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Jeremiah FF - english // Only a movie

Characters: Mister Smith and others
Rating: G
Words: 232

revised story: January 2016

He was sitting in the old, worn, plush armchair and felt ill at ease. Too many people. Too much cheerfulness. He preferred to be alone and was here only because of Erin. The woman hadn't been willing to let go, so he had finally given in. But he wished the evening would be over rather sooner than later.

A movie event. Erin's idea, of course. She had convinced Marcus to revive the small cinema in Thunder Mountain.

"It's a waste of resources", Marcus had protested first.

"But everyone needs something to look forward to," Erin had answered. “Life can’t always be fear and pain! People need to learn how to laugh again."

She could be very convincing and finally, Markus had given in. Now almost everyone from the mountain was here, even Jeremiah and Kurdy, Lee and Gina ... even Marcus had promised to come. The air felt energized, but in a good way. They would get to watch a movie - a real movie in a real cinema. Some of them were so young that they had never been in a cinema before. For some hours, they would forget the hard life, the daily fight for surviving. Lively conversations, laughter and cheerfulness filled the room.

Only Smith felt alone. The urge to grab his backpack and sneak away almost got overwhelming. But it was too late, the lights went out ...


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(Deleted comment)
I think it's difficult for him to relax - he alway expect something bad! But I really wish, he can enjoy the movie. He earns it to forget sometimes!

How excited all the Thunder Mountain residents would be at seeing a movie for the first time in 16 years! But I can well imagine that Smith would feel alone in the dark.

I think the worst for him is, to be alone between all the others. They can laugh and have fun - and he is the outsider once again!

Oh I like this! It's strange to think of a future in the United States where people would never have been in or had the opportunity of being in a movie theater.

There is so much, that people have forgotten or never have seen in these times - now it´s time to remember! A little bit fun should be part of every life! This seems to be something that they also must learn again!

Edited at 2008-03-01 02:36 pm (UTC)

I hope he stayed and allowed himself to enjoy the movie. I really like this, and how you ended it. Erin has a good point, too. There has to be enjoyment mixed in with the fear and pain.

Maybe - maybe not ... who can know yet, what Smith will do next?! ;)

Edited at 2008-03-01 02:48 pm (UTC)

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