling like an idiot. He was not here to turn back the time. Of course not.
“Gabe is a stupid prick.”

“You hang around a lot with him and his buddies lately. At lunch … after school … gives me enough time to vanish without running into them.”

He was smart, no chance that one could fool him easily. This was his way to make up for what he had done, to keep Gabe away from him. To pretend interest in Football, to ask him about the last game, to beg him for some tricks. Nothing big. If there was anything Gabe loved more than bullying Casey it was Football.

“I'm thinking about it to join the team. Stan wants to quit. I guess I could be a good Quarterback.”

Casey pulled the face and kept quiet for a moment.
“Maybe,” he finally said.
“But joining the team is not the best idea. You are not like them. They only live for their sport … and for bullying others.”

Really? Zeke was not sure if he was better than Gabe.
“It could give me chance for a scholarship for College.”

“College, huh?”
Casey chuckled.
“Mr. Furlong is right, you finally starts to grow up. The best test in Physics last week, College now. I've never thought you would ever think about graduation.”

Zeke smirked. He neither.
“Things change.”

Casey nodded and looked at him thoughtfully. And Zeke wondered what he was actually doing here. Standing in front of his house, talking about school and football. Somehow a strange situation and he didn't know what to do with it. Casey was able to wake his deepest feelings, to make him feel uneasy, almost helpless. Usually he would pretend coolness now. But …

“Zeke? What happened that Friday ...”

These words made him almost jump.
“It will never happen again,” he assured him.
“Don't worry, okay? I was acting like an idiot.”

“Yeah, I guess you did!”
To his surprise Casey still looked relaxed, could even smile.
“But … you know … after this incident in the washroom. I was confused, but I knew what to expect here and did come anyway. I guess in a way it was okay for me. It's not funny always to be just the geek. To feel your interest was … stunning.”
Suddenly he blushed slightly but continued anyway.
“Since you did come to Herrington High two years ago I've wondered how it would be together with you. But you were always out of reach.”

Zeke kept quiet, thinking about Casey's words. Actually not a big surprise. Yes, he was the geek of Herrington High, the nerd no one wanted to deal with. No girl had ever shown interest in him ... not to mention the guys. Being gay in Ohio, in Herrington, was difficult enough for Zeke, but for someone like Casey? No wonder that he had been wildly resolved to take what he could get. Even worse that he had taken advantage out of it, not caring in the slightest about him. Suddenly he felt the urge to pull him into his arms, to hold him, to give him what he was looking for. A place where he could feel protected, desirable … maybe ... loved.

Loved? He had never thought about love, had never let someone so close into his life, had preferred to build a wall around him. Casey could have been the one who crack it into pieces. Now it was to late, he had missed his chance. He never got sentimental, always had his life under control, but for the moment he wanted to drop down into his bed, turn the music on as loud as possible, pull the blanket over his head. And he knew all he would think about was Casey. He couldn't even be angry at him for turning his life upside down. Maybe this was the most scaring thing.

He shook off this wooly thoughts and turned back to Casey.
“No, it was not okay,” he said.
“Don't let it happen again that someone uses you like that. One day you will meet someone who will see the real you, I'm sure."

“How do you see me? Do you still want me?”

Zeke swallowed. Why was he doing this? Why didn't he let it rest? It couldn't be … couldn't be … couldn't be ...
“I'm afraid this is not a good idea, Casey,” he murmured, fighting down his feelings.
“You are not made for stupid games like that.”

“I guess, we could change rules. Take it a bit slower this time.”
Casey smiled, looking almost shy.
“If you still want me.”

For a moment Zeke felt dumbfounded. He did mean it, didn't he? Casey Connor was asking him … for what? What did he expect, after all what had happened between them? The king and the geek. An angel and a demon. They were so different. Zeke was the bad boy of town, his parents had left him alone all too early, he was still not sure what to do with his life. And Casey? Grown up in a loving home, a good son, a good student. He would go to College soon enough. The world was open for him. Where could this go to? But against any reason they felt drawn to each other. The reason why Casey had been bold enough to come here. The reason why Zeke started to think about feelings he had always denied. He knew he had to make a decision.

“Do you like pizza?”


“Pizza. Salami, mushrooms, bell peppers and extra cheese. My secret recipe.”

Casey chuckled surprised.
“You can cook?”

Zeke laughed … and yes, he felt good. There would still be a lot they needed to learn about each other before he would hold him in his arms again, kiss him, make love with him. This time he would wait until Casey was ready for it.
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