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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Secret desire (part 2)

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As promised, the second/last chapter of 'Secret Desire' ...

Title: Secret desire
Fandom: The Faculty / Casey & Zeke
Rating: NC17
Warning: non-consensually
Summery: Dark secrets, young boys ...
Disclaimer: The Faculty and the boys are not mine, of course ;)

Part one here

It was around four o'clock when someone was knocking at Zeke's door. Hard to believe, but his heart beat faster when he went to open ... and he felt disappointed when he realized that it was just the courier from UPS. Carelessly he put the parcel aside and went back into the living room, dropped down again onto the old couch, grabbed for his beer. He started to get annoyed about himself.

What the hell was he doing? It was Friday, he could go into a club, have fun, so many bitches were just waiting for a guy like him. But no, he was sitting at home, waiting for … Casey Connor. Hard to believe. Stupid. Scaring almost.

Casey was a boring geek, the good boy who always followed the rules of his parents and the teachers. No one did care much about him … or when someone did, like Gabe and the other jocks, it was to use him as a punching-ball Casey had no balls, he didn't even try to stand up for himself.

Zeke would never have had even an eye for him … he was definitely not a customer for his Scat or porn magazines … no one he would like to hang around with ... if not for his blue eyes. They made him special and every time Zeke noticed them a shower were rushing through his body.

He couldn't say what had happened today in the teacher's washroom. What the hell had gotten into him. But … no shit … it had been breathtakingly hot. He met with Jeremy during lunch for some time now. Not that he did care much about him, he was a stupid idiot and sometimes Zeke wondered if he wasn't more interested in his Scat than in the sex. But when you were the King of an Ohio Highschool there were not many opportunities to be together with a guy; the house of cards could break down too fast. These quickies with Jeremy gave him only short relieve but at least he could be sure that never a word would come over his lips about what happened between them.

But this time it had been different. He had heard the door being opened and how someone slipped into the room. It would have been smart to step out of the stall and pretend business … nothing big, he was always prepared. But then … suddenly he had wanted to end all this … to let everyone know that he liked to fuck guys … he didn't care about the scandal because he didn't care about his future. Never before he had enjoyed it that much to fuck Jeremy … it had lasted longer than expected … and someone was out there, listening to their suppressed yelps and gasps ...

Casey! He was the last one Zeke had expected to see. Jeremy did almost freak out, the most stupid thing you could do in a situation like that. And Zeke was sure this had been their last quickie … not that he did regret it. It had already started to bore him anyway.

His thoughts wandered back to Casey. There had been rumors, Gabe used to call him a 'fucking fag', Zeke had never given much about it. Casey was … Casey. Who could know what was going on in his head? Today though …

The bulge in his jeans … Zeke shuddered while he wondered how he would look like naked … it had to be an impressing dick, not even his wide denims had been able to hide anything. And how it had felt when he touched him. Casey hadn't tried to run away … not for shock … oh no … Zeke had still his soft groan in his ears … his trembling body … the way he almost collapsed, when the orgasm hit him.

He swallowed hard. This boy was born to be fucked. Not some lame, boring make-out session in the washroom … no … so many things he wanted to do with him tonight. And Casey would cry and beg him for more.

The almost dragging pain in his dick tore him out of his thoughts. Annoyed he grabbed for his beer and pulled the face. How pathetic was this? Daydreaming of Casey Connor?


Zeke let his eyes wander over Casey, not the usual, checkered shirt, a plain dark-blue one and it did match his eyes perfectly. The jeans looked new and they fit snugly. Zeke couldn't help it, he stared at Casey's groin and wondered if he was wearing underwear … or not ... Holy shit …

“We need to talk!”

Zeke finally looked up, somehow managed it to find back to his usual coolness.
“Who am I … your stupid shrink?”
He turned around, went back into the house and left it to Casey to follow him or not.

“You won't tell anyone about the washroom.”

He was standing at the door frame to the living room, slightly nervous but his eyes full of defiance when he stared at Zeke.

“Depends on you.”
Zeke smirked.
“What are you willing to do?”

“Oh, stop this bullshit!”
Annoyed Casey shook his head.
“You can't tell anyone … because I'm not the only one with a secret. You are fucking with Jeremy, and I could bet not for the first time today. I guess, in Chess you can call this a stalemate.”

Oh … this little fucker was bolder than he had suspected. To show up here, dressed up like for a fucking date, just to tell him: no, I'm not willing to play along … How could it be that he wanted him even more?
“I get it. Blackmail, or what?”

“You are the one who started with this shit, right?”
Casey huffed slightly.
“Get off my back and I will forget what I've heard. Do we have a deal?”

Zeke looked at him with narrowed eyes. He was still not sure what to think about all this. Casey was a fucking riddle and he hated that he was not able to get the pictures out of his head. Sex had always been easy for him … no need to think about it … he could find a willing bitch in every club. Casey though … he gave him the feeling to lose control … and this made him angry ...

“What the hell do you think,” he asked in a low voice.
“You should know better. I give a shit about what people think about me. What's with you? Ready for the great coming out? It starts at school, but soon enough the whole fucking town will talk about it. I'm sure your mom will love it to hear all the rumors about her little boy.”

For a moment Casey looked unsure.
“You are such an asshole, Zeke.”
His voice was trembling slightly … Zeke smiled pleased … much better …

“I'm leaving it to you to choose,” he said.
“Be the good boy and go back home. Or you're gonna be mine tonight. You will do whatever I ask you for … and I'm gonna be nice to you. That's the deal.”

Casey's eyes flickered when Zeke stepped closer, he tried to shy away but Zeke hold him back, grabbed him by his arms, pulled him closer. He could feel his body shaking.

“What … what do you want me to do?”
Almost a whisper, slight panic in his eyes. But there was even more. Barely hidden lust, excitement, willingness …

And Zeke relaxed. His smile turned into a satisfied grin. He rolled the tongue in his mouth and kept quiet for a while ... as if he need to think about the answer … he had already thought about it for hours … until it started to drive him crazy ...

“I want you on your knees,” he finally said, savoring every word.
“My dick deep in your mouth. And I mean deep, understand? I don't do vanilla sex.

I want you on my bed, legs spread wide. Bound … blindfold All the things I can do to you … ”

Casey gasped startled, Zeke chuckled.
“Have you even been fucked before, Casey? Not like I'm gonna fuck you. I'm gonna make you cry.”

Casey whimpered and squirmed in his arms.
„No … Zeke … please...“

But his body told something different. Zeke could feel the heat burning in him, his hardened dick pushing against his own. An almost painful desire rushed through him. His hands tugged at his shirt, found the way inside, he felt warm, soft skin … and hard nipples, begging for being touched, teased, squeezed. Casey yelped slightly, tried to escape instinctively. No way that he would let this happen … no way. Never before he had wanted someone that much.

“Don't try to fight me,” he snarled.
“You want this … don't deny it … that's why you are here.”

He pressed his mouth on Casey's, forced his lips open, kissed him rough. And Casey gave in, unable to resist, he tried to follow him, so eager to do whatever he would demand. But it was so obvious that he was totally inexperienced, no wonder, who would date the biggest geek from school? Suddenly Zeke felt like crap. He jerked free and stared at him annoyed.

“I guess it's time to go home,” he said harsh.

And he felt like an idiot. Was the hell was wrong with him? He wanted Casey, wanted to fuck him like he had never fucked before. He just needed to grab him, throw him down … and no matter what he would do, Casey would never ever say a word about it. He stared at him with these fucking blue eyes, confused, embarrassed, disappointed, relieved? Hard to say. Casey was different than anyone else he knew. And suddenly he started to calm down, felt relieved, relieved that he had stopped this stupid game before it was too late.

„Don't worry,” he said.
“Gossip talk is so not my thing. I won't tell anyone about your secret.”

A smile sneaked on Casey's face and the thought crossed Zeke's mind that he should smile more often.
“Me neither,” Casey said.

That was a deal, a good one.

an epilog will follow soon
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