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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Secret desire

Hello everyone :)

Casekiel-Day again :) And I would like to celebrate with another short story about the boys. You can read it as a stand alone story ... though there will be a sequel next week. Have fun.

Title: Secret desire
Fandom: The Faculty / Casey & Zeke
Rating: NC17
Warning: not consensually
Summary: Dark secrets, young boys ...
Disclaimer: The Faculty and the boys are not mine, of course ;)

The students weren't allowed to use the teacher's washroom on the first floor. One of the rare rules Casey used to ignore. He hated it to go into the boy's room during lunch with all the other guys around. And the teacher's room always was empty some minutes before the lessons started again.

Until now the day couldn't have been worse. He had just left the bus when he run into Gabe and his stupid buddies. Later gym with Willis, he had screwed up as ever when it came to climb up the rope and as stupid as it was, Willis' scornful snort could still hurt him.

Casey pushed these memories aside and smiled while he opened the washroom's door. The afternoon would be better. He was a good student and he liked biology and physics but his most favorite lesson for this year was the art course. The teacher was a nice, funny guy. And Casey shared a table with two girls, Marie and Sarah, who were almost more geeky than he was …

Casey fumbled for his zip when he heard a slight noise coming from one of the stalls. He stopped dead and listened. Again, a groaning, a whispering, almost unhearable, but … He was not alone … and it was all to obvious what was going on behind this door. A giggle rose up in him and he had a hard time to fight it down. Wow! Okay, this was Highschool and it happened almost every day that a couple was looking for a hiding place to make out during lunch. But … in the teacher's washroom? That was daring. Casey wondered what would happen when Willis or the principal would show up right in this moment.

The sudden yelp almost made him jump.

„Shut … up!“
A second voice, snippy and slightly out of breath. Casey stiffened in every movement. Holy … fucking … shit!


Stupid. He was such an idiot. He knew it in the moment he heard the stall being unlocked. What the hell was he still doing here? When he had noticed what was going on a quick getaway should have been his only option. Now it was too late. He was dead, no way that he would leave the wash-room in one piece.

When the stall's door was pushed open, Casey turned to the sink and hold the breath. As if this could make him invisible. Footsteps. A zip was pulled up.

“Can we ...”
The voice stopped mid-sentence.

Casey could catch a glimpse of the guy in the mirror. One of the seniors, Jeremy Wilson … or Willard? Only a few weeks and he would gradute. Or not. If this would become generally known he would be suspended in the same moment. The scandal at school, in the town, would be beyond every imagination. It could be the end of all his future plans. He stared at Casey, pale as a sheet.

Not so … Zeke … Zeke Tyler ... the King of Herringston High, the guy who could break every girl's heart with just a smile. He wore the usual 'I-give-a-shit-grin' on his lips when he followed Jeremy out of the stall and barely had an eye for Casey.

“Hey, no drama, okay.”

“But … Zeke … What will we do now? ... When my dad finds out that I'm fuc ...”
Jeremy started to choke, for a moment Casey worried that he would collapse right here.
“Oh my god! Boston. MIT. My life is all over!”

Zeke rolled his eyes and snorted.
“Relax and go back into class. I will handle this.”

The older guy still looked paniced but at least he obeyed and run out of the room. Zeke looked after him and shook his head.
“What a dumb-ass,” he groaned more to himself and turned to the sink beside Casey to wash his hands, still ignoring him.

Casey barely dared to move. Hard to believe that Zeke didn't take any notice of him. But who could know what was going on in his head? Haltingly he turned the tap off and dried his hands. One step closer to the door … another one … almost there … Almost! Suddenly Zeke stepped into his way.

“Just a word, Connor!”

“What … do you want?”
His heart was up to his mouth but all he could do was to act like the oblivious geek. As if nothing had happened.
“I need to go. Art course!”

Zeke rolled his tongue around in his mouth and smirked.
“Not now, Casey. You can't go back into class with that.”

Casey felt confused. What the heck was he talking about?

The grin deepend, Zeke's eyes wandering downwards. Casey took a deep breath and knew he was blushing. Shit!

„So, you get a kick out of eavesdropping other guys?”

Casey swallowed. He could lie … but the bulge in his jeans was all too clearly visible. Yes, he had enjoyed the idea that he was not the only one at Highschool with a dark secret. Yes, for a moment he had closed his eyes and dreamed that it was him in the stall … together with Zeke Tyler, the coolest guy from school. Goddamned dreams. As if it was not embarrassing enough to jerk off at night, fantasizing about Zeke, desperately trying to suppress his yelps and gasps from his parents.

„I don't know what you are talking about,“ he murmured halfhearted.

“You don't?”

Zeke stepped closer, Casey could feel his warmth and switched into flight mode, wanted to escape and knew he was trapped between the wall behind him and Zeke, who was staring him down with narrowed eyes, in front of him. What happened next made him almost yelp. Zeke lowered his hand and put it onto his groin, a barely noticeable touch but for Casey it burned like hellfire.

“Usually it helps to jerk off, you know,” Zeke said and chuckled slightly.

For a split of a second Casey felt some annoyance climbing up. What the fuck was so funny? Only some minutes ago he was caught redhanded by fucking another guy … and he could make fun of it? He was indeed a sick bastard.

“Need a helping hand?”

Slowly Zeke moved his fingers, squeezed and kneaded his dick, teased his balls. And Casey couldn't help it but to give in. Even through the thick fabric of his demins it felt great. The idea crossed his mind that he actually should feel embarrased, but all he wanted was to grab Zeke and pull him back into the stall, wanted him to do all the things he had done with Jeremy only a few moments ago. Zeke's hand was so experienced, as if he knew all the sensitive places to drive him over the edge, his fingers clutching hard that it almost hurt in one moment and tickling soft in the next. Casey could feel his dick twitch and leak with desire. Shivers were running through his body, he bit his lower lip hard to choke down loud outcries. It didn't last long and an orgasm hit him, harder and wilder than ever before. He searched for hold at the sink beside him and squeezed his eyes shut.

“So eager,” he heard Zeke chuckling again.
God, he hated him.
“Tell me, Casey, have you ever been touched like that before?”

“Better mind your own business,” Casey snapped, still refusing to open his eyes again. He could feel the sticky mess in his underwear, he did hear Zeke's tauting words and all he wanted was to be left alone, to hide in a stall and to clear his confused mind. This was worse than everything Gabe had ever done to him … because he had enjoyed it so much.

“I will. My house,” Zeke said.
“Come by tonight!”

Casey's eyes flared open, he blinked confused … and wished instantly he hadn't. The gleam in Zeke's eyes was disturbing.
“What? No!”

“I'm … not … asking!”
Zeke stepped closer again and put his hand onto Casey's cheek, his thumb stroking his lips.
“You will come because you own me!”

Panic filled him.
“I … I can't!”

“Give me a good reason.”

Casey squirmed inwardly and swallowed nervous.
“My … my parents … Friday … our evening together … we have dinner … play cards … and ...”
He knew he must sound like a pathetic geek.

Zeke laughed slightly.
“Baby boy,” he whispered.
“Does your mommy know that her cute little boy likes to suck dick?”

Casey let the words sink in and paled.
“Zeke, no, you can't do that. Please ...”

“Five o'clock. You should better be there. And ...”
The grin on Zeke's face deepened.
“...don't bother with underwear, Casey, you won't need it!”

Part 2
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