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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Summer in Miami (9 / ?)

After skipping last weekend because of Halloween it's time to go back to Cazekiel-Day again. So, if you are still in the mood for a bit Fandom Stuff, have fun with the next chapter of 'Summer in Miami'. If not, feel free to skip ;)

Title: Summer in Miami (9 / ?)
Fandom: The Faculty / Casey & Zeke (no pairing)
Rating: R
Summery: Casey is a High Society Guy and Zeke just the boy from the garage
Disclaimer: The Faculty and the boys are not mine, of course ;)

You can find all chapters of this story: here

Reluctantly he opened his eyes and blinked drowsy into the sun. Usually he didn't sleep that long, only a few hours after a night in the garage and he felt fit enough for the next day. But it had been a stressful night, no wonder that all he had wanted was to go back into his little apartment and drop down into his bed …

Wait! Finally fully awake the memories hit him. Casey! His eyes wandered up to the floor … his denims, the black tee … and a checkered shirt … not his! On the second bed still all the camera stuff, the books ... only the small backpack was gone. While he stared at all this he noticed the slight tapping of water from the bathroom ... his bathroom in his apartment … Casey ... he was back … and not only that ...

He dropped back into the cushions and groaned loud when he did remember the last few hours. Casey had kissed him. He hadn't tried to stop him, not even when Casey had pulled him over to the bed and … He hated it when others tried to take over control because it always made him feel vulnerable. This time though … Maybe he had just been too tired to think clearly. Maybe it had been much too long that he had gotten laid. Maybe Casey was just a little fucker who knew exactly how to drive him over the edge ...

Casey stepped back into the room, wearing only his boxers, the skin still dump, rubbing his hair with a towel. He stopped when he noticed Zeke watching him.

“Oh, hey, you did finally wake up.”
He dropped the towel and grabbed for his shirt, not looking uneasy in the slightest.
“I already went to the cafeteria to grab us a snack for dinner. Sandwiches with cheese ham, pancakes and some fruits. Want some?”

Zeke huffed slightly, not sure what to think about all this. The morning after … he had usually known to avoid that … a one night stand was one thing, but the good bye afterward was better quick and easy. A one night stand … but what was it what Casey expected from him? He talked about it to stay in Miami over summer, to move to New York … Impossible. Zeke was the wrong one to make future plans.

“Why did you do that?”

“I did what?”

“Why did you kiss me?”

“You didn't mind.”

“Didn't mean that it was okay.”

Casey dropped down into a chair and smirked slightly.
“You already did check me out last year, didn't you? I remember that night in the garage. I wore a tight, black jeans which hugged my ass. You did like that, didn't you?”

Zeke narrowed his eyes. He had always disliked it when others were able to see through his shell. And Casey seemed to be able to read him like an open book. What that hell had actually happened?

“Just watching, Casey,” he said.
“I never would have touched you.”

“I know!”
Casey nodded.
“And it was good that way. Not that I would have mind. But I guess I was not ready for it. First I needed to find out who I actually am. Where I want to go. Being gay was only one of my problems.

I knew it since I was sixteen. There was this girl, the daughter of my dad's boss. He wanted me to invite her to a movie. She was okay, we had a nice time and finally she kissed me good bye. It felt awkward. Not just because it was my first kiss …

Some times later my dad send me to the boarding school. And I met Dylan. He was two years older, the son of the school's gardener. Sometimes he helped him out. It was difficult for me to fit in … and Dylan was nice. He helped me through the first weeks ...”

“Not only that, I guess,” Zeke growled.
He couldn't help it. Too much guys in Casey's life. Andrew. Benny. And now Dylan. As if he could read his mind … again … Casey chuckled slightly.

“No. It didn't last long until he kissed me for the first time. It was like a stroke of lightning. From then on we met secretly as often as possible. He was bi … and I was curious … perfect arrangement ...”

“What an asshole. You needed a friend and he's just used you!”

Casey shrugged.
“Not more than I've used him. The exclusive school, all the rich guys who secretly laughed about me. I've tried to fit in because I couldn't see another way. But sometimes it felt as if I would go insane … but then Dylan was there and kissed all me problems away. He gave a shit if I was rich or not …”

“Sure. He was only interested in a good fuck.”

“Oh, stop it, Zeke.”
Suddenly Casey looked annoyed.
“You don't know him, so stop talking like this. He's never tried to talk me into anything I was not ready for. It was not romatic and it was not love ... but I wanted it that way."

Zeke cringed inwardly.
“Sorry,” he murmured.
“It's just … it makes me angry that everyone seems to use you. Your dad. Dylan. And ...”

As quick as Casey had gotten angry he calmed down again.
“You didn't use me, Zeke,” he said with a gentle voice.
“It was my decision. I wanted answers. Last year … what I felt in your presence … it was different than all I've ever felt for Dylan. But I wasn't sure about myself. To be honest, it was sure that I would forget you as soon as I did move on. I mean, College and everything, it was so exiting and I really enjoyed my new life … but I couldn't stop thinking about you and New York. I wondered what you would do when I suddenly would show up there. If I did read anything wrong … or if you feel the same like me.”

Zeke could read it in Casey's eyes that he meant what he said. But this didn't make it easier. With anyone else he would have spend some days, maybe weeks, they would have a lot fun but even without talking about it they both would know that this was just a summer flirt. Not so Casey. He already talked about feelings, about moving to New York.

Zeke wished to be able to undo the last hours. It hadn't been fair to raise his hopes. He could never give him what he wanted. It was not that he didn't care for him. He cared so much that it almost scared him. Since years he had successfully sealed himself off from deeper feelings. He had gotten hurt to often from people he had trusted blind and this would not happen again. There was no place for someone like Casey in his life.

His warm smile when his dropped down onto the bed beside Zeke. And all he wanted was to pull him back into his arms, to shut out the world around them.

“A kiss seemed to be the easiest way to get an answer.”
Casey chuckled slightly.
“But I didn't expect that … it would be like all forces of nature at once.”

All forces of nature at once. What a perfect description. Every force of nature needed to be stopped before it got out of control, wild and untamed it would rage and sweep along all what got into its way.

“One more reason to be careful,” Zeke said with a low voice.
“I'm not the nice guy from the garage. I can't give you what you want. Maybe I got weak for a moment, but it won't happen again."

If Casey was hurt or disappointed he knew to hide it.
“What if I'm ready to risk it?”

“Maybe I'm not! You don't know anything about me, Casey. My life was pretty much fucked up before ...”

Casey put his thumb onto Zeke's lip to interrupt him.
“Your name is Ezekiel Daniel Tyler,” he said.
“Your dad is one the most rich guys from Idaho. A self-made millionaire, no one can say where he did make all his money. There are rumors that his transactions were not always legal but no one could ever adduce evidence. Nowadays he owns a respected company.

The divorce when you were barely three. Your mom left him with a major indemnity … but without you. And I guess it was not because he did love you so much.”

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