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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Summer in Miami (11 / 11)

Sunday again. Cazekiel Day again. I guess it's kinda stupid with almost no one around anymore ... but hey ... this is my journal, isn't it? So I can do with it whatever I want.

So ... Cazekiel-Day and the last chapter Summer of Miami.

Title: Summer in Miami (11 / 11)
Fandom: The Faculty / Casey & Zeke
Rating: R
Summery: Casey is a High Society Guy and Zeke just the boy from the garage
Disclaimer: The Faculty and the boys are not mine, of course ;)

You can find all chapters of this story: here

Zeke kept quiet for a while now, staring out of the window.

“It was an accident!”

Finally Casey's words reached his ears.
“No, it wasn't,” he said and shook his head.
“I was a stupid, uncaring prick, Casey. I was drunk, the road surface was much too slippery and all I could think about was to prove that I was a better driver than anyone else. I didn't notice her before it was too late. Slammed on the break, ended up against a tree. Nothing is happened to me. I crawled out of the car, needed a moment to realize what had happened. Then I noticed her, she was lying there, right in front of me, her leg twisted, blood on her face, eyes closed. I was sure she is dead.

The rest of the night is still blurred. I remember the ambulance. Someone forced me to get into a car … a police car. Later Simon told me that I was the one who called 911. The others had just ducked out. This … and that she finally did wake up from coma … probably did keep me from some years in prison.”

“Who's Simon?”

“A social worker. Came to talk to me next day … after I did freak out and almost knocked out this fucking lawyer my dad had send to me.”

It was a relief to hear Casey chuckling for a split of a second.
“Oh, you did? That was kinda stupid, wasn't it? I guess he was there to help you.”

Zeke smirked.
“He was there because me dad payed him a shipload of money to brush everything under the carpet. Like he always did. It was like a carte blanche, I knew he didn't care about me, I guess sometimes he regret it that he didn't let me go with my mom. He could have pretend that I didn't even exist … but I was there … and I did all to remind him of that.

That night … they took me to the police office and called him. He was to busy to come. I had to spend the night in a bullpen … not for the first time. Next morning his lawyer showed up. It was as ever. He didn't even bother to ask at me if I was okay. Just talked with the officers, told them a lot bullshit.

'Hey, he's young and usually a reasonable driver. Of course, he got a bit wild last night, but I'm sure you don't want to destroy his future.'

He talked about that girl … Marie is her name, Marie McMillan, I did find out later … as if he would know her. Told them, that she was known as a flippy party girl in town, that she probably did drink too much last night, maybe even drugs … and that she shouldn't have been on the road all by herself in that state …

Until I couldn't bear it any longer. I knew it was all a fucking lie. She was at hospital because of me … maybe dead already, no one wanted to tell me anything … and he would twist and turn the truth as long as finally I would look like the victim … still under a shock because of what had happened. When he said that he was already thinking about a compensation it was too much.

He left the office in a rush … and with a black eye. Some times later my dad called to tell me that I did overstep the line this time … that he would send me to a military academy to straighten me out. All I did reply was: “Fuck you, dad!” He hang up without further words. Never talked with him again.

And you know … I felt relieved. It was like the long overdue cut. I was ready to live with the consequences … even to go into prison for years … I knew I was guilty. But I'm a lucky guy, she was in coma for some days but finally she did wake up … in a better state than anyone did hope for. Simon talked up for me and finally I did end up arrested for only three month. Had to do a stupid therapy though and 400 hours of community service.”

Zeke looked at Casey who had listened silently.

“That's me, Casey, I'm not the nice guy from the garage. I still have issues. Nightmares. College is good for me, keeps me busy most of the time. But do you wanna know, why I'm coming here every summer?”

“The job in the garage?”

“Part of it, yeah.”
Zeke smiled slightly.
“Cars are like a drug for me. Would be easier though to look for a garage nearby New York. It's the Resort. A place for High Society. Much too young guys with too much money … and no one to show them their limits. That was my life for years … I could be one of them.”

Casey frowned.
“Do you miss it,” he asked tentatively.

“No, actually not.”
Zeke shook his head.
“But I need to remind myself of all this stupid, shallow behavior from time to time. I'm afraid, a part of me still belongs to this world … and wants back.”

“I know how this is,” Casey threw in.
“Sometimes, when it gets difficult in Cleveland, I think about it, who much easier it would have been to follow my dad's wishes. Stanford, my own apartment, I wouldn't have to share a computer with others at a library and think about it, if it is more important to buy food for the next week or the new camera objective I need.”

“Sorry, Case!”
Zeke smirked.
“But you never fit in into High Society, you wasn't a part of all this. I'm grown up like one of them, you just played a role … and I'm not sorry to say that you weren't even a good actor. I needed a minute to notice that you were not happy. You are not shallow enough for a life like that.”

Casey smiled.
“I guess you were the first one who did see me like I am. Not even my parents did.”

Zeke kept quiet for a moment.
“You shouldn't have come back here,” he finally continued.
“Cleveland is much better for you. Art school, new friends. People who are willing to accept you like you are. So much more important than money and shit.”

Casey shook his head.
“I have a job, remember? An easy one. Well paid. And when I take the late shift it will leave me a lot of free time over the day. To enjoy the sun, the ocean, to take a lot of pics. Miami is a great place.”

Zeke sighed inwardly. He wanted to be angry at him. Miami, this Resort … it was his place over summer. Casey had no right to show up here and to turn all upside down. Why did he act like a stubborn dickhead? Why was he not willing to accept it? He had told him the truth … and he was still here. What the hell did he expect? A Happy End? Zeke's didn't believe in Happy ends.

He wanted to be angry at him … just … how could he?

“That's stupid,” he finally snapped.
“You are not a pool-boy. And you shouldn't hang around with this crowd until late in the night.”

Suddenly Casey was there, so close, his hand softly touching his cheek.
“Zeke,” he almost whispered.
“Zeke. You don't need to worry, okay? It's just a summer job, all this can't affect me anymore. I've learned a lot about me during the last year. Thought about my future. Working as a photographer for a magazine or maybe for a gallery will be great. But that's not all. One day I want to be in a serious relationship.”

Zeke flinched back at his words, but Casey smiled reassuring.

“New York offers a lot possibilities, but Cleveland is more familiar. I wanted to spend the summer with you before I make the final decision. Find out if what I feel can last or if I just have a crush for a dream which isn't real.

What you've told me doesn't freak me out. You are not a perfect dream, you are real. And I'm still ready to take the chance, Zeke, I want you to be the one. But this doesn't mean that I couldn't live without you. Send me away and I will go back to Cleveland. There is a lot I can looking for. College, good friends, my photography … and I guess one day I would get over you and find someone else ...”

It was what he had wanted to hear but it did hurt like a hit right into his gut. Zeke took a deep breath and glared at Casey, trying hard to fight his true feelings. Better to stay realistic, to do the right thing.
“Good decision,” he hissed.

Casey kept quiet for a long time, just watching him with these bright, blue eyes.
“What are you more afraid of,” he finally asked in a calm voice.
“To hurt me … or to get hurt yourself? You would rather let me go instead of risking it?”

No … Yes … it was the only way … he did hurt everyone who got closer to him … because everyone did hurt him … his head was spinning … he was so sick of it … so sick to be alone … Casey …

“Just a summer, Zeke,” he could hear him whispering, so close, he could feel his warmth, could smell his shampoo and he wanted this moment lasting forever.
“That's all I ask you for. We don't need to rush things. We don't need to talk about the future, fuck off New York and College and all. Just you and me … and a summer in Miami …”

When their lips met it was so easy to forget the world around.

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